Forgive – Episode 7


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My best result for the semester was a C+ which was introduction to general nursing course. The rest ranged from referrals to C. I felt very bad. The reason was I didn’t have time to go for lectures or even study. I was always hanging out with Afya who was making the grades. “No, I can’t continue with these results. I’m no longer a V-rgin and besides if I should get pregnant, I will give it to Dennis since he needs me to get pregnant for him. I must go and see this lecturer tomorrow to manipulate my results at any cost.” I said to myself.

Afya and my sugar daddy were also Busy in the guest house doing their own thing. It was the same club he used to send me when I was with them in the house. When they reached, Mr. Dennis felt like taking her bath before any other thing starts. They did k-ssed each other anyway. He requested that Afya joins him in the bath but she told him, she took her bath just before coming so she need not to join him. As Mr. Dennis left to the bath, Afya tried to open his bag to steal his money but very unfortunate on Afya’s part, the bag was locked with code. She felt very bad within herself. “this man is very lucky.” she said to herself.

Soon Mr. Dennis came out of the bath in his boxers. “Wow! Sir, you’ve got heavy loads in front of you. I’m even feeling feverish.” Afya jokenly said. “hahaha you should be a bad girl.” he laughed. Afya walked towards him and started with the forepl-y. They both became very high in the mood and in the middle of that mood just as it happened to me at my hostel, Afya slowly pushed Mr. Dennis away and said “sir wait.. wait… wait. You know you didn’t propose to me and we haven’t known each other too well.” “Oh my dear, unlike poles always attract and positive and negative terminals always generate power. I don’t think I need to do any special proposals here. You are beautiful and I know you are equally smart. Don’t let this my energy quench.” he said and resumed the k-sses. “I want something from you. Once you promise to give me that, I will be ready to satisfy you 24/7.” Afya said. “And what will that be that I can’t do, dear say anything.” he said as the rom-nce kept increasing. “I’ve always been walking long distance to campus for my lectures and as a girlfriend to a high profile man like you, it wouldn’t speak well of you if I continue to walk. I need a car.” She said and picked out a c-ndom from her purse. “give me your answer and resume with this.” she said showing the c-ndom. “Come on girl, I’m pure and has no dirt in my blood. I don’t think I need this. When will be your birthday?” he asked. “11th of August which is just some few weeks from now.” Afya revealed. “OK, I will surprise you on that day. Make sure you don’t tell your friend.” “Nooo, I need a promise now if not allow me to leave. We will continue when my car is ready.” she said. “OK deal. You will get your car on your birthday.” he promised.

Back at Mr. Dennis house, my aunty resorted to prayers and was praying to God to restore her womb so that she could get pregnant to have peace in the house. She also committed her husband into God’s hands and said “wherever my husband is at this time of the night, Holy ghost keep him away from any distractions of the devil and bring him back home to me safely.” I was equally missing him that evening because I had try all his lines and they were all switched off.

“Really! You mean I will have my own car on my birthday? Wow! Thank you honey, you are the best. You can have me all to yourself.” Afya said with joy written all over her face. Mr. Dennis reiterated his promise. The rom-nce continued, now all huddles have been removed so the game itself was ready to play. Mr. Dennis skillfully removed the coverage on Afya’s watermelon and threw it to no mans land. Ooh! the worse happened. It happened skin to skin. Afya gave out her best ever to Mr. Dennis that night. They both got tired and slept off and woke up midnight where Mr. Dennis told her that he needed to get going because his wife would be worried. “Your wife? But you didn’t tell me you have a wife.” she asked. “Don’t worry about that. I know how to handle it.” Mr. Dennis said and gave about Ghc 600.00 to her to use for transportation early in the morning. He left Afya behind in the guest house.

By the time Mr. Dennis got home, my aunt was far asleep but upon arrival of Dennis, she woke up and welcomed him. She never complained why he was late but rather, went to prepare hot coffee for him to take. Dennis went to take his bath again before coming for the coffee. In order not to create any scene, he made love with my aunty that same night. This man was really strong. That was one thing I can’t forget about him. Mr. Dennis didn’t go to work the following day because he was very tired and needed enough rest. My aunty told him that she is need of additional money to buy stock for her shop so he should give her some money to top up the money she has.

Dennis said due to their building project, everything he has has gone into it, so he was not having enough money to give her. My aunt understood him because she knew the cost of the project they are putting up and besides, the doc-ments were in her name. Dennis never gave his wife the money.

Since then, he never came to visit me. We resorted to only talking on phone and not even for long but for brief moments. Afya was also not coming to me as usual. She has one guy who actually promised to marry her after school because they were both students.

I gathered courage and went to one of our senior lecturers and complained to him about my results. Lol. I sent myself for insults. This man insulted me very well and threw me out of his office. He said I shouldn’t see him as one of those lecturers that I can easily influence to get what I want. He said I should better sit up and study. I felt very frustrated. I called Afya and reported the issue to her. She said I shouldn’t worry, she will get me someone who can do everything for me. Indeed she connected me to another lecturer who works at the students records. What he does is that, when lectures present their results to be loaded on the students records, he will manipulate the results before keying. I met with this man and he promised to help me the following semester since the one posted has been closed for any defence. He also requested for s€×. I just don’t know why men can do unthinkable things just for s€×. I opened up and warmed his bed as well. It seems I enjoyed him anyway. This man became very close to me so even with the distance between Dennis and I was not really disturbing me.

Soon, Afya’s birthday was due and just as planned, she never mentioned it to me. She invited other friends of hers to some club outside town for the party. His serious boyfriend, Gilbert called her line the wh0le day just to wish her but her phone was off. Surprisingly, Mr. Dennis came with his car and another BMW to the venue. The promise was fulfilled. Mr. Dennis handed over the keys of the BMW car to Afya as the birthday present. I guess that was the happiest day of her life. They spent the wh0le night at the club and had more skin to skin s€× without protection.

But something tragic happened!

Guess you want to know what happened, well I will tell you  that in the next episode.

To be continued

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