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Ghosteens episode 9


By:Authoress Diamond
Episode 9
Ethan p.o.v.
I turned around slowly and discovered it is..
“Ivy!” I screamed holding my chest.
“you are such a lazy ass!” She replied chewing a gum.
“What are you doing here?” I asked Ivy.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know this is my dad’s school,everyone knows” she replied spreading her arms.
‘Really?Elliot high?Waw!”I exclaimed looking gobsmacked.
“You don’t really

know much about your girlfriend, freaky you!” She yelled almost blocking my ears.
“Now I know” I replied perfunctory and she walked into the school.
“But your dad has been jailed?” I asked dragging the jailed.
“Yeah!I came to meet the principal” she replied twirling her waist.
“Gosh!I wish I know the fake Ivy” I muttered.
“Did you just say something?” Ivy asked
“No…No…Nothing I replied stammered.
“Yea lest I forget,why did you skip school yesterday?” She asked.
“Well…I ..I… just wanna rest” I replied nervously when I remembered what I encountered in the hands of the fake Ivy and I can’t tell her.
“My phone is off,I would have called you,sorry babe” she pleaded.
“No problem” I replied.
We walked further until we stopped at a small creepy room that happens to be the principal’s office.
The man looks pale and tired.
“Mr Frank” Ivy called while we both sat down at the two available seats.
“The lawyer told me the cops won’t allow me see dad,I was so bothered” Ivy said and the took a brief glance at me.
“Are you saying I should follow you?” The principal said.
“Yeah! They wouldn’t collect bribe from me cus am young and inexperienced, like they say” she said rolling her eyes.
**After about an hour
We came out of the creepy office looking sweaty.
“Arggh” Ivy exclaimed.
“If not for the death of one rich girl,my dad wouldn’t have been jailed” Ivy said again now looking emotional.
Time to strike a discussion.
“A rich girl?” I asked bewildered.
“Yeah!She is rich but extraordinary quiet”Ivy groused.
” Quiet?”I asked in disbelief and she nodded.
Shalim is extraordinary quiet?
I can’t believe that.
“Her name?” I asked curiously searching her face.
“Hey!why are you taking this seriously” she asked waving her fingers across my face.
“Nothing serious, can’t I know her name?” I asked playfully.
She should just say her the name!
“Her name is…I can’t remember,it’s been…” She was interrupted by her phone ring.
“Hello,this Ivy” she said to the caller.
“Aunty!” She screamed happily.
“Am coming now” she said again and immediately flag down a car.
“Bye Ethan” she said rushing into the car and waved at me.
“Ivy!!” I called but

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the car zoomed off.
“Damn!” I yelled squeezing my fists.
😈Reich p.o.v.
I wore my snickers to complete my dressing.
“This uniform looks good on me”I complimented lowly.
“When I see Ethan,I will surely see Shalim”I muttered again walking out my house.
👦Ethan p.o.v.
” Mum!when you exorcise this house the other day,where do the ghosts go “I asked out of annoyance.
” They probably go out of existence “she said nonchalantly.
” Out of existence?”I asked and she nodded not looking at me.
“Mum!I hope you wouldn’t

regret this” With that I walked out slamming the door angrily.
Writer’s POV
In heaven we could see the Supreme One sitting impatiently on his decorated throne while Lucifer entered grinning.
“Supreme One” Lucifer said smiling.
“What’s behind your smile this morning?” Supreme One asked.
“Shalim is in my grasp” Lucifer dropped the bombshell.
“What?” Supreme One asked shocked.
“Yeah!She is in between Thashim” Lucifer replied showing his half-burnt dentition.
“Thashim?How come she is stucked in there?Did someone exorcise her?” Supreme One asked breathlessly.
“Seems so cus only the ghosts being exorcised goes there” Lucifer confirmed Supreme One curiosity.
“I have an emergency to attend” Lucifer said bowing down and left immediately.
Immediately he left, Supreme One waved his hands into the air and in a dash something came up like a movie and we could see Shalim trying to get free from a rope-like thing holding her down.She looks very tired,weak and pale but she still maintained a determined look.
In a twinkle the movie like cleared up.
“This Sceptre mustn’t become a play thing in the hands of Lucifer”
Something must me done!
Lucifer rushed inside his own empire going to and fro.
“I have to get inside Thashim realm and get hold of Shalim,I have to!”Lucifer roared.
*In school..
😈Reich p.o.v.😈
” My gawd!!He is damnes handsome ”
“Is this for real?”
“Am dripping w€t already”
“Those sparkling teeth are unique”
I could hear them all,some were holding themselves from falling,I couldn’t help but smile.
Suddenly, someone bumped into me.
He looked at me suspiciously and muttered a sorry while I nod.
Again someone bumped into me again as

