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Gentle Tiger episode 19

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Chapter 19

Seo’s pov

We won at last!!!!

We came forward to collect our medals 🏅 and awarded us with 4 million.

“As the winners! You will be staying in London for three months as trainees in WILL Music Entertainment after your three months trainee in ……..”The MC said, looking at the papers in his hands and continued.

“In AM industry, that’s Korea ”

“Thank you sir “We said in unison and bowed out heads.

The audience stood up clapping and cheering.

The second winners were Nigeria with an award of 2million, third was London with an award of 1 million.

The funniest part was that Germany was the country that took last. So if Ara hadn’t lock them up, we will not have become winners.

We left the stage and walk through the hallway after they took so many pictures.

“I still can’t believe we won… I mean my voice was just shaky on the stage “Soo bin said.

“You aren’t the only one, I felt like fainting seeing too much crowd in the hall…”Ara replied.

“You girls sing well you know “I chip in.

“Yeah, we did and I never knew I was gonna sing perfectly like that cause am good in dancing alone. “She answered.

“Well now you know, so what do you guys want to become after our school graduation? “Ara asked and we stopped facing each other.

“Singer ”

“Singer ”

“Singer and a dancer ”

“I too wanna become a singer, so I guess we all are having this dream of becoming a singer.

So let’s join our hands together and made this dream of ours possible. Shall we? “She asked stretching her palm forward.

“Yes, we shall “Tae placed his palm on hers, Soo bin followed and I did mine.

“We shall make it.” She said, reassuringly.

Normally, AM industry training is 6 months.

I and my brothers were already trainees in the industry for three months now.

I and my brothers are gonna make a good band. Ara and Soo bin will join the trainees and after the training they can form a band.

Ara’s pov

We walk, going back to the room. The cheque board is still in my hands.

“Guys, what of the men I locked in the room “I asked whispering.

“Let’s go release them, but pretend nothing happen” Soo bin said and we ran down the hall.

Our footsteps were loud so they could hear us.

The key was still on the floor. “Is anyone there? Please open the door “One of the men shouted.

I opened the door and asked “What are you doing here? the contest is over “I said smirking.

“What?!! The contest is over? Who won? “The man which I guess he is Mr Gregory asked.

“Korea, we won the contest “Soo bin said proudly and I lifted the cheque board.

Jealousy, anger and greediness was in the eyes of the second man.

“You… Guys.. Are lucky “He said finally.

“Yeah we are, let’s go guys “Tae said and we nodded.

“Wait! Who took the second position? I mean what of Germany? What position? “He asked.

“Sir, you guys took the 100th position. And we will be leaving our legs are aching “Seo answered leaving the two men gobsmacked.

“If only that girl had locked us inside, we would have won.
What will I say to the people I was boasting to? “The man cried and I laughed lightly.

“Where have you guys been? “A woman asked as we entered the girls dressing room.

“We went out for fresh air ”

“Oh! Okay, in the next six minutes. We will be taking you to a hotel where you will be staying till tomorrow afternoon “She announced and walkout.

The other contestants were in the room too all staring at me.

I stylishly pointed to the 4 million written on the board for them to see we are the champions. Lol 😂

Soo bin noticed me and shook her head with a laugh.

Tae’s pov

I couldn’t help but think of Ara’s performance on stage. I mean she dance and sing pretty well on stage.

Six minutes later…..

A man came and took us outside, we entered the bus with the females and I spotted Ara and Soo bin laughing.

She’s beautiful when laughing.
“Hey! “I called and sat beside her.

“Hey! “She answered and turned back looking through the window.

We were dead silent till we reached the hotel. It’s a magnificent hotel.

We came down from the bus and entered the hotel.

We were given our rooms each. My room was beside Ara’s.

I heard a knock on my door and I stood up to open it, “We were asked to you your dinner ” The woman said as she pushed a tray of food inside the room and left.

Am gonna eat later.

I dropped my bag and went outside to take fresh air, I saw a bench and sat on it.

I felt someone tap me and I turned back “Seo! I thought you were asleep in your room “I said and gesture him to sit.

“Nope, I find it hard to sleep, well mom called “He replied.

“Mom! What did she say? “I asked, keenly.

“She said she can’t wait to see us tomorrow and will be picking us up at the airport. And she congratulated us. ”

“I can’t wait to get home too” I said.

“There you are, why is no body sleeping? “Soo bin’s voice was heard and I turned to see Ara and Soo bin walking towards us.

“Nah, no one is sleep. Maybe we are too happy to sleep. “I answered.

“Huh? ”

Ara’s pov

After Mom had call me, I got out and knocked on Soo Bin’s door.

“Let’s go outside and chill “I said and drag her out of her room.

And now Seo and Tae are also outside.

I sat beside binnie with my phone in my hand.

I and Tae’s eyes met and we stared at each other for seconds but we got interrupted by Seo.

“Guys, how about we take a photo of ourselves in London.” Seo said.

