Forgive – Episode 9


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“He has been on this drug but never told me of it until I chanced on it. I will kill this man.”

“Oh sorry ma. I wish you take a test yourself first and see if you are safe.” the nurse suggested.

The test was done and the result was negative. The good news too was that my aunt was also confirmed pregnant. Wow! The irony of life.

“Nurse, are you saying I am negative?” My aunty asked.

“Yes madam you are Negative but I would like you to come back in three months time to do a confirmatory test.” the nurse said.

“what confirmation again? Thank God am negative. I’m leaving that house as soon as I get there.” my aunt said.

“Madam so who takes care of your pregnancy should you leave the house? Just be sure your husband is really positive before you take any action. My aunt agreed and also now experiencing a mixed feeling left the hospital. What she has been waiting on the Lord for, for several years has now been granted. She is pregnant but why at the time of the suspicion of her husband being HIV positive? She thanked the nurse and left. The pharmacy took care of her hospital bill since they were the root cause of why she was at the hospital. The lady who broke the news was dismissed from work. She lost her work and didn’t get her promised reward from my aunt too. She regretted her actions yet it was too late.

Mr. Dennis was home thinking where exactly his wife could be the wh0le day without picking any of his calls. “I can see this woman want to play along. We shall see who will get tired in this house.” he said to himself. Afya called him on phone and said she needed some money to buy fuel for the car. He assured her of the money later. He relaxed on the bed and was going through his phone when suddenly, he received a text message indicating a withdrawal of Ghc 5.000.00 which was made from his account three days ago. This was after he requested for his balance statement using his phone. “What! What’s the meaning of this? Who tempered with my account?” he asked himself in a confused and disturbed manner. His mind started racing from me to Afya and to my aunt as the suspects to this.

Soon, my aunt arrived at the house. She didn’t know which of the news to put up first so she decided to wait for a nice moment before breaking it to him. Mr. Dennis seeing his wife back to the house became angry. “Where the hell have you been the wh0le day and left me hungry? Oh I can see you want to be on your own. Before I get angry and do any worse thing in this house, tell me who went to cash out an amount of Ghc5,000.00 from my personal account?” he asked.

My aunt stood surprise acting like someone who knew nothing about what he was saying. Mr. Dennis didn’t say anything and went to take his cheque book and saw that one leaflet was removed and the drug was also not in the bag.

He brought the wh0le bag outside and asked “who opened this bag and removed a leaflet from my cheque book. I also had something in this same bag, who took it?” he asked sounding furious.

“Is this the thing you are asking for? “my aunt said removing the drug from her hand bag.

“Now, tell me what you were using this drug for?” she asked.

Mr. Dennis was standing aloof. “Forgive” with a slip of tongue he mentioned my name in place of his wife.

“Since when has my name changed from Rosamond to Forgive? I won’t be surprised if she is the one who infected you with this deadly disease that you were hiding from me. You can always run but you can’t always hide. Why didn’t you tell me that you were HIV positive?” she asked the bitter question.

Out of the blue, Dennis landed the heaviest slap on my aunt’s face. “How dare you tell me I am HIV positive? Back to sender. Were you out of your senses before asking me this stupid question?” he asked angrily. My aunt fell straight to the ground with a dizzy face upon the slap. She spat out blood because she bit her tongue. She stood up very angry and carried the small flower pot in the corner of the room and threw it on her husband. That was the very first time these two couples fought in their marriage life. “If you are not HIV positive then why should you be keeping HIV drug in bag? You wicked man. You went round sleeping with Forgive, have you seen the consequences. If you dare touch me again, I won’t spare you.” she said.

“Who told you this drug is for HIV positive people? Give the medicine to me and stop that illiteracy life.”

“Don’t take me for a fool. I’m just coming from the hospital. I showed it to the nurses and they said it is used by HIV positive people. So what exactly do you have to say about this?” she asked.

“You are not serious.” Mr. Dennis said and took the drug from the floor and went out. He went straight into his car and sped up to my hostel.

Very unfortunate on my part, Afya’s original boyfriend, Gilbert, was at my place to complain to me about how Afya has changed after getting her new car so I was only trying in my own way to make him understand that Afya was not best for him. In the process of talking to him, he fell for me and started showing arousal behaviours towards me. It had been long since Mr. Dennis visited to give me s€× so I was equally ready for it. In no time, we found each other on my bed and thr-sting each other.

