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Ghost episode 4 – finale


GHOST 4(the end)
As he (the companion) said that and left the compound, Chiedu and Arinze ran after him, begging him to help them. He walked far before he stopped and asked them “what happened?” They told him all that had happened since they moved into the apartment, how they were warned not to vacate and how John died because he wanted to leave. They also told him about the picture and the call for help from the ghosts.
After hearing all they had

said, he replied “these tormenting spirits are too strong and they come in pairs, they were invoked by the owner of the house who is their servant. They feed by tormenting humans and others ghosts and nobody who lived there will leave alive. That picture is that of a man who lived there before you and whose ghost they have captured and are tormenting. I tell you, John’s ghost has been captured as well.
They (Arinze and Chiedu) were so frightened. They further asked “please help us, how can we be free from these ghosts?” He sighed, shook his head and said “I cannot help you, Oriaja is too powerful. It is only a great power that can defeat them.” Hearing this, they felt their lives crashing before their eyes, all they could do was cry.
Back at the house, John’s father sat on the floor beside his (John’s) corpse crying his life away. “John is this the end of the road for you? How can I go on living without you my light? What else am I living for? When your mom left us, you became my only hope for life, now how do I go on living without you my child?” he cried. “I would have died instead of you. Now who is going to be my son, friend, brother and hope? Oh death take me and return my boy” he wailed.
Arinze and Chiedu had returned to the house with defeated and dejected spirits. Their hope of ever escaping from those wicked ghosts had been lost. They came to John’s father who by then had started making arrangements on taking John’s corpse home for burial. He had made calls for casket and ambulance services to take John home. When they arrived, John’s remains was put into the ambulance and they waited for his father to get himself together before they leave. While they waited, Arinze and Chiedu went to him and told him they cannot go with him because of their predicaments. He just nodded in agreement and entered the ambulance and they left.
The next day, the news of John’s death was broken in their class. Everyone who knew him cried. Their classmates condole with his bosom friends who had virtually become the shadows of their former selves, partly because of John’s death and partly because of the thoughts of eventually dying like

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John and their ghosts tormented. While they sat cold and withdrawn, one of their classmates, a leader of one of the campus Christian fellowships walked up to them and asked “why do you have spiritual black scarfs tied on your heads?” They were shocked that a mere campus fellowship leader could see that.
They reluctantly told him all they had passed through since they moved into the compound, the events that led to John’s death and what the man told them about the spirits. After hearing what they had said, he further asked them “do you believe that there’s no

power in heaven and on earth that is more powerful than the power in Christ Jesus?” They hastily answered in the affirmative. He then said “only your faith with prayers will save you now”. Chiedu started crying saying “please help us, I don’t want to die”. The leader assured him that he would not die as long as Christ Liveth. He reminded them that their lives are hidden in Christ Jesus and Christ hidden in God the father and as such, no weapon formed against them shall prosper. Hearing those words gave them the courage to hold onto life.
The leader made arrangements instantly for a prayer session in that compound. He contacted three more members of his prayer warrior team and they set out to the compound. When they arrived at compound, the gate refused to open. The prayer team started intense prayers instantly, commanding whichever spirit stopping the gate from opening to desist. As they prayed, the gate flung open by itself.
They prayed as they matched in the apartment, taking charge of all the elements around the compound. As they prayed, strange shouts and sounds were heard. Heavy breeze blew from every corners of the house. Objects were falling and some breaking. They continued praying with the prayer warriors commanding any spirit operating in that house to loose grip of anything they had on Arinze and Chiedu and whoever else they held in their captivity.
It was a fierce battle between the servants of the Most High and the spirits that operated in that compound. As the prayers proceeded, dark clouds formed outside over the compound, that they could barely see each other. A great invisible force came from no where and flung the leader of the group against the wall and he collapsed on the

impact. The other members of the prayer group continued praying undeterred, not mind that their leader had been incapacitated.
They kept invoking the powers of the heavenly beings to come down and Fight against the principalities and powers that had taken over the premises. They used Bible quotations and promises to wage the war against Oriaja and their companions. While still praying, a loud contorted voice was heard roaring “NOOOOOOO” and loud thuds were heard on the roof as though a giant creature was walking on it. By then Arinze and Chiedu had been immobilised by fear as they had shrunken like withered vegetables.
A little while later, the leader regained consciousness and rejoined in the fierce spiritual warfare. The dark clouds started clearing and the strange voices and sounds started reducing. Just then they heard a very loud thud and cracking sound out in the compound. They rushed there and saw a sizeable break (opening) in the interlocked floor. Inside the opening they saw a picture of that man whose picture they had, the pictures of John, Arinze and Chiedu, many other pictures of people they don’t know and many padlocks with fetish things tied around them. The pictures of the man and that of John had ‘X’ marks on their chests while that of Arinze and Chiedu had black arrows on their heads.
Around the opening, they intensified the prayers, calling for the spiritual release of everyone tied by those items they found. Just then the gate flung open and the caretaker who rented the apartment out to them came running in. As he ran towards them he kept screaming “What have you done?!!” They ignored him and continued praying. After a while he passed out. Finally those fetish items and the pictures were burnt and destroyed. Arinze and Chiedu regained their freedom both physically and spiritually. They vacated the apartment the same day. The leader of the prayer group sustain a broken arm injury from the impact and still lives with it to this day.
It was later revealed that the caretaker is actually the landlord of those apartments and a servant of Oriaja who feeds his tenants to Oriaja in exchange for wealth.
The end

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