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    Episode 16



    my mouth was wide open , the moment i saw Annabel coming downstairs.
    she was stepping on the stairs carefully, she look so gorgeous, beautiful , elegant , I lack words to describe how beautiful she was .
    I almost forgot myself, I was lost staring at her as she step down slowly accompanied by Linda.
    She was a glowing diamond , a gold , an Angel, she was just so perfect.
    still looking at her when my mom tap me,
    “close your mouth so you won’t pour me spit”.. my mom said and giggled , then I noticed some people’s eyes were on me.
    gosh…I just can’t resist her.
    finally she was down..everyone were screaming especially those Yoruba women who were singing different Yoruba songs…
    ah omo ni yen ( this is my daughter)
    omo to da ( better pikin)
    oju ti a won ota mi ( shame to my enemy)
    a won ara eko da ( where are the people of Lagos)
    awa ara eko de ( we Lagos people are here)…
    finally we were made to sit on a very big chair decorated beautifully, we were sitting close to each other , so that gave me opportunity to whisper something in her ear
    ” pisss…I tapped her
    she turned and look at me ” umm what… she asked blushing already
    ” you look so gorgeous, I can’t wait to have you in my arms… I said in order to tease her
    “common stop that..she said and push me stylishly..😂💏💑😘


    sitting very close to Micheal I was feeling so nervous, I don’t know why but I feel so shy….when he tap me and whisper something into my ear, it made me feel somehow but I love it .
    Truth be told , i can’t wait to be called Mrs Micheal Greg.
    praise the lorddddd…..the mc woman shouted
    ” hallelujah… everyone respond.
    “Now we’ve come to main thing of the day and as we know we are here to join two families together,we are here to join these our beautiful and handsome children who has found love in each other….the mc said
    ” yes oooo….everyone screamed
    “now, the both of you should stand up…the mc said pointing to the two of us..
    I look at Micheal who wink at me and smile…
    can he just stop that.
    we both stood up as instructed by the mc
    Now look at yourself eye ball to eye ball…the mc said
    And we both stare at each other, I was so shy ..
    ” Now its time for you to exchange the rings the mc said
    “Micheal took the ring and inserted into my finger and I also did same.
    everyone starting clapping and that when Micheal father stood up and greeted in Igbo
    ” Igbo kwenu
    ” Igbo kwenu
    ” kwesonu
    “ise ….!!!!!!!!
    my mother’s group also stood up and hail in Yoruba..
    everyone was happy.
    the happiness on my mom’s face was beyond my expression, that I began to cry …now I see the reason she wanted me to get married, not that she hates me but she wants the best for me .
    there is this joy in a mother when they see their daughter getting married .
    my mom has been my pillar and my strength, my leading way into finding Micheal.
    And now I have a new family , the Greg’s family, they are mine now because am part of them now.
    I watched as everyone danced and rejoiced , I also danced but not to forget that I was too shy…
    I can’t really figure out why but I think I discovered everything will change from now .

    let’s end here and for my white wedding it took place in five star hotel in Dubai …

    yes it all end in joy…I want to say a big thank you to my wonderful writer and author (mercy) who took her to write about my bossy life and love story. And also thanks to everyone who waited anxiously and patiently to read my story till the end.
    thank you all.
    Annabel love you and mercy love you too.

    ummmm…. boss Lady later became shy at last… that’s love for you.
    hope you enjoyed it.

    THE END!!!!

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    story by mercy olawale


    Standing at the alter with Micheal as the priest ask me the question
    “Annabel David do you take Micheal Greg as your lawful wedded husband, for better for worse, for richer for poorer till Death do you apart…the priest asked
    ” I look at Micheal with so much joy, he was also looking at me, expecting me to answer and which I did, he has also taken the vows.
    “yes I do…I said and everyone started clapping .
    ” Now you may kiss your bride… the priest ordered
    Micheal came closer and he kissed me, it was so real, so passionate …I wished we never stopped.

    (wedding night)
    we arrived at our home , one of Micheal’s dad building in Dubai . it was night already and we were together in the room..
    I was so shy, he was just staring at me then he said
    “wow, finally we are now together and never to leave each other alone…Micheal said …and I smiled
    ” of course we are , together forever… I said as I showed him my ring..he smiled then asked
    “do you wanna bath now…Micheal asked
    ” huh, now, bath???…I said
    “yes, let’s bath together …he said and winked
    ” oh my gosh…yes he is my husband now , I have nothing to hide but am just so nervous..
    “ummmm…. why don’t you bath first…I said looking away
    ” oh really… he said while walking towards me…
    are you scared, !!!
    why don’t I start from here, let me help you remove this heavy gown … he said and I just turned away blushing, then he started undressing me, he turn me around, and said ” am not gonna hurt you OK”
    finally my gown was door on the floor leaving me with just my bra and pant, he carried me up in his arm , we stare at each other..and he said ” are you ready??
    I look at him , smile and nodded my head.

    ( 10 months later)
    Mr Micheal ..congratulations ,your wife just gave birth to twins, a bouncing baby boy and a bouncing baby girl.
    oh my God…I screamed as I happily hugged the doctor..
    “can I see her now??? i asked
    ” of course you can…the doctor said and I rushed in.
    the moment I entered the ward, Annabel was carrying the babies…the other one was sleeping while the other one was sucking breast…
    I rushed to her hugged and said ” thank you so much
    “common now, stop behaving like a child , you are someone’s father now, in fact you are a father of two. look at how your son look like you, look at his eye and head like your head…Annabel said and we both smiled.
    I carried the one sleeping, she is a girl , she look so beautiful , her small mouth like Annabel, she look exactly like her.
    I was so happy, I can’t believe am now a dad..
    I was still with Annabel when our parents entered ( my mom, dad and Annabel’s mom)… they all came in.
    ” ah ….Oluwa sheun oooo ( God thank you)
    “Aku ori re ooo( we are fortunate ooo …..Annabel mom said the moment she saw the twins.
    ” well done my son…my dad said
    “daddy is it only your son that’s here…what about me your daughter ….Annabel said and made a puppy face
    ” oh my daughter, you know I can’t forget you, you are so special , am just greeting this one so that he will know he is now a man and not just a man but a father OK. so you still remain my very best daughter and daughter in_law, no fake one…My dad said and we all laughed.
    awwwnn…look at how cute they are…my mom said as she carried the boy from Annabel.
    so what will you name them…mom asked
    “ummmm…I have a name in mind…Annabel said and we all said ” tell us”
    I will name them “shammah and shannel ..
    ” wow that’s great…mom said
    “so welcome to the world baby shammah and shannel .

    The end
    They all lived happily ever after.

    pls comment.

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