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Gift episode 5


GIFT 18+
Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.
Part Episode 5
remembered the day my dad told Okoye
that we are travelling back to the city.
our gate man cried like a child, chaii! I
realized from that day even at 10years
my pu-ssy is coated with sugar that can
drive any man insane, my dad was praising me
that am a good girl to make a whole grown
up young man to cry when I will be leaving
the village, tru tru I be real good girl for
on top bed. Our elders will say a man who doesn’t
return home to put off the fire that he
used in cooking will not realize when his
home will get burnt. Back to Sade, we
quickly became friends and seat-mate
immediately she registered in our school.
I was asking how she own a phone and
also be able to buy lot of things during
break-time, she claimed is one of her
uncle that was called Linus that has a
mechanic workshop along the road, during
break-time Sade will take me to Linus’s
shop and they will ask me to sit under
a tree while they will go inside the workshop.
And when they came out Sade will be
wiping her sweaty face and adjusting
her skirt. Anytime I ask Sade w€tin them
dey do inside the workshop, she go just
tell me say I be small girl when I grow-up.
I go know, small girl kwa? I no blame her.
There was a day Sade didn’t come to school,
on my own I went to visit Linus’s workshop.
he asked of Sade I told him she didn’t
make it to school that particular day.
Me: uncle Linus oh!
Linus: Gift, w€tin happen?
Me: nothing oh, ehem.. show me that thing wey you dey always show my friend Sade anytime we come your shop.
Linus: you too small for that kind thing oh, make you grow up small.
Me: I no be small pikin oh, I don see plenty things.
Linus: you sure?
Me: yes, just show me. I no go tell anybody, I swear.
Uncle Linus took me to the mechanic shop
were lots of tools were scattered around
the store-room, the place smelt of machine
oil. And few machine and motor parts,
he removed tools on the table and laid
almost clean wrapper on the table, Linus
was a tall slim man. I could reach him
around his elbow then in my height.
Linus: shebi you wan see w€tin I dey show Sade *I nod* pull your skirt.
Me: *I giggle like school girl* only?
Linus: yes, after you pull am. Lie down on top the table.
I pulled my skirt off and climbed the table,
I laid on the table. Linus came over my
legs side and separated my legs forcefully,
he pulled my pan*t off my waist and allowed
it hanging on my right leg. He then inserted
two fi-ngers inside my puna, he was surprised
I could take his two fin-gers as small as
I am. He then brought out a long thick
di-ck, I wonder why slim guys always have
long kulikuli. It was very long that I was
even scared that it will not enter, Uncle
Linus coated his di-ck with his spits and
thru-sted in, he was just pounding and fu-cking
very fast and hard. I was just wiggling
and begging him to stop that it is sweeting
me too much, he groaned and sweated
on his face because he didn’t pull his
mechanic uniform. Uncle Linus pounded
me till I saw many stars before he cu-mmed
inside me breathing heavily, he groaned
loud before I felt that familiar warm sticky
feelings inside me. He gave me his face
towel and I cleaned myself up, I wore
back my pa-nt and school skirt.
Linus: this your own sweet well well oh, you even sweet pass Sade.
Me: talk truth.
Linus: I swear, I never taste the type of your toto for my life.
Me: okay na, I wan go before break-time go finish.
Linus: abeg, dey come oh! no come with Sade oh! I like your own pass her. Take this money buy something.
I didn’t take the money because money
wasn’t my problem, my dad provided everything
I needed. So from that day henceforth
I will first visit Linus mechanic workshop
before going to school, and he didn’t disappoint.
He will lavish and give it to me very hot
on the table, with time Sade knew about
my escapade with Linus. The girl beat
me ehnn.. I no know the idiot wey go tell
her. Sade warned me several times not
to go to Linus workshop. Our Elders say
can you take a thirsty child to the stream
and expect him not to drink from the stream?.
but I refused,
I still went there to receive Linus’s long
kulikuli, before we wrote our second term
Examination Sade stopped coming to school
and rumour had it that she was pregnant
and her father chased her out of the house.
The term ended and I took my report card
home, that day my father was at home.
Dad: Gift, you carry fifty out of fifty!? Jesus Christ!!
Me: *I start crying and begging* daddy, don’t beat me please.. I will carry first.
