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Game of the legend
Episode 43
The day finally show up am very excited I jumped up from bed as early as 4am after my morning hygiene I put on just my harry porter short and singlet as I open my door am being greeted by my princess (she spent the night with us) she locate my lips and we started kissing I don’t even want to know maybe she is clean or not she gently push me back lock the door and took off her night gown revealing her bra and panties (we not have s€× since we started dating have not even seen her unclad body for a seconds) she walk up to me smiling seducefully as we continue our work I found her lower lip and bit it (I don’t even know why I did that) arrhhhh she scream softly with pains and pleasure
Fridah: was that for
Me: is all this the present you want to give me for my graduation?
Fridah: why did you like answering question with question sef
Me: gat to dress up sweetheart (standing up from bed)
Fridah: buh I can do that for you now
Me: ahhhh no no no need for that
Fast forward to 8:15am our compound is already full with latest cars am busy receiving gifts up and down even when my room is filled with gifts I store the rest at AR’s room which he charge me for that at 8:30am am asked to dress up fridah quickly follow me (note she didn’t even give me a breathing space she just stick to me like my shadow) she quickly follow me to my room and she dress me up after the dressing I check my self at my mirror ans I smiled with satisfaction all the girls way I set my eyes on today no go sleep I gave her an appreciative kiss and move downstairs everyone was shocked I smiled at my self and stroll pass the sitting room (fridah following behind she is also dress) tonia is already waiting outside so I walk up to her give her a light hug and tell her congrats AK rushed me and give me the duddy punch me: God don’t ruin my image (dusting where his hand land on my suit everyone laughed at it) even though the car is for me and tonia alone buh fridah wouldn’t just listen she hope in in our car and we zoom off not after like fifteen cars both in front and back we arrived at the said avenue the program has already commence the hall is full buh there is still enough space for people to sit as I set my foot at the entrance of the hall the MC then acknowledge the presence of the Senior Prefect which made everybody to rise of with hands together except paul I could feel many eyes on me buh fridah by my side with the guards gave me confidence am about going to the graduant sit or should I say special seat for the senior prefect boy and girl with their assistant when some one from no where rush me with hug and full mouth or lips kiss am seriously shocked everyone in the hall was also suprised I then look at the person just to found out that it is mona
Me: Jesus not again this people just want to tanish my image she hold my hand and ask me to come for my seat which I have no other option than to follow forgeting fridah is standing there am already on my sit just to find fridah still standing with a disappointed look I quickly stand up noticing my coolvalians table I quickly took her there and ask @onahsunday631 to help me keep her company he just nod his head looking at fine boy I just smiled at him and winks back on my seat now everything continued normally it is even that day that @Adeblow23 is seeing the president for the first time don’t ask me why cos I can see it from his unbelievable look when the hall is now full with highly every guest the principal gave his welcome speech fastforward to the award session best student in maths goes to mona while other subjects goes to me even at the art sector paul only received a gift it is now timr for the S.P and assistant to give speech the microphone was handed to me I gave my speech and later conclude with “I like to give the microphone to my brother and my friend here” handing over the microphone to Paul I could see AR smilling at me you know all those childish act when paul is through with his speech he then concluded with ” let me hand over the microphone to one and only orphan in my school the one that don’t know his mates to mess up with” pointing the microphone to me my world crash in front of me head spine at the rate of 100% tears wants to fall from my eyes buh I hold it back I could see the shame on mum and dad’s face everyone has a disbelieve look on their face except some set of people my coolvalians tonia chairman and his goon AK every other person in the hall was suprised buh I couldn’t see the suprise look on the presidents face I collected the microphone I opened my mouth buh no word is coming out AR stand up amoung the audience walk up to the podium and collect the microphone from me;
AR: thanks bro paul thanks for remebering us where we came from buh just want you to know one thing we don’t have parent buh every couplr pray to have us as their kid we don’t have parent we still know what parental love and care is all about we don’t have parent we have morals and best behaviour we don’t have parent yet you kids with parent envy us we don’t have parent he become the senior prefect of this school while with parent came up with nothing buh just assisting him we don’t have parent yet we a live every child wish to live we don’t have parent yet we are still better than you million times we don’t…… He is interrupted by a round of appluse from every one I notice most people are close to tears he walk me down the podium while walking out of the hall we are at the middle of the hall when AK ask me to stop that he wouldn’t also mind resigning his job he would always be by my side and follow me to anywhere am going I looked at him walking up to me he is some feet away from me when fridah also stand up and ran towards me
Fridah: no matter what happen I would continue loving you and would love you till I die (hugging me pationately) tonia and tana also said they wouldn’t mind leaving their biological parent to follow me and my AR to anywhere we are going chairman and his fellas also stand up removing their military cap
Chairman: back to the ghetto I guess (wispering to my ear)
The president collected the microphone ask his security to get paul of the hall while his dad is also fired before locking father and son up the party continued everything went back to normal buh am not that happy throughout the program after the ceremony the coolvalians present their gift which I thank them seriously they are leave at once mona later walk up to me after their depature she ask me why I don’t tell her that before buh I just ignore her since she can’t stand for me (walking out of her) she drag me back again
Me: wait what is your problem to embarass me again
Mona: it not really like that is just that am angry with you for not telling me the truth
Me: thank God you are angry I pray you would be angry with me forever and I would be at peace
Mona: God forbid have forgiven you before leaving the hall
Me: well so what did you want now
Mona: have realise that loving someone is nothing buh the person loving you back is many things so I just want ordinary friendship with you
Me: wow!!! Really???
Mona: yeap
Me: (trying to hug her)
Mona: no way we are just friend so the last thing is hand shake
I come think say the girl don para o buh who cares me and my guys snap many cool pictures throughout the day was fun the following day the president at our place discussing about the militant trying to get the post of the vacant general I quickly told him no need to fight cos the next general is available I recommend chairman to him which he accept happily so chairman is now the general since AK is also a graduate I told dad to help me fix him up in one of his companies (outside country) which he also did for him mona travelled back abroad to continue her education buh we do chat on phones and do make phone calls me and my princess’s relationship continue growing every minute and we all live happily till this moment. (Sorry guys tonia confess that she is the one that told paul everything about me because I fail to slept with her then I forgive her easily cos I knew how she feel).

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