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Gift episode 1


GIFT 18+
Subtitle: assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.
Tribute: ode to my favourite writer fav4rite.
Part one.
Seriously children with one parent really
need divine help, am a product of it. This
is my life story you are about to read. Gosh!
I love handsome boys and big di-cks, I
ate di-cks like breakfast, before I even
turn eight sef I don sabi bad thing. From
mommy and daddy to the real kpakpa.
I lost my mom when I was eight, my dad
is a police officer and he owns a bread
bakery, he is a very busy man. He has
little or no time for me at all. Our elders
once said a tree who refused to dance
the wind will teach it how to dance.
dad refused to marry after so many pressures
mounted on him, he complained that he
doesn’t want his children to be maltreated
by step-mother or anybody, all these Nollywood
movies wey my papa dey like to watch sha.
My aunt who travelled to overseas took
my two years old brother and I didn’t see
him for years, due to my dad’s busy schedule.
My dad asked one of my aunty that stays
in Port-Harcourt to come stay with me,
you know all these death sentence wey Naija
army dey like give Southerners wey go join
army, go and fight Boko Haram. easy way
to finish them off, my aunty husband was
asked to head to Suicide forest or w€tin
ona dey call am sef? Sambisa forest.
parked in with her ten years old
Samuel but we usually call him Sammy.
We lived in Estate then, my papa no gree
make we move to our own house due to
the security in the police estate. Our apartment
have like three rooms, mama Sammy
na leader of amebo in the Estate, immediately
she prepared our lunch after we are back
from school, she will go about the Estate
spreading confusion with one Bayelsa
woman, mama Tari. That is how Sammy
started luring me to the bedroom whenever
his mother set out to her friend’s place
to resume their daily gossip, she will return
around seven pm to prepare dinner since
my dad always return home eight pm
some days. Sammy go carry me go inside
the room tell me say em wan show me
w€tin em papa dey do em mama, Sammy
didn’t know much about s£x. He will climb
on top of me and started moving his waist
up and down rubbing one strong small
stick on my then moulded flesh in between
my legs, Sammy will be moving on top of me.
the thing will be sweeting me, both of
us will be quiet in the bedroom as he climbed
me, with time he started pulling his short
and his flesh boner will be touching me.
To bath come dey sweet me well well.
Anytime we returned from school.
Me: aunty, I wan baf.
Aunty: ah ah! Gift, na four thirty already na, kukuma wait baf for evening.
Me: no, my aunty say make we dey baf three times a day.
Aunty: you wan baf hot water.
Me: no, I wan baf with Sammy.
Aunty: okay na, make ona no disturb me. Make ona go baf.
Immediately our aunty take us to the bathroom
she don rush commot for house to carry
out the manifesto of amebo association,
Sammy will start touching me. Pressing
the small n!poles on my chest, I will now
be touching the small ha-rd sti-ck in between
his legs. with time we come dey discover
say to [email protected] sweet pass the one wey we
dey wear shirt, so we always [email protected] while
Sammy will climb on me and start moving
his waist in form of banging, we no know
how to put it. these went on till, a drummer
that plays a drum and expect no one to
dance to the beats leave himself to sway
to his melodious tune, immediately my aunt
set out to go out that particular day, we rush
enter inside room and [email protected] at once,
Sammy was on top me when my aunt
opened the door and met us in that compromising
My aunty locked the door and came at us
with full energy, she pulled up Sammy
from my body. We were too shocked to move,
she used me and explained why she made
the best fufu in my tribe. she so pounded
me with her hands that I cried non-stop,
she then used Sammy to explain why
she was called Chain the Tiger when she
was little, she so beat him up that I started
laughing the way Sammy was shouting
and begging opening his mouth wide like
person wey get big mouth. The matter
no stop there, after so much begging she
still filled my father in on what we did,
trust my father na. he first taught Sammy
why they asked them to go to training
for some Months before being an officer,
and later beat me very well that I landed
in the hospital bed. My father is lovely
and kind, but when em wan beat you ehnn..
em nodey look back. I came back from
the hospital after proper recovering, Sammy
avoided more than Covid19, that halted
our escapade completely. After awhile,
his dad was reported alive after the news
of his death was circulated by some busy
bodies wey nodey gree mind their business.
They went to their home when his father
returned from were he was deployed to
fight death. Our elders said that an evil
seed that have been planted lives to grow
and live until it was completely pulled
out of the soil, my father brought his sister
daughter who just wrote her WAEC and
was about taking her JAMB, so my father
brought her in to teach me something
na, as book dey hard to enter my head
until di-ck and fine boys come kukuma
fence my head with their spe-rm. My dad registered
her in computer classes, aunty Rejoice is a typical
pretender does the worse, she will always
teach me whenever my father is around.
If my father isn’t, she will not care to.
she goes to computer in the morning and
then prepare lunch for both of us, this
my aunty have lots of boyfriends in the
Estate after staying just two weeks in the
Estate, different boys in their numbers
that they are deceiving themselves in
the name of friendship which I didn’t buy.
Immediately I finished eating my lunch
she will ask me to go to Austin their house
to go and stay whenever his boyfriend Sampson
came to visit her, Sampson is also working
in one Bet9ja shop like that. Fair and tall
with big eyes, he is handsome. My aunt
communicate with him with the phone
that my dad bought for her, so this continued
everyday, this day I was thirsty so I left
Austin their house to go home and take
water from the fridge in our apartment.
By then Rejoice has sent me away when
Sampson came in, I opened the parlour
door and saw the television showing but no
one was there, I went to her room to check
on her. When I started hearing funny sounds
just at the doorpost when I want to knock.
Voice: assshhh!! ooohhh! Sampson ohh!
Voice: aahh! aahh!! your toto too sweet.
I wanted to knock and inquired why they
were pulling down the roofs with their voices
I went against the idea, I turned round
the flats and went to the window, I peeped
with a chair underneath and saw them
[email protected], aunty Rejoice was lying beneath
and Sampson her boyfriend was on top.
she was just screaming and making face
anytime the muscles on his buttocks flexes.
So, as time went on it became a custom
for me to obey aunty Rejoice order to stay
in Austin their house, I will return after
counting to fifty and ran to the window
to watch them. That day she was [email protected]
holding the wall, with Austin behind her
fu-cking her ha-rd. As their skins were
making “kpakpakpa” sounds, with time
I started touching myself while watching
them. It was thrilling and sweet, I come
dey anticipate pass Aunty Rejoice sef.
sometimes I will be asking her when uncle
Sampson will come, she will tease me that
am a play play. One day like that she asked
me to leave to Austin’s apartment to
Austin is about thirteen years old, he is
the only son of his parents. I didn’t know
his parents travelled neither did Aunty Rejoice
knew, I don’t usually knock whenever
I come visiting. I pushed open the door
and stepped in, I saw Austin on a chair
with his di-ck standing out in betwixt his
legs, his short pulled to the region of his
laps. holding a DVD plate cover. He was
jer-king seriously with beads of sweats
forming on his forehead, our Elders will
say this is war and the gods knows it.
Me: w€tin you dey do?
He threw away the cover that has some
ladies almost [email protected] pictures, a Nigeria drama.
he quickly stood up and wore his short.
Austin: nothing.
That day something happened betwixt
me and Austin, that changed my life story.
Watch out for next part

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