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Forks and Knives – Episode 9



Episode 9

A story by Kennedy C Katongo


“Hey… Hold up. I said am sorry.” Goodson said as he held April by the hand. He had insisted to walk her to her car.

“I heard you the first time. I don’t even see the need of your apology Good – we’ve been over this like a hundred times and it always ends with you messing up.” April said as she shook him off.

“I love you. I know I mess up…” He said calmly before she cut him short.

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“Don’t even try going there. If you loved me – you wouldn’t have gone around making sure you slept with all my friends.” She responded.

“All that happened in the past.”

“Is that so? You texting my girls asking them to visit you at home and all that… I know about your flirtatious hidden life Goodson.” She sighed heavily. “I don’t want to say something bad. Just let me go please…” She asked of him. At this point he had moved to block her from entering the car.

It was getting late and she really had to get to the boarding house otherwise the landlord would just call her mom to report.

“Okay. When can I see you again?” Goodson asked her.

“Why do you want to see me? You have your girlfriend – go and see her.” She responded rudely.

“Don’t say that April… You taking it overboard.” He said.

“Overboard! Overboard! You damn man. You sleep with my friends, then you cheat on me, then you lie to my face countless times and you still have the guts to stand here trying to act all stupid. Listen man – if you want go and sleep with the entire Lusaka. I don’t give a damn. Move or else am going to call the security on you.” She said harshly.

Goodson could tell than April was really upset. Despite his lies, he really loved April but just couldn’t help it being with one lady.

As they were there talking, a man walked over to them because he heard April shout a couple of times.

“Is everything okay?” He asked as he moved closer.

“Everything is okay boss… Nothing to worry about.” Goodson responded in a flash.

“I wasn’t asking you, am talking to the lady… miss is everything okay?” The young man asked. April looked at Goodson, she was pissed and if not stopped, she was going to hit him.

“Miss!” He called out to her once again.

“Everything…” She hesitated for a second, “everything is not fine. I would really appreciate if you asked this man to leave me alone.” She said slowly.

“Excuse me… You heard the lady, please leave.” The man asked Goodson.

“Iwe mudala you don’t have anything better to do?” Goodson said as he tried to stand up to the man.

“Don’t Mudala me. You heard the young lady and am asking if you can leave unless you want to be thrown out of here.” He said strongly.

From where April stood, she looked at the young man who had stepped up and wondered who he was. The amount of courage he showed as he spoke to Goodson really showed he had something up his sleeves.

After resisting for a few minutes Goodson decided to leave, “I will call you when I get home.” He said as he walked away.

“Am really sorry for getting you caught up in all this. Thank you very much.” April said.

“It’s okay. It was my pleasure. Are you sure you okay?” He asked her.

“Am fine thanks.” She said with a smile.

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“Am Joseph by the way.” He said as she closed the door to her car.

“Okay! Thank you very much Joseph.” She said as she drove off.




The meeting had just finished. After an hour of conflict and debate, the company had won a case over a piece of land that was being sold by an MP.

“I can’t believe dad won.” Malumbo said as the left the building heading to the car park.

“That was a close call. I mean K100,000 for a piece of land, that man can throw money. It’s good you stepped in with the payment plan idea. That was some really quick thinking young one.” Mambwe said happily.

“You need to stop calling me that.” He responded with a laugh, “Besides it was your genius idea to secure that land cost us this much. Feels like we want to buy the whole of Lusaka now.” He added.

Since both of them had their own cars, Malumbo left first as his elder brother followed from behind.




“Mummy!” Peter called out as he ran to hug his mom, Tandiwe. The boy was fast asleep the time she got home and seeing her really made him happy.

“Did you buy him Lays?” Her mom asked in a whisper.

“Huh!” She exclaimed in shock, “I forgot.” She said lowly.

“You forgot. Let’s hope he doesn’t remember.” Tandiwe’s said.

Tandiwe loved eating Lays and it was from there that her son joined the band. Peter’s dad was alive and kicking and never sent anything for the baby. But that no longer got to Tandiwe, after all, she was a fighter and work herself out just to make sure she provided the best for her husband.

Peter spotted her mom’s bag and went to check if there was Lays. Granny excitedly pointed out to Tandiwe, “See your soon…” She giggled.

“Peter were are you going?” Tandiwe asked her. The baby smiled and pointed at her bag.

War was soon about to break out once he came to be aware that there was nothing in the bag.

“If he starts crying… Make sure you go with him to the shops. Me am tired today.” Granny said.




“Ba Jeff!” His friend called out to him.

“Exe… How you been.” He responded. It was one of his friends from the hood.

“Am good man. I saw that girl you work with mu (in) town. How far has that study gone?” He asked Jeff.

Most of Jeff’s close friends knew that he had feelings for Tandiwe, after all. He always spoke about her every chance he could get.

Roderick however always laughed at him. (This Roderick is the same one who was having pizza earlier with Malumbo at Manda Hill.)

“That study my guy. It’s been bad, she has just friend-zoned me. She says am not serious with life and just want to get her to bed.” Jeff said.

“At last someone saw through your words.” Roderick laughed.

“Stop making fun of me man. Where are you coming from?” Jeff asked.

“I was at Manda Hill, met up with a good friend.” He said happily.

“Mmmh so if it’s you, you went to see a girl.” Jeff laughed.

“Not at all, was seeing Malumbo. The second born of the Katongo’s family.” He responded.

“I don’t even know that family. I’ve heard their children are rich and all that. You know how people gossip.” Jeff said as he was not interested to go deeper into them.

“They are good people. I’ve met them before.” Roderick responded.

“You should stop think about that girl. You not ready for such a heavy relationship. You still want to smash around.” Roderick said as the two of them walked home.

“People change. If Tandiwe just accepted me – bro I would change. Would even give up alcohol for that girl.” He said sharply.

“Now the issue of just being a father – boom! Doesn’t that bother you? I mean, from no where, you a father to a child you know isn’t yours.” Roderick pointed out.

“I don’t know. I’ve never really looked at it from that angle. Jeff responded,”All I know is that I really like her. Beside that, her son and I get along just well.” He added.

“Am just asking brother. These baby Mama’s ain’t looking for a one night stand. They already had that. They looking for a man whose serious. You not just dating her, you dating her child as well. Always remember that.” Roderick said passionately.

“You sound involved and concerned… What’s happening? Are you sleeping around with one?” Jeff teased.

“No man. Am done with that life. I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment. I need to get my head together these ladies ain’t your friend when you mess up.” Roderick said.

“When you mess up what? Did you mess up?” Jeff asked.

“What!” “Did I day that out loud? Damn.” He cursed.

“You look blue man. Is everything okay?” Jeff asked his friend.

“I can’t tell you right now but things ain’t good at all my friend.” Roderick sighed heavily.

He still hadn’t concluded on the action he was going to take concerning his problem.

To be continued.

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