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    Story by mercy olawale

    Annabel is a young established lady , the CEO of Nabel’s company.

    She is a self made person, who struggle and work hard to gain what she had. She takes no shit, disciplined, arrogant, grumpy, and not to forget, she is also beautiful.

    The least thing she care less about is marriage . she hates the word marriage and anything that have to do with it.

    She would always tell her mom, that there are lot of things to achieve in life before marriage, she sees marriage as less important.

    Though the truth is , marriage is nothing but life punishment to her. While growing up, she witnessed how her father maltreated her mother and they had to run for their dear lives and luckily , she was able to achieve something and helped her mom.
    So she sworn never to fall into any man’s trap in form of marriage or be committed to anyone.

    Then there was a twist, when Michael , the son of a billionaire who was threatened by his father to be disowned if he fails to be responsible in life.

    His father made a rule that if he want to take over the business and be the CEO while he retires then he needs to acquire some leadership skills . so he need to work in another company that is not of his father, and there he will work as just a staff and where he will listen to his director’s order.

    This was too difficult for Michael, he has always control people all through his life but now, he have to listen to other people’s order, but anyways he had already promised his parents that he will be responsible and if he had to prove it , then he will.

    That’s when he found himself in Nabel’s industries , as one of the staff.

    Ummm …guys
    How is it going to be, arrogant Annabel and spoilt brat Micheal..

    Will they fall for each other?
    Will they be enemies forever?
    How is Micheal going to cope?
    Will he endure?

    Trust me, you don’t want to miss this story brought to u by your author @ #mercy_olawale

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    Episode one

    Author POV

    A BMW car drove into a huge building , from the looks of things around, it is a company.

    The car parked and the leg of a lady on heels was shown..
    the driver quickly run forward and bow his head.
    “good morning ma…he said
    The young Lady finally came out of the car, she was looking gorgeous, elegantly dressed. she was on black gown and a navy blue blazer, she had glasses on…she looks like the boss.

    (oh she is the boss)

    the driver took the bag from her and stood back
    ” why are u looking like a dumb, ain’t you supposed to close the car door…the lady said
    ” oh am sorry ma…the driver said and quickly close the door…
    “you are joking with your job mr James…the Lady said and left.
    inside the building , different people who look like staff were running up and down trying to put things in place and murmuring , saying ” the boss is here, she is here.
    they all went to there different position and arranged everything.

    the boss lady entered and everyone stood up and greeted…
    “welcome ma but no response..
    ” where is faith..the boos Lady asked
    everyone started looking around… there was an empty table . like the occupant is not there.
    “place the bill board outside, I need a new business manager…the boss Lady said and walk out.

    The staff started murmuring
    ” oh my gosh.. she fired her already”
    “God, she is so mean”
    “everybody get back to work, don’t be the next victim…a young lady said, looking like a PA

    Annabel POV

    I got into my office , so angry…
    ” All my staff knows that I hate lateness and I hate nonsense, all my staff are expected to be in office before I arrived.
    “what insolence…

    I was still murmuring, when Linda walked in
    ” good morning ma..she said
    “spare me all that…what are my appointment for today…I asked sternly
    ” OK ma, she began to break them down, I interrupted her while talking
    “wait, why is my coffee not ready…I asked
    ” oh ma, am sorry….she said and quickly rushed to get it.
    few minutes later she came back with a cup
    “this is it ma..she said
    ” next time if you make this mistake, consider yourself fired…I said and took the cup.
    “sorry ma…she OK
    ” sorry to yourself. have u fixed the meeting with Greg’s company… I asked
    “yes ma, I have…Linda said
    ” good, now you can get out and don’t forget , there is a new space for the post of business manager and be fast about it..I said
    “OK ma…she said and left.

    Michael POV

    ” Dad what are u saying… I asked when I heard what my father’s said…
    is he really kidding me
    “dad are u expecting me to look for work when my father is the owner of a big company, common dad…its not proper

    ” you have to earn yourself a living, you have to acquire your own leadership skills, I don’t want you to be dependent on my own wealth…my dad said
    “but dad, please I can’t
    ” of course you will else I will disown you…my dad said and my eyes open wide
    “what dad!!!!
    ” honey what are you saying, my mom said
    “talk to your son…he must show that he is responsible… my dad said and walked out.

    ” my mom walked to me and said”honey please listen to your father, he wants the best for you and I want you to promise me that , you will make us proud… my mom said
    “OK mom..I will but I can’t work in any useless company oooo….I said and hug my mom.

    TBC guys
    how was it?
    who else agree with me that Annabel is indeed bossy.

    Episode 2 & 3

    Episode 4 -6
    Episode 7 & 8
    Episode 9 & 10
    Episode 11 & 12
    Episode 13 & 14
    Episode 15 & 16

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