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Ghosteens episode 8


By:Authoress Diamond
Episode 8
Reich p.o.v.
I opened the door immediately I heard Lolita knocking, She staggered into the room with an unknown expression.
“Lolita is it accomplished? I mean did Ethan have s£x with you?” I asked impatiently but she ignored me while she removed her face mask that looks exactly like Ethan’s girlfriend.
“Lolita!” I screamed.
“Mission unaccomplished” She stammered.
“What did

you just say?” I asked in disbelief.
“You heard me right?” She yelled back.
“He was about to have s£x with me when he muttered something like Shalom or is it Shalim?” Lolita said looking confused.
“Shalim?To hell with that girl” I said scattering my hair.
“Hey!who is Shalim?Are you cheating on me already?” Lolita asked folding her arms.
“Keep your fvcking mouth shut young Lady!” I yelled and she sat down sniffing.
“Yuk!Then I will have to use plan B”
🔙 🔙 Back
“Sir,can you please direct me to the principal office?” I asked the gate keeper.
“For what reason?” He questioned.
“Private” I replied getting pissed off.
“Wait a minute” the gate keeper said bringing out a phone.
Seems he is calling the principal..
“You can go,walk straight at the extreme end of that library, turn left,the third door is the principal’s office” he directed.
“Thanks” I muttered lowly and walked away.
**After few minutes,
I walked out of the principal office feeling happy.
“Now I will resume next week!” I said breathing down..
Money does all things!.
“Lolly,am resuming by Monday” I said and she looked at me confused.
“Resume? As in?” She asked.
“Into your school” I replied unconcerned.
“Really?” She beamed while I nod grinning evilly.
Plan B is the best option now!
👦Ethan p.o.v.
“Shalim!Don’t!!” I screamed but it seems like she is gone.
“No!Noo!” I shouted tears building in my eyes.
Mum rushed in immediately…
“Now she is gone” she said placing her left hand on her chest.
“Ethan! Are you fine?” She squatted behind me cus am still kneeling on the ground.
‘But why mum?Why?”I groaned.
“Don’t ask me questions” with that she walked in.
I stood up weakly heading into my room and slept off on the bed immediately.
*Next day(In the morning)
I saw Shalim leftovers making her flood my brain
Miss crazy fun!
She would have been on my neck now,I kind of miss her.
I wore my bathroom flops,dashed into the bathroom.
The water is kinda cooling my system
It’s cool!
I stood under the showed for almost thirty minutes before going back to the room.

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“Mum, i’0m off!” I said rushing my words and went out of the house neither eating nor waiting for her reply.
She annoys me now.
Wait!How come she knows about Shalim?
And who the heck is the fake Ivy?How can someone looks so much like Ivy?
This is damn confusing!
I walked down the street remembering how I met Shalim
I exclaimed smiling
I weirdly wish she comes out now and start frustrating me like she always do.
I got to school earlier,not many students are around already.
I walked

to the cafeteria, ordered some French fries with a bottle of water without any problem.
I looked around seeing Shalim peering into students foods perceiving the aroma.
“Shalim?” I muttered when someone almost kicked the food I was holding jerking me out of my imagination.
Never knew Shalim has become part of me this much.
Seems she haven’t learnt her lesson.
She cat-walked to and fro rolling her extra large eyes at me.
“No wonder she is boyfriend less,when she is ugly and goes about bullying” I thought walking to an empty table.
“Hey everyone!” She beckoned attracting almost all the students.
“My boyfriend would be attending our school by Monday” she screamed while the student murmured.
“Does that has anything do with us?” A student said.
“Ohh the one that fvcked you the other day?”
Another said making some students laughed.
“Am very sure,he must be the most ugly looking guy in the world” A girl said adjusting her glasses erupting another rounds of laughter.
“Oh! Does nerds speaks?” Lolita replied fuming.
“I will surprise you guys” she shouted walking out of the cafeteria visibly angry.
“Her boyfriend?” I muttered with a scoff.
*School closes…
Today is the most boring day ever!
I flagged down a car…
“Going to Edrin…Nope…Take me to Elliot high” I told the driver and he just nodded.
Even without Shalim here,I need to find out about Shalim to kill boredom and the problem of facing mum.
I got down right in front of Elliot high,paid the driver and he drove off…
I looked at the building and it looked creepy, I peeped into the school.
“A bit nice” I muttered nodding my head when I suddenly felt a

hand on my shoulder.
“What?” I freaked afraid to look at the person.
I turned slowly and discovered it is…
*To be continued
I managed to type because i love you guys even though my eyes are now terribly itching me.
*So what do you guys think about this episode and am I the only one missing Shalim already?
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