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Forks and Knives – Episode 8



A story by Kennedy C Katongo

∆ THE EX ∆

As Mambwe and his young sister were heading on the first floor to see a movie, he received a phone call from his father. It was about a contract that needed his attention as he was one of the legal Lawyers of the company.

“I know that look. Don’t tell me you going?” April grumbled.

“I know… Am sorry. It’s dad, something has come up and I need to make an appearance at his office.” He said warmly with a plastic bag in his hand. “Thanks for the T-shirt sis – here, this is for your movie. Will make it up to you.” Mambwe added as he rushed to the elevator.

“You better make it up!” April exclaimed.

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The thought of watching a movie alone wasn’t on her mind. As she stood outside Fresh View looking at the movie posters, he site went out. It was suddenly dark as someone was covering her face.

“This isn’t funny. Let me go!” She said sharply.

“Nope! Guess my name and I let go.” He said in a tuned voice that sounded for of a cartoon.

“Am bad at guessing. Just tell me your name.” She demanded.

“Okay, let me give you a hint…then you can try guessing.” He said in his lite cartoon voice.

“Wait. Goodson!”

He quickly let go of her face, ‘what gave it away?’ he asked her.

“You the only one I know that watches Anime.” She said as she turned to face him. “What are you doing here?” She asked him.

“I really don’t know. This might be the universe trying to get us together.” He said with a beam on his face.

“Stop being funny. What are you doing here?” She asked him this time with a serious face.

“I had a meeting with some friends. I actually saw you with Mambwe. When I saw him leave – I decided to come and surprise you. Besides my meeting is done.” Goodson said. “So what are you up to? Maybe we can go and eat something at the spot.” He suggested.

One of their favorite eating places was Matebeto. It wasn’t far from the mall since Goodson had a car.

“What makes you think I want to go with you?” She asked him.

“Well, the gentleman has humbled himself before thee. It would be saddening if you turned me down. I promise to bring you back.” Goodson said charmingly. He was a cool calm guy that had a way of sweet talking his way into a ladies heart and it always seemed to work.

‘Lord why did you have to bring this Devil to tempt me. You know how weak I am when his around me.’ She thought to herself. Without a word from her to affirm Goodson’s request, he just held her hand and led the way.

“What happened on Friday night at the club? You just went to the ladies room and that’s how you left.” Goodson asked her as they walked to the car. Goodson drove a Volkswagen.

“Mum called. Unfortunately my landlord saw us when you came to pick me up from home.” She said.

Goodson began laughing, “Your landlord needs to find better things to do.” He continued laughing.

“Don’t even laugh. Mum was pissed. She was on the verge of cutting me off my monthly allowance.” April said rudely as she pushed him.

“It’s not like you can’t survive without an allowance. You a strong lady.” He said as a way of comforting her.

“You know I don’t ask men for money. You better bring me back on time. I’ve left my car packed in the front car park.



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“Malumbo were are you?” Mambwe asked him.

“Am at Manda Hill. Is something wrong?” He questioned.

“Am not sure. Meet me at the old man’s office his just instructed me to call you.” Mambwe said as he cut the line.

Malumbo placed his phone on the table, they were now popping drinks as they analysed how miserable their lives were at the moment.

“I gat to go man. Mambwe just called that we have a meeting.” He said to his friend.

“It’s cool man. I’ve already detained you for more than the promised one hour.” Roderick said.

“Don’t worry about that man. You my homie. Anything for the fam. But you need to get back to me on what your final decision is going to be. I need to know where to find you if anything happens.” Malumbo said as they both laughed.




“So, you never answered my question last time we met. I asked if you dating.” April said.

“Why you so concerned about that… Okay – I did meet a girl after we broke up again. She asked me questions about my ex and when she found out it was you, she freaked out and left me on the stones.” He said as they now drove passed the dental school.

“That’s some bullsh*t answer Goodson. I know you dating I can tell just by the way you hesitated to respond. So who is she?” April said happily. This made it weird and strange for him because he now didn’t know what side on the coin she had landed on.

“Well – I guess you can say we still together some how. But it’s not even serious trust me.” He said shyly.

“How do you expect me to trust you when you always lying to me…” She sighed.

“Am just trying to protect you that’s all. Am not lying to you. It might sound that why but it’s not.” Goodson in a flash.

“You lucky we already here, otherwise I would have left your damn car.” She said sounding pissed.

The tension between then in that small Volkswagen was just the same as the time when they were officially girlfriend and boyfriend. Goodson never said the truth no matter what, he was the type that only spoke partly of the truth and lied about the rest.

Despite April loving him madly, she couldn’t stand his lives as it had extended to him borrowing money from her to do some project when all he did was take different ladies out in clubs.

“You not getting any young. You need to grow up and stop lying.” She said as she sat in the car.

“Come on April. Okay am sorry…” He said calmly.

“Any apology that starts with ‘okay’ isn’t an apology. Am not coming out. Just order the food and I will eat from here.” She said. April was all roses until pissed off, her temper was just a minute away. Goodson knew better than to try objecting her wish.

“Okay. I will order the usual for you then.” He said as he left.




Back at the company, Malumbo arrived and found his brother still in the car.

“What are you doing. Hasn’t the meeting started already?” He shouted on the Mambwe’s closed window.

“What!” He exclaimed as he got out of the car.

“Am saying let’s go. Were you waiting for me?” Malumbo smiled.

“You know how I hate attending dad’s business meetings alone. Besides you might just pick up something for your company.” He said, “what were you doing at Manda Hill anyway?” Malumbo asked sounding a bit surprised.

“That one is a long story to tell.” Malumbo responded.

“Well hope you had luck. My afternoon was filled with me being exploited by my little sister.” He commented.

“April came to you for the money?” Malumbo laughed.

“Not only that. She even bought be a t-shirt.” Mambwe nagged.

“That’s our sister. She’s smart.” Malumbo stood at the conference door to adjust his neck tie properly.

At times these meetings would go as far as 20hrs. It was a good thing non of them had any plans for the night.




Goodson came back with two plastics of take away. He really wanted to impress April but somehow he just messed up and got caught again and again.

“I got your favorite – Friend Bream fish with Lumanda. I didn’t know how many lumps of nshima to get for you so I just went with three.” He said politely while handing it to her.

“Thanks. I will eat when I get back to the boarding house. Can you please take me back to the mall.”

“Come on April. Don’t tell me you upset and all. Am sorry.” Goodson said apologetically.

“You don’t need to be sorry. It’s just the way you are. Take me back I don’t want you near me because I might just do something crazy. You know that.” She said as she threatened him.

Even though is sounded like a threat, April was just being truthful to her word. The last time she asked him to take her to the boarding house and he delayed because he wanted to keep her around. She broke one of the lights in front of the car. That was just a glimpse of how crazy the last born of the Katongo’s family could get once her temper had shot the roof.

To be continued.

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