Game Of The Legend

Game of the legend batch 20

Game of the legend
Episode 39
Me: what’s going on here
AR: we are watching film ni and it is really emotional
Me: nawa o
Dad: we are leaving tomorrow one more thing we are not coming back until a week or two weeks you get that?
Me: me ahn ahn when am not even a kid
I relax upstairs and call chairman to know how he is doing nothing happen through out the except mona that sent me a message that no matter what she would still continuing loving me and would continue fighting for me till she win me back cos am her heart beat trust me I just hiss and toss the fone to my bed
As early as 7am the next day have took my bath check the suit out I dress up put on my rolex wrist watch dad is already waiting for me downstairs I check out my self on my mirror and a smile of satisfaction cross my lip I move downstairs and everyone is waiting to bade up good bye they all cover their mouth as I step down
Me: what nah
Tonia: you fine ooooooooo
AR: I trust you uhmmmm
Tana: oya fine boy mona’s husby
Me: you don smoke
Mom: you looking good boy
Me: thanks ma
I hug her and quickly move out to see dad waiting for me in his car I hop in and we drive off to the as the gateman open the gate mona is standing by the gate in my mind I was sha this girl no get work ni early in the morning at her age rubbish before I could ask dad not to wound the glass down he has already did I quickly plug in my earpies without plugging it to phone dad greet her and ask who she want to go and check cos am also in the car with him (why this man no get break for him mouth sef) she answered that am the one she is looking for dad force me to come down from the car to talk to her I told him we are getting late buh he ask me not to mind that. I come down gently I saw the suprise look on her face like she is seeing a ghost or something before I could say Good she rush me with k-ss I don’t even respond I just stand still she release me and started crying again
Me: wait why are you like is not like sven is not handsome or he is not rich what is it?
Mona: you can’t understand if you leave me I would surely die
Me: if you think you can stick to me so that I would continue to fight for you and faint for it is a lie see you later gat places to go
Mona: when will you return back
Me: like two weeks
Mona: God!!! You can’t even tell me that you are travelling I would die before you come back I can’t stand it
Me: am I the food you eat or the air you breath in? You better face your future and remember you made a promise to someone and every promise is a debt. So bye
I got in and before she could say a thing have pull the gear so dad just continue driving I check the side mirror and found her rolling on the floor crying seriously I could feel my heart also bleeding I don’t know when I started crying dad also notice her and told me that why am I behaving like that to her and my self I don’t reply through out the journey round the world nothing eventful just that all the respect and sir sir sometimes irritate me he has branches in korea, japan, England, south africa, portugal, france, brazil and other places round the world at the end of all our journey we stop at the Aso-Rock he ask me to meet the president once and for all I don’t know why buh am so tense the president of a country??? Just like that I could feel my heart fast beating I just don’t understand why
What seems like eternity I met with the president dad introduce me everything went on normally dad ask me to excuse them that they want to have a little discussion to I move to garden there I love the flowers and everything there I settle down after some minute I decided to give the water fall a look after some minute staying their I saw some one buh I don’t look at her too much cos I don’t know her buh I saw a face towel with her which look like mine so I brave my self up and walk up to her she is backing me I walk up to her
Me: good day girl
She turn to look at who is greeting her and the inevitable happen
We both shouted at the same time You!!!!
Episode 40
Both: what are you doing here
Both: oh my God
Both: ahn ahn
Me: oya you shut up first
Girl: would you start again
Me: what are you doing here
Girl: in my father’s territory???
Me: excuse me???
Girl: you heard me
Me: ohhh you are the president’s daughter?? No wonder rubbish
Girl: don’t be rude instead of you to be thanking me for not punishing you and by the what are you doing here
Me: who did you want to punish it seems you don’t know who you are talking to by the way me and my dad are here to meet the president
Girl: your dad???
Me: uhn uhn
Girl: well am fridah by name (extending hand for a shake)
Me: abdulsalam by vizkid in short (pocketing)
Fridah: did you know you are rude and arrongant
Me: why are you holding the face towel like that
Fridah: what?
Me: you love the owner of the face towel or the face towel it self which one
Fridah: who would even love this one mtcheew
