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Ghosteens episode 16


By Authoress Diamond
Episode 16
Shalim (Elodie)
“But there is something you achieved as a ghosteen you don’t know about” Ethan replied with an assuring smile.
“What’s that?” I asked sniffing.
“You found love” He said nervously.
“Love?What are you talking about?” I asked curiosity filled my eyes..
Just immediately,the supreme one cleared his throat attracting everyone.
By then, Ethan’s mum has scurried to Reich side, Lucifer is

on his knees shedding tears.
Serves him right!
We are beings also,spiritual beings shouldn’t be controlling our life like a chess game.
We want freedom!
“Now everything has been exposed into reality…There is something I want you all to know” Supreme one said stretching his white dragon staff forward.
“There is no sceptre,no human is endowed with a sceptre” Supreme one threw another bombshell.
“What?” I heard Lucifer asked in confusion while the supreme one shook his head in approval.
“I yearn for something that is not in existence, a non existing thing caused this!” Lucifer lamented shedding hot tears.
I can’t believe this also,there is no sceptre after all.
“I am the sceptre, the sceptre is in me,am the creator of all things,I own the authority” Supreme one said sounding powerful and Supreme indeed leaving us all in shock.
“There is no sceptre girl anywhere, Shalim isn’t one either, she is just an ill-fated girl that has determination, she pulled through even with your devious plan”Supreme one added.
” Now I know how power-driven you are, there is a saying “Prevention is better than cure”.Human thinks this saying only deals with health but it deals with all things” Supreme one emphasized.
No wonder he’s called The Supreme One… So wise,he will never share is authority or sceptre with anyone both in heaven and on earth.
“My Lord,Have mercy,I need a second chance” Lucifer pleaded.
Ethan or rather Reich mum didn’t utter a word but just kept crying and regretting.
Had she known, she would have exercised patience.
Supreme one gives children!
“This is my concluded Judgement” Supreme one said and immediately we all saw a large golden scroll rolled out for every eyes to see.
“Starting from the dead lying girl Lolita Owens who has given her body for formication,who allowed hatred into her heart and joined hands together to kill her fellow being, she should be cast into hell where brimstone burns”
My gawd!
“Then to Reich mother,you are a woman but still derives pleasure in greediness, you killed your own stepdaughter, you threw her body into a flowing water where it won’t be found anymore but you have forgotten I see all” Supreme one said taking a slow brief breathe.
“Am sorry, Elodie am sorry” Reich mum stuttered facing me and the Supreme one continued.
“You cause a whole lot of confusion and twist to cover

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your evil deeds not knowing nemesis would catch you”
“Here is my judgement for you Mitchell Rosa, that you should be claimed missing on earth and you hereby become a never ending slave in hell”
“No mum,mummy can’t be a slave” Reich said tears falling down his cheeks has he held unto his mum.
“Even though you are such a bad mum,I never wished this for you…To be in hell us better than been a never ending slave, I know what it means,you would be tortured till eternity, mum!” He screamed holding tight to Mitchell.
I looked at Ethan and

saw him blinded with his tears.
His tears is breaking me.
“Ethan” I called tenderly before I could say anything he rushed to where Mitchell is.
“My sweetheart” Mitchell said smiling ruefully. One could see the pain in her smile.
“Mummy,you raised me,you gave me all I needed…If she isn’t desperate for a child,I would have been aborted and no one would have been Ethan” She stammered facing me with his eyes swollen already.
“…Mum… I will always cherish you” Ethan cried loudly hugging him mum tight.
I can feel his pains…I can feel it.
“Ethan” I called rushing to him.
“Am sorry” I said sniffing.
Reich is just staring into space waiting for his judgement, he knew he won’t scape through this.
“Now to Reich, P.A to Lucifer” Supreme one called.
“Reich Rollins,you grew up here in Lucifer’s empire close to hell,you collided with Lucifer in getting the sceptre cus of greed,you killed a poor driver on earth cus you are too desperate just like your mother,you took advantage of Lolita Owens… There fore you are sentenced to become a Never ending slave but if I should re-check it…You are a servant,your sins would be put on your master cus you are under an order, your sentence has been lighted to be among the ghost catchers who never rest or gave peace till eternity.
Oh my!!!
” Now to Ethan Rollins,you are therefore sent back to earth to live your normal life cus your are not guilty of any crime.Your sins would be judged when you die not now ”
“Oh my gee” Ethan exclaimed rubbing his forehead.
“Am happy for you Ethan” I said beaming with smiles.
He doesn’t deserve all this treatment.
“Now to Lucifer,the ruler of hell,you are guilty of murder,killing the supposed Sceptre girl,planning devious

deeds,switching of foetus illegally, greediness and power-driven,manipulation of Hunan hearts and life,you are hereby denounced has the ruler of hell,all power vested on you should be removed and you should be casted into the bottomless pit till eternity.
” What!! “Lucifer screamed in shock
Bottomless pit? A pit that doesn’t have end it also means Lucifer is cancelled out of existence? Like he was never created?
Geez!The greatest and irreversible judgement.
Serves him right tho.
” Now to Elodie Rollins,you are guilty of been an disobedience child. Disobedience is the greatest sin I detest “Supreme One said reopening another scroll.
” Here is my judgement…
“My gawd!” I muttered holding my chest.
*To be continued
Few more episodes to go😋💃
Stay tuned
Always loving y’all💋💋💋

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