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Gabi’s diary episode 3


Gabi’s Diary
Episode 3
By Akilozi Gabriel
” No, when they were begging you to enter bus, you were forming strong man bah? My brother, your fore fathers trekked so trek will you trek ” Tope said as he drag me up, I didn’t move, I stood resting on a tree. ” Better let’s go” Tope said as he pushed me along while

I forced myself to move. No matter how difficult it was, I and tope still got to our lecture hall, Joy was outside waiting for us. ” Ah, what took you guys so long?” She asked us . ” I told you we will trek it, did we die now?” I said to her while she turned to me, ” You this guy ehen, you are to harsh and mean ” she said standing in front of me. ” I am not ” I said to her calmly this time, it was like the trekking has made me humble. ” So there isn’t any class for today again, so we can now go home. Where do you live?” She asked me. ” I stay at Ring road, I haven’t seen accommodation yet” I said to her. ” same with me also, I stay at Ring road for now and am still looking for accommodation” she said . ” Tope what of you?” I asked him. ” I stay at back gate” he told me and I nodded although I didn’t know where back gate was. ” Oya let’s go and enter bus and go home now” I said dragging tope along. ” It is like you are mad, back gate that is just here, I should go and enter bus” he said laughing and pointing towards where back gate was. ” So you mean you have seen accommodation so soon?” Joy asked him, ” No, I actually stay with one of my brothers, he is doing his masters ” Tope explained. ” Okay, So Gabriel let’s go home then” Joy said to me while I nodded and started walking behind her as we headed to the bus park, we haven’t walked for long when I saw victor. ” Ah, your face seem familiar, have we met before?” He asked me while I turned to see if he was really talking to me. ” you are stupid” I said while he laughed. ” who is she?” Victor asked pointing to joy. ” I am Joy” Joy said while victor stared from her to me with a suspicious look. ” Hmmm, am victor but you can call me Victedo” victor said while Joy nodded as he shook her hand, his handshake was taking too long so I had to remove his hand away from joy’s own. ” Actually, she is my sister

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” I lied while Joy smiled. ” Ah, is it a sister from the same parent or adopted sister?” Victor asked foolishly. ” I dont get” I said to him. ” I mean, I dont think the same parent gave birth to the the two of you, you are ugly and she is beautiful” Victor said while I only smile.” Gabriel, abeg let’s go, this sun is boiling me” Joy interrupted us while I nodded, I wanted to leave victor and go to her who was staying under a tree but victor pulled me back. ” Bros you are a

student, we should go and read in the library not going home immediately after class” Victor told me, I saw sense in what he said. ” Joy, I want to go and read in the library o, will you join me or you will be going home?” I shouted over to joy, she didn’t answer me , she only hissed and went to where the buses were parked, she boarded the one heading to Ring Road. ” Ah, your sister is stubborn o” victor said as the bus drove off. ” Yeah, she is very stubborn ” I said to him as we also headed towards the library to read. I opened the physics textbook I bought, that was the only book I have to read. I am the type of guy that reads and jot inside the textbook, I dont actually like rough notes. I brought out my pen and started proving something in the textbook, it was actually something I thought I had forgotten so I decided to see if I can still prove it. Victor was sitting down by my side, he wasn’t reading, he was just staring outside the library. ” Gabriel, I like your personality” he said to me after sometime while I stopped my proving and faced him, I was surprised. ” why? ” I asked him smiling, it was good hearing someone tell me he likes my personality. ” Hmm, I just like you, you are good and cheerful, I just like people like you ” he said stammering. ” Thanks man, I appreciate ” I said to him patting his shoulders, he smiled and nodded. ” I also like your sister personality too o” he said again while I immediately dropped my pen, I knew there was something to this sudden liking

of my personality. ” See Victor or what are you called? Any day I see you near her, that day, you will die ” I said to him, foolish boy. I was about telling him something else when my phone rang, guess who is calling, it happens to be my girlfriend from Ogun state, the one I left at home and which I later broke up with after finishing my first year, our breakup was a like a mutual agreement between the both of us, we both agreed to break up, we weren’t met for each other. ” Hello dear, how far?” I started as I picked the call. ” Am fine o, so you didn’t bother to call me since yesterday that you got to Benin, it isn’t fair o” she said. ” Oh sorry, I was busy, I had to rush things up and resume classes” I said to her. ” So how is Benin?”she asked ” Benin is good and fine o” I said happily, I was smiling outwardly. The Mumu Victor by my side was also smiling with me. ” Hmm Gabriel, dont follow Benin girls o” she said to me again . ” Yes ma” I replied her, we then talked about other things before ending the call. ” Who is that?” Victor asked me, ” My girlfriend” I replied him. ” Is she not someone sister ?” Victor asked me again. ” Of course she is” I replied him. ” So you can date someone sister and you dont want anyone to date your own sister bah?” He asked . ” not someone like you ” I replied him, he didn’t say anything again as he just packed his books and left the library, I read for some minutes before also leaving for my house. For up to two months, Victor never knew Joy wasn’t my sister.
I came to school early the next day, there was only a girl sitting in the front seat by the left side of our hall, ” Thank God” I said to myself as I rushed to sit down. ” all the seats here are already taken” she said to me, I looked at her with an angry eye. ” Where are those sitting on it?” I asked her. ” They are coming” the girl said to me. ” Nonsense, why are you keeping seats for them? I came early and I deserve to sit in the front” I said boldly to her. ” Bros please respect yourself, I have already kept the seat for some people” the girl said again as I sat down. ” Let them go and find sit when they come” I said to her as I brought out my physics textbook from my bag to continue reading. ” will you get up from my seat?” I heard someone shout at another person, I turned my neck to where the shout came from and I saw a big guy, asking one tiny guy to get up from his seat. ” I think she told you the seat as been kept for me?” The big guy asked again pointing to the girl that had also told me the seats had been taken earlier, he dragged away the small guy who was trying to form strong head. The big guy pushed the small guy away and sat down while the small guy was forced to look for a seat somewhere else. I sat down for some minutes thinking deeply, about five minutes later I packed my belongings and went to look for a seat at the extreme back, its not that I was scared o, I just like the back.

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