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    Am Kareema🧖‍♀🔞


    Sometimes we fell in love with the wrong person,and sometimes we neglect those who love us and care for us so much.Sometimes we hurts the one who love us so much just because we are not accept by the ones we love most, There will be an open door for us but we keeps on looking on the door that was closed on us. We live in a life that is fool of fortune and bad lucks, Sometimes we all have to risk some things just to achieve some other better things,after all life is all about risk.Sometimes In life we have to just move on with our life and wait for the great future,In this life,love is something that happens to anyone at anytime and at anyday,Love doesn’t care about who you are,when you are in love,you are already in different world,Love can make you feel like the most happiest person on Earth and it can also make you to feel like unluckiest person on Earth,Love hurts and at the same time it also heals….

    This story is about a young lady who goes by the name Fehintola. When we are talking about an epitome of beauty, when we talking about a perfect Lady with great body and nice skin, Fehintola is this kind of Lady, She is a twenty five years old lady, who attend one of the best University in Nigeria, Fehintola is a fair lady with cute puppy face, She is not too short and not too tall, Cute lips with nice eyebrows, natural black hair with natural eyelashes, lovely dimples and nice set of teeth. Fehintola is the only daughter In her family, She has a younger brother who goes by the name Micheal, He is a twenty two years old guy but he is in his second year while Fehintola is a finalist, Fehintola’s Father is an hardworking man, who owns a company, Fehintola lost her mum the moment her mum gave birth to her younger brother, it’s all God and her Dad who took care of both her and her brother, Fehintola is well known for his make up Job, she is perfect and smart when it comes to her Job, She choose to be a lively lady, So many people always love to be around her, She is a joy giver and at the same time an easy going Lady,She is a simple lady who doesn’t have a big heart for problems, Even though Fehintola is surrounded by good people, there is one thing that always give her Sadness,Her relationship problem.She has a boyfriend who goes by the name Steve. Both Steve and Fehintola have been dating since her first year in University, But there is one thing about Steve,He flirts a lot, and not in secret, but in the presence of Fehintola, many times she had caught him with different kinds of lady while Steve keeps on telling her that he won’t repeat it again which he never stop, Steve was the one who broke her virginity after thier second year of relationship, Steve is her first love, Steve is the son of one of the most Richest man in Nigeria, His family are rated as the third most Richest family, Steve is a fair guy with great abs and muscles, he is a body builder, he pierced his ears, he has a tattoo on his back which was Fehintola’s name, Steve love Fehintola so much,but his womanizer won’t allow him to give her attention,and caring, Everyone in campus knows that Fehintola belongs to Steve, No guy dare goes near her, Steve has an elder sister who always be the one to talk to Fehintola and comfort her anytime Steve acted his bad behaviors, Steve who refused to change made Fehintola to broke up with him one day after thier four years of relationship. Fehintola couldn’t take it and she keeps on regretting that she broke up with him, Steve left the country after the break up,When she heard that Steve left the country,Fehintola keeps on thinking about Steve, she blamed herself for breaking up with him, Fehintola who happened to be a lively lady became a boring person,she became tired and confused about the whole issue,many times she will message Steve and call him just to get back together,but still he won’t reply her calls and messages, and he refused to come back to Nigeria,Until one day,She met someone who made her to forget about Steve,She forget everything about Steve, after meeting this person Fehintola has no other thinking but this same person,She forget everything about Steve and thier relationship,She became the lively lady again,She fell in love with a very wealthy young and cute lady a lonely lady,an Introvert and asthmatic lady who goes by the name KAREEMA 🧖‍♀

    Let me take you all to into full details of this great and heart touching story
    Title: Am Kareema🧖‍♀
    Written By Abike💋

    All available episodes
    Episode 1 – 3
    Episode 4 & 5
    Episode 6 & 7
    Episode 8 & 9
    Episode 10 & 11
    Episode 12 & 13
    Episode 14 & 15
    Episode 16
    Episode 17 finale

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