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“That’s good! Ara bring your phone I forgot mine in the room “Soo bin squeaked and snatched my phone from me.

We stood up and position ourselves, Tae was now standing beside me.

“123 go!! Say cheese!! ” I said my own”Cheese” and I got a peck on my cheek.

Soo bin click the caption button.

“Awwn! Wait “Soo bin said and look deeply into the phone then at me and turned to Tae finally.

“You pecked Ara in the picture! “She whispered.

Seo grab the phone and grin from ear to ear, Tae just shrugged and walk back inside the hotel.

“I need to sleep, don’t go to bed late ” Seo warned and tucked binnie’s hair behind her ear and left with a smile.

” Am gonna collect this picture into my phone. Now tell me what’s going on”Soo bin asked.

“I should be the one asking…. Seo just did a romantic scene in front of me now “I grinned.

“What of you? Tae pecked you! ”

“It was just a peck “I answered, probably blushing that he pecked me.

Arrghh! Ara!

“Hmm… Now tell me you are in love “Soo bin asked wiggling her brow.

“No! Am not in love with him but sincerely, I think am beginning to like him “I said.

“Huh? Really? Like? “She laughed and stop.

“What’s funny? Okay tell you don’t like Seo too ”

She itch her head “Honestly, am crushing on him. I like him too ” She answered.

“You see. You are in love “I said.

“Not am! ”

“You are! ” we kept saying that till we got to our room and bid each other good night.

Next morning…..

2pm… 🕗

I carried the cheque board, and dragged my bag.

I saw Soo Bin at my door and gave her the cheque board while I carry her small bag.

We entered the bus, and sat with the cheque board standing straight to avoid some jealous people breaking it into two.

1 hour… 🕗🕗

We got to the airport and board the plane……

I was awaken by Seo’s tapping. “We are here Sleeping Beauty ” He said.

We got down from the plane and we were welcomed by the teachers and half of the students.

“Congratulations! “They cheered.

“Thanks ” We answered.

Later on…….

We went into different directions, leaving the cheque board with the teachers.

I got home and got welcomed by dad, mom and my little brother.

“My daughter, am so proud of you “Mom whimpered softly as she hugged me.

“Sis, I knew you guys are gonna win “My brother said.

I ate my food and got to bed. What a stressful day!

Soo Bin’s pov

I got home and saw dad and mom, smiling as I walk inside with my bag.

“Mom! “I called ignoring my dad.

“Soo bin, congratulations! “My mom beamed.

“Thanks mom, is the cake for me? “I asked pointing to the cake.

“Of course Soo bin, I made the cake “My dad said.

“Hmm.. I need to take some rest “I said and walk two steps when dad called me back.

“Soo bin “I turned “Am sorry for what I did to you and your mother, forgive me. I never….. “I cut him off.

“Have forgiven you “I blurted out.

I was even shocked with my sentence. Forgiven him? Well maybe have forgiven him.

“What? Soo bin are you sure? I mean.. ”

“It okay dad, have forgiven you “I said, and he was surprised when I call him “dad ”

Tears threatened to fall, and eventually it fell. I was pulled into a hug by my dad. I so much miss his warmth hug.

“I love you Soo bin “He said, softly.

“I love you too dad ”

1 hour later…..

After the reconciliation and the celebration, dad went home and promised to come back tomorrow afternoon.

Young hee’s pov

Next morning……

I scattered the whole room yesterday, feeling angry when I saw Ara hugging Tae on the stage.

I need to talk to Tae, he’s mine. I wonder why he doesn’t even take a glance at me. Am I not beautiful enough?

I got to school, students were around the two fools. Arrghh! These two are collecting everything from me.

First, beauty. Second, fame. Third, Ara is trying to snatch my man!. Fourth, my position.

I walk behind them and luckily, I saw Tae going into the class.

“Tae! We need to talk “I said when I stopped him.

“Talk? Okay just be fast about it” He replied sharply.

“Tae why are you punishing me like this? Am I not good enough to be yours?Am beautiful, am everything you need in a girl.

But you went ahead and fall in love with that witch Ara “I said,faking my tears.

“Really? Do you know that Ara is more better than you? More responsible, she doesn’t push herself on a guy who doesn’t love her.

Do you know she’s special and lucky? “He said, looking like an idiot.


“How?”I manage to speak.

“Follow me “He said.

I hope he’s not going to kiss her. No!

I followed him to where I had met Ara. Everyone had gathered.

“Ara! ” he called.

“Yes? What’s it Tae? “She asked, staring at me.

“Can we go on a date tonight ? “He asked and my blood stopped flowing for like 2 seconds.

I waited for Ara to say No…. But it like am not on the lucky side.

She stared at me, I sent signals for her to say No.

“Yes, we can “She smiled.

Huh? 😱 Every one gasped.


I thought she will say No😂…Young hee go and sit down. Tae is not for you.!!

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