I made to walk.
“WTF!” I yelled
“Ohh darling sorry” Lolita said touching my cheeks,with a twinkle she kissed me.
I could hear gasps filling the air,Lolita cleared her throat and cat-walk to my front.
“Everyone! This is my boify” she spewed her lips around.
“Don’t crush on him cus he is mine” she said again taking her steps.
The only thing special in her is how she cat-walk so perfectly like a pro.
Has she gone nuts?
“Reich,address yourself sweetie” Lolita said.
“I don’t have the time” I said and walked away, I could feel her running after me.
We happened to be in the same class with that Ethan also.
Looks cool tho.
👦Ethan’s p.o.v.
I bumped into that new trending guy and I could feel the same familiar sensation I do feel around ghost.He is the same guy the gateman was interrogated the other day.
There is something is weird and odd about this guy making me feel chills down my spine.
He is Lolita’s boyfriend?
Another weird thing about the guy why will he choose Lolita, it looks kinda out of space.
We are even in the same class!
Am confused!
I need explanation!
I entered into the class and he was on my seat.
“You are on my seat” I said pointing on my seat.
“Ohh” he mouthed.
“We can share it,can we?” He asked smiling.
How can a guy smile easily and for know reason if he is not up to something bad.
I looked around to check if there is any empty seat but all is occupied.
“Seems you aren’t comfortable with that” The guy asked.
“Nope,it’s okay,two students are allowed to seat on it anyways” I replied sitting down, the chair is long enough to occupy us.
**Lunch period
“Hi Ethan!Meet my boify Reich” Lolita said with a smirk.
“Hope it last” I replied with a scoff walking out on them to my relaxation stand.It’s been long I went there.
😈Reich p.o.v.😈
Luck is on my side, we happen to sit together but wait I haven’t seen Shalim around him.I remembered seeing her with him the other day I was with the gate keeper.
Gosh!I should just lay my eyes on Shalim,she would become a dead meat!
Long expected p.o.v.
👻Ghost girl(Shalim)p.o.v.👻
I felt my self been tired after the exorcism Ethan’s mum did. I can’t believe I would be stucked here forever
It been days,I tried freely myself bit it seems the harder I try,the tighter the invincible rope.
This is probably the fifth day,without food nor water,am beginning to doubt that ghosts don’t die.I feel life creeping out of me.
I stretched my hands upward and downward for like the thousandth time am not the type to give up.
I struggled with the rope for the last time using all the remaining life in me in between pain I screamed.
Something flashed across my face that I was forced to close my eyes.
Am feeling nothing but pure pain,I screamed like never before,the rope keeps tearing my body deeply.
Everywhere suddenly became blank and I could see something.
“Tie her up!” A guy said
I couldnt see the guy’s face.
Immediately I saw some guys tying a girl that looks exactly like me.
The girl pleaded in tears,her clothes has been torn in different places.
She is half n@ked!
“You want to prove stubborn, hun?” The guy asked while the girl nodded negatively countless time tears filling her eyes.
“Don’t try my patience,Elodie!” The guy yelled.
Elodie?Is that her name?
“You are meant to be killed by now but am dragging your death cus I want your virginity but you are so stubborn” The guy said ruefully
I could feel the tears of the girl sitting uncomfortably on the floor, bruises on her body.
“Guess what?If you don’t give me willingly, I will take it forcefully” The guy said snatching the cigarette he’s been puffing.
He charged at the girl,stripping her n@ked.The girl screamed out her lungs at the way the guy was deflowering her.
I screamed out of shock into reality looking around and noticed am free.
No invisible rope around my body. I felt free,I staggered around trying to support myself with something.
My head was on fire,painful pangs drumming in my brain.
I closed my eyes tight,and opened it back.
What?Where am I?
I remembered vividly I was in a heavenly realm but here I am
Am on earth back!
Am back!Am really back!
I can’t really recognize where I am.
The pain cams afresh immediately making me slump unconsciously on the bare floor.
👦Ethan’s p.o.v👦
I sat down in my relaxation stand close to the library looking here and there restlessly.
Something is off about this new guy!
Memories of Shalim keeps coming in my thought.
The way she came running in the school compound when chased by the ghost catchers,how I saved her and the way she keeps ranting and pleading.
Such a drama queen!
My thought was interrupted by Ivy’s voice.
“Babe! Aren’t you going for lunch?” Ivy asked looking concerned.
“Am fine… About the-
” About the dead girls name”Ivy cut me off and I nodded almost immediately.
“Yh,her name?” I asked eagerly.
“I went to meet dad in jail yesterday with Mr.Frank” Ivy said picking her nails.
“Dad made mention of her name tho” she said again.
She should stop prolonging the matter!
“What’s her name?” I asked patiently so she won’t suspect anything.
“Well…Her name looks weird…Her name is…Tell me your phone password first” she replied playfully.
“Candy Crush!” I replied immediately.
“What? That game has taken the utmost part of you when you aren’t a girl” she yelled.
“Her name?” I yelled and she flinched
“Sorry,just wanna know her name” I pleaded calmly.
“Elodie,her name is Elodie” Ivy replied still shocked at my behavior.
That name rings a bell!
To be continued..
Such a long episode!
I can’t believe Shalim is back!😁
Like and comment,it’s the readers way of appreciating the author.
Love y’all💋💋

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