Because Mr. Dennis was carrying some bitterness in his heart before moving out, He never prompted me before coming to the hostel. Unlucky for me, I didn’t lock the door, partly because I was not expecting anyone. Mr. Dennis opened the door only to see me sweating and mo-ning on top of Gilbert. 😳”what! Forgive, Jesus Christ. So this is what you do here?” I jumped off Gilbert and covered myself with my blanket. Gilbert quickly wear his boxers. Mr. Dennis walked towards him, held his neck and twisted it.

Gilbert fell unconscious. Turning towards me “Now, tell me where Afya stays, I will deal with you later.” he asked. I remained silent because seeing Gilbert on the floor unconscious was ringing something in my head, that I might soon join him so I was scared.

Dennis called Afya on phone and she picked. Afya at that time was with one of her sugar daddy lecturer. “Mr. Dennis am a little busy at the moment. Please let me call you back when am done.” Afya picked and hanged up.

Dennis called back and this time around it was switched off. “What the hell is happening? Can’t you hear me asking you to give me Afya’s house address?” speaking to me.

“OK, please she stays at Madina……… ” I gave him the direction.

He didn’t say anything and left to where I directed him to. I called others for help and Gilbert was rushed to the university hospital. One of the guys who helped carry Gilbert into the taxi knew him to be Afya’s boyfriend so sent a text message to Afya on both of her lines that this was what was going on. In no time, Afya and the lecturer came to see Gilbert at the hospital. Luckily, the doctor assured us that he would be fine so we should just keep praying for him. All this while, Mr. Dennis was waiting for Afya to return to the house.

“What happened to Gilbert? Afya asked me.

“My aunt’s husband was the one who twisted his neck when he came to see him at my place. He came there to look for you so when Dennis came he thought he was my boyfriend.” I narrated.

“You mean Dennis did this to him? Okay! I know how to deal with him.” she said and told the lecturer that they would meet later. Afya called Mr. Dennis and he said he was waiting at her place. Action drove on top speed because that was the instruction Afya gave him. Lol. Who is angrier than the fellow? Afya dared not to spare Dennis, Mr. Dennis dared not to forgive Afya should she confirm her HIV status. Afya got to the house and saw Dennis standing beside his car. “Why did you twist Gilbert’s neck? Tell me if not I will call for your arrest now.” Afya threatened. “How dare you question me. Why did you chose to sleep with me when you knew you were HIV positive? Tell me if not I will skin you alive. Even what that boy went through would have been better than yours.” Mr. Dennis also threatened. Afya got shocked with the question. “you said what? Me, HIV positive?” she asked as if she was not aware. Mr. Dennis are you saying you gave me HIV?” “Don’t try to play smart here. What is the use of this drug? Why were you eager to have them when I told you it was with me? Speak.” Mr. Dennis said loudly and angrily. “Sir please bring your voice down. I can explain.” Afya with a very sober voice said. “explain what! Afya what do you have to explain? Tell me it is not true. Afya please tell me you are not HIV positive. Please.” Tears flooded Mr. Dennis eyes as he waited impatiently for Afya to say she was not positive. (Afya also in tears) “Mr. Dennis am very sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you and besides, sorry to tell you that yes I am positive and that is my drug.” Dennis lost control and sat on the sandy floor. “oh my God! I’m finished. Who do I tell this? God why me? Afya you’ve killed me. Oh Afyaaaaaa!” Mr. Dennis was shedding tears like a baby. “But sir please I wish you go and get yourself tested at the hospital. You may not have it.” Afya advised. “To hell with your advice you devil.” he said.

Soon, Mr. Dennis’ phone rang and it was a new number. He didn’t pick on the first two counts but did on the third. “sir please your wife is in a critical condition now at the hospital. We need blood for him right away. We also found out that she is pregnant so be quick if not we might lose her and the pregnancy. I am speaking from Tema General Hospital.” the call ended.

“My wife? How come? Pregnant? How?” In a confused state, asked countless questions and off he sped to the hospital. His blood was compatible to that of my aunt so he was ready to donate his own blood when he gets there. Truly, my aunty was at the Emergency and Intensive Care Unit. The doctor said there was no time to waste so they checked his blood level failing to check if it was clean due to the urgency and even though it was not very enough to donate, they applied their medical policy. Save the life and treat any other condition that comes after.

To be continued

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