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    Episode 14


    The moment I entered , Annabel mom was the one who approach me, she look so worried and I wonder what the problem is?
    “Good day…I greeted
    ” oh my son , thank God you are here, your boss have been sick for days ( ah omo mi), and do you know the worst part she refuse to go to the hospital and also refuse to take her drugs…Annabel mom said
    oh my god, is she OK, where is she now..I asked immediately
    she is in her room..Annabel mom said as lead the way to Annabel room.
    within me I just hope that everything is fine.
    when we got to Annabel room , she was on the bed , I quickly rushed to her
    “Annabel , are you OK ?? I asked
    ” umm, emm, am fine …she said while getting up
    “OK but have you eaten and for crying out loud , why have you refuse to go to the hospital, and you also refuse to pick my calls and you never informed anyone that you were sick.
    yes I was mad at you the other day , but I can’t stay a day without seeing you , I kept asking Linda about your well being and she said you are on holiday and now your mom told me you refuse to take your drugs…in fact you know am taking you to the hospital… I said then kept quite as I saw Annabel just staring at me and I realized have really talk too much.
    but the truth is am damn scared , I just can’t bare it if anything happens to her.
    I kept quite for a second as I watch Annabel staring at me, then tears drop from her eyes.
    oh my god, have I said something wrong?
    look Annabel am really sorry, if have said something wrong but am too worried about you and I just can’t afford to miss you…I said
    ” but why, why can’t you afford to loose me, am I so important to you like that..Annabel asked
    I was so shocked and that’s when I look around and I noticed Annabel mom was not there with us.
    “Annabel what are you saying, and why are you asking all these… I asked
    Annabel stood up and said ” Am asking all these to get answers to my questions, I want to know why you left your busy life just to attend to me , why you left everything just for my sake, what goes on in that heart of yours for me, why am I so important to you ..Annabel said..
    All I could do was to stare at her , there millions of Answer I would love to give her but how will she take it,should I tell her my feelings or not..??
    Answer me now, Micheal Greg…she called my name
    But why do you want to know, why do you want to find out that you are the jewel I dream of everyday, why do you want to know that , I desire every bit of you, why do you want to know that I love it more even when you think you are annoying , why do you want to know that I always pray secretly to be reason why you smile everyday, why do you want to know that you are one in a million to me , why do you want to know that I fell in love with you the very day I saw you , why do you want to know that the letters written in my heart are carved with your name and a symbol of love which says that I LOVE YOU ANNABEL ..ANNABEL.. ANNABEL ..ANNABEL.
    YES Annabel my heart beats for you and now you’ve known it all , everything have been hiding .
    so tell me why do you want to know all that??? I asked with so much seriousness because all that was within have been expressed so I need answers from her now.
    She look at me in tears and said.
    “Micheal you love me?… she asked
    ” yes Annabel I love you from the depth of my heart..I love you so much
    “even when am annoying and bossy at times…she asked again
    ” yes I love you no matter what, I don’t see you as the annoying type because I know there is that hidden sweet Annabel in you but you just don’t want to give chance…I said
    she came close to me , stare at me for some seconds and said ” Micheal am in love with you!!!!!!
    “I pull back a little and asked ” what did you just say??
    “I said Micheal am in love with you….
    I love you Micheal Greg…she said this time a bit loud and smile on her face.


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    Episode 15
    (semi_ finale)


    yes I love you Micheal… Annabel said and I was so happy, I smiled so wide like never, I can’t believe it.
    tears were all over her face , I brought out my handkerchief and wipe them all off.
    “no , please story crying, now we are supposed to be happy and I promised you that as from now henceforth , I will always be the reason why you will always smile, I will always by your Knight, I will always be by your side for ever.
    ” we will have different babies, and we will name them together… I said and I saw her smiling. am indeed very lucky to have someone like you…she said
    “Am also lucky to have you too, I said as I draw her face closer, we stare at each other eye ball to eye ball and when it look like the lips were gonna meet each other, the door open..
    oh gosh
    I turn back and it was Annabel’s mom , all smiling and with some drop of tears in her eyes, then it became dawn on me that she has been eavesdropping all along.
    ” my son thank you…she said while she hugged me
    “I smile and was just staring at her…
    ” thank you my son, for bringing joy into my daughters life and also making a mother happy .
    All have ever dream of is to see my daughter happy and also find love and today that came to pass…she said then came closer and held our hands together placing them on each other and said
    “you two will forever be happy , joy will never cease from you, your love will never fade, no one will come between you two because you are meant for each…be happy my children… she concluded.
    “thanks mummy iya gidi ni yin ( you are a good mother)…Annabel said.
    Now we have to be fast with everything… my not getting any younger , I need my grand children… Annabel mom said and we all laughed.

    ( 4months later)
    looking at myself in my Igbo attire , getting ready for my traditional wedding , and everyone busy trying to put one thing or the other in place.
    I just can’t imagine it, I fell in love with my boss, it all started with my dad trying to push me to be a responsible man but at the end I found love.
    My mom was so happy when I brought Annabel to the house , we told them we are planning on getting married and that was what made my dad to be more proud of me..the following day , he called me and transfer the whole property to me being his only son, I took over the company and everything has been going on smoothly.
    And today is my traditional wedding …

    “” hey man..what are you still doing , people are waiting for you…Maxwell said when he came in..he is my close friend, a brother from another man, he is also best man..he has been involved in everything that has been going on.
    “OK, am ready…let’s go..I said and we both left.
    Finally we are at my soon to be bride house, everywhere was fully decorated, her mom came to attend to us..
    that woman will not kill person, her gele ( head tie) was something else , it was so wide …she look so happy , she and my parents exchange greetings but that was not really my concern , all I want to do is to see my bride, I wish I could just sneak in to her room, I just feel like seeing her but its not possible with my mom monitoring me and Annabel’s mom and her Yoruba friends with their big big head tie and big eyes watching my every move like am gonna run away from the wedding…. I just had yo stay calm and wait for her to come down stairs.

    I was in my room with the make-up artist dressing me up beautifully when my mom came in to inform me that Micheal and his people are here, from that moment I was beginning to feel nervous..
    ” make up very well, she is my daughter and today is her day , she have to look very beautiful sho gbo mi …my mom said to the make up artist
    “maami… I said in Yoruba
    ” yes my daughter, you have look very beautiful ooo, so that all this iya basira that think you will not marry will see , and I even invite them so that they can see it for their self and how handsome your husband, my son_in law , is looking… she said
    “ummmm…OK mummy, I hope everything has been put in place…I asked
    ” of course, ….just get ready we are waiting for you downstairs, don’t keep your husband waiting… my mom said and left.
    “Am done ma…the make up artist said the moment my Mom left . I look at myself in mirror, I don’t need a soothsayer to tell my am looking gorgeous like a bride, everything was just in place…
    I was still staring at the mirror when the door open and Linda came in..
    She is the only friend and sister that I have. I knew she came to get me.
    ” wow, you look so gorgeous , Linda said the moment she saw me and o stood up from the chair.
    “thank you.. I said
    ” So are you ready to see your groom..Linda asked


    so how was it??

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