Daddy: beat you? you no even talk say make I no kill you. You dey waste my money.
Me: daddy, please na.. I will not do it again.
was just crying and begging seriously.
Is like the more I cry and shout is the
more I got beatings, my papa beat me
ehnn.. I see five different stars that day.
He used koboko on me that day, I saw
heaven and returned back.Aftter he finished
dealing with me, I got ill and he took me
to hospital and then skin care for my skin
treatment, because the kokokobo don
draw tribal marks full my body. Grace
was already exposed, she became stingy
again, wicked girl. She no gree give me
her phone to watch po-rn, I was terribly
ho-rny and Grace wasn’t helping matter.
My dad was so mad at my position that
he decided not to bring any home teacher
that he can’t be spending on a block head,
no blame me oh! no be say book no wan
enter my head, is just that sweet kulikuli
no gree. I wish school will just open, and
I couldn’t go to Linus Mechanic to enjoy
his long pri-ck. My school is very far from
my home and Linus mechanic is close
to my school, and my dad stopped giving
me money. He only gave money to Grace
and the girl hand strong, I beg and beg
for where, she was really acting like witch.
My puna was always scratching me for
satisfaction, I tried fi-ngering myself in
the bathroom no way. Grace sent me to
buy Vitamin C for her one evening like
that, I met Adeyin on my way to the clinic.
The girl I caught Papa Tabara smooching
away her destiny, I threatened her that
I will tell her father that she aborted a
baby for Papa Tabara if she didn’t tell
him that I like him. Sha… When she got
pregnant she pointed at one useless noisemaker
Joseph in the Estate, I pity the boy ehnn..
I doubt if he had seen her pan-t talk more
of entry. Joseph was advertising everywhere that
Adeyin is his girlfriend, so boom when
Papa Tabara netted a goal like Okocha,
na him all fingers point go. He is still doing
labour for his father for the abortion money
he brought, Joseph the big time community
service boy. Yesterday em go clean that
very dirty Estate gutter that mad people
are even scared of, eyaa… w€tin puna
nofit do. After shaking Adeyin up she
promised to tell Papa Tabara. I was so
excited and I even imagined Papa Tabara
ramming hard into me that night when
I was fi-ngering myself and it felt good.
Our elders says A mother hen didn’t cover her chicks out
of cowardice, but she did it in order to keep
them together and not wander off. I was
playing with Tabara in their shop when
Mama Tabara asked me to check up on
her husband, I was so excited when I ran
to their house with my tiny legs, my bre-asts
was growing fast, at Eleven I have a big
bumbum all thanks to Grace. I entered
the house and met Papa Tabara bare
body and just wrapper tied around his
waist, he was watching news. I told him
that his wife want to see me.
Papa Tabara: you tell Adeyin anything?
Me: *I nod shyly* yes.
Papa Tabara: you like me?
Me: *I start playing with my fingers* yes.
Papa: come sit down for my laps *I walk over to him and sit on his laps* you no go tell Mama Tabara bah?
Me: *he start pressing my bre-asts* no, I no go tell her.
Tabara fu-ck me ehnn… that day, he took
off my shirt and start pressing my small
bre@sts, telling me that he like how beautiful
my ni-pples is. He started su-cking and
smooching them, I was just mo-aning
and rubbing his head. He said my bre@sts
milk will be very sweet, Papa Tabara pulled
off his wrapper and brought out the smallest
di-ck for a matured man that I have ever
seen in my life, no wonder em dey pursue
all the small small girls for the estate.
He pulled my skirt up and pulled down
my pa-nt, he made me s——-d him.
I gave my first ride at Eleven years, ama
rider jare… He thru-sted in and was surprised
I swallowed everything and remained.
Our elder say a child who couldn’t compete
with his age mate will always blame his
village people rather than his laziness.
Papa Tabara: aahh! this your thing sweet oh, but em no too tight.
Me: Humm… I no know why oh.
He held my waist and started making
me to move up and down on his ha-rd
s—t, I was enjoying how deep it was
going in. To ride di-ck sweet oh, suddenly
we heard voices outside.
Voice1: aahh! Mama Tabara, this one you nodey shop, na who dey?
Voice2: my sister, na toilet oh! I tell Gift to call Papa Tabara since oh, em never come.

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