Me: idiot then why are you looking @ me like that the other time
Fridah: I just admire you that all
Me: uhnnnn still admiring the k-ss you stole right
Fridah: I don’t even know what your problem is just let sit to know each other better
Me: who would like to know this one better
Fridah: (angry) what is your problem sef just behaving like kindergarten student (mtcheew moving away)
I don’t know what happened I don’t know where the courage is from I just found my self quickly grabbing her hand and pull her to me in less than a seconds my l-ips is on her I could feel her melting in my arm she later respond even she later over respond we are like that for minute before she broke free from my arm
Fridah: so who is the thief naw
Me: you cos you encourage stealing
Fridah: uhmmm you know I don’t know who did the charm for you buh it works I think……….
Me: uhmmmm it seems yours also is working because I think I have feelings for you funny enough I don’t even know anything about you
Fridah: you love me or my dad’s position
Me: mtcheew am richer than your dad if that’s what you want to hear
Fridah: mtcheew what’s your dad asset
Me: you can google for that (sitting on the carpet grass)
Fridah: I don’t think I can date a rude boy like you
Me: idiot who is asking you out
Fridah: infact you don’t even have respect @ all
Me: who should I respect
Fridah: me of course afturul am the daughter of number citizen of this country
Me: that’s just it you and your dad are just representative you are still the citizen messanger
She started hitting me playfully that goes on till I just found her lieing on me I could feel her soft breaks on my chest and her hærd breathing we kept looking into each other’s eyes I don’t know how it happens buh I found my self telling her I Love you
Fridah: have since develop my feelings for you since the first day we met I knew we are going to meet again buh don’t know would be this soon I Love you more my Prince
Me: look at you who told you my dad is a king
Fridah: it doesn’t matter before I call you my prince
Me: hope am not breaking another guy’s heart
Fridah: you are not serious have not being in a relationsh¡p before you know everyone run away from me because of who my dad is
Me: uhmmmm alright so am I now your boyfriend
Fridah: I see you are agreeing to it
Our l-ips got locked it is dad that bring us back to earth by clearing his throat am a little embarrassed I can see her eyes also very red with embarrassment and also shyness she ask maybe that’s my dad I answered her that yes she said she can’t believe cos tonia is her childwood friend and she knew tana also so how come me
Dad: He is my first born during my early lifes I impregnate his mum and she gave birth to him and his jnr broda too before she passed away
Fridah: uhmmmm no wonder
President or fridah’s dad: don’t you think they would be perfect match for each other
Dad: uhmmm they would buh you it can’t work cos I knew him the way he would treat your daughter you wouldn’t think twice before gunning him down
Fridah’s dad: no ahhh at least he can’t beat her now
Me: don’t worry sir she would be okay
Fridah: good then dad am even feeling bored here let me go and spend my holiday with tonia it has been a while
FD: uhmmm or you want to go with him alright go pack the little cloth you need
Fridah: have you forgotten I don’t need that there are clothes their already
FD: okay take care of your self I would tell your mum when she come back from her trip
Fridah: alright dad help me greet my brothers and sisters bye (happy mood)
We are already are our car door I opened we all get in me and dad are sitting together while fridah is sitting at the back sit one security car in front and one at our back am even pissed with that
Me: hey girl if it is because of you all these security would follow us get down
Fridah: none of your business cos am not visiting you buh my childhood friend
I want to answer her before my phone interrupt me it is mona’s mom why is it that these people wouldn’t let someone rest now
Me: hello ma
MM: hello vizkid where you come back home now now you’ve killed my daughter ooooooooo
Me: how come how did I kill her it has been two weeks have been home last so how come
MM: come back home now mona is now on hospital bed she stabbed her self last night and the doctor said she not responding come home now she wrote a letter which states it is because of you she did it come back home ooo (crying) the line went dead
Me: God why this now dad let me drive
Fridah: can you drive? Please I don’t want to die o (still joking)
I took the stearing and push the accelerator I over took the security car in front and zomm off at high speed
Dad: vizkid what is your problem
Me: dad mona is 99% dead because of me (crying) she stab her self last night with a knife
Dad: what???
My people come help me from this problem o cos am loosing my mind

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