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Gift episode 8


Gift episode 8
Elder say when the drum beats people
who are cultured will dance and merry.
The christmas was a wonderful experience,
the house was full. Aunty Rejoice came
sha.. with big tummy, and my dad wasn’t
pleased that she is now a mother in L200.
w€tin concern Gift? my relatives were
everywhere and the one I liked most was
Abigail, that girl can waka ehnn.. She
will just be taking me everywhere and
anywhere, I can’t even remember places
we went to because we went to places
in hour, one night like that they did street
party in the Estate. That day my dad had
gone to call to duty, if not no one would
have left the house. We were busy dancing
while Grace and Ben disappeared from
the crowd. I couldn’t find any of my relatives
because the whole occupants of the Estate
had all come out to grace the party, since
na their children dey perform, las las them
go smoke away their talent after claiming
Wizkid and M.I. I went home ’cause I was
tired and sleepy, I was about entering
the house when ‘Andrew de Silva be Hitler’
appeared from his ant hole.
Me: sir, good evening.
Andrew: *licking his lips noisily* sweet fine girl, why you nodey come visit me again.
Me: sir, lemme oh! I go report you to my father.
Andrew: *he start laughing* I go tell am how you dey distribute w€tin you get to everybody for the Estate.
Me: *I become scared* abeg no tell my daddy, w€tin you want?
Andrew: follow me.
took me to his security room and locked
the windows and door, he only had one
bed and pot with one stove, everything was
one in the room. even one table, one chair.
I wondered w€tin em get with one sef,
because everything is one in the room
including spoon. He tried to drag down
the bumshort on my waist, the resistance
was much. I just dey laugh the old man
as em dey struggle with bumshort wey
em go just undid button. Maybe he has
never lay his 90’s hand on one, after so
much struggle he succeeded and asked
me to lie on the table, which I did. He pulled
off my p-ant and started eating my pu-ssy
like he has never eaten the whole day.
I began how he was just su-cking me,
licking me. Making me to squirm and mo-an
as the thing dey sweet me, he got up and
brought out his wrinkled amu and thru-sted
in, he started moving in and out of me
without control, shaking the table as his
laps touched the table in every thru-sts.
Andrew: aaahhh! ooohhh!! Gift ooohhh! ewooohhh!!
was just loving the way his wrinkled face
squeeze while thru-sting in and out. His
mouth wide open, holding the table.
shook and screamed and then fell the
moment he cu-mmed, he staggered and
fell on the floor. I quickly jumped down
wiped off his cu-m with my pa-nt and
quickly wore my bumshort watching Andrew
lying and breathing heavily on the floor.
I ran as fast as my tiny legs could carry
me before they will say Gift toto don RIP
‘Andrew De Silva Be Hitler’. The whole
christmas Andrew avoided me, maybe
he is scared to release more proteins
from his already finished life, Papa Tabara
was lurking around like serpent to strike,
but I avoided that man like my life depended
on it. After the Christmas school resumed,
and I was happy. Primary Six for life abeg,
I made a friend IB, the bayelsa girl is the
craziest person in the world. Black and
big with thick laps, she always had the
first hand rumours in the school.
IB: you know that Primary Three teacher?
Me: you mean sir, Tony?
Ib: yes na, that man p—k big ehnn.. Like my hand *she show me her hand*
Me: how you take know?
She whispered to me.
IB: we don fu-ck.
I almost screamed but I covered my mouth,
Our Elder say life is a journey, one day
we will never return from it. I came back
from school one day and saw people gathered
at the security. I was surprised and I asked
what is the matter, they told me Andrew
De Silva Be Hitler have gone on a journey,
whatever that mean then. I go miss that
licky licky em dey give me, I nofit wait
for him to come back. See all those people
telling children when somebody don die
say em travel, stop it. Is no longer funny,
I go just blow you there with my small
was the one who told me that ‘Andrew
da Silva be Hitler’ have gone forever.
was terrified that he will come like a ghost
in the night and strangle me like the
ghosts do in Nollywood movie, the only
problem be say ‘Andrew de Silva be Hitler
have never wore white clothe in his life,
I still slept in Grace room because somehow
I felt like my toto fasten his ‘gone so soon’.
I was scared, I kept dreaming about him,
were he is fu-cking me or licking my
puna. After some days it stopped and
I have my life back, I avoided Papa Tabara
because that man has a way of pulling
your skirt and pa-nt when you don’t want
to. His wife returned from the hospital
but I still refused to visit her home, the
woman almost persuaded me but I didn’t
bulge. Our Elder say fear is what made
rabbit chase away hunter from the evil
forest thinking it is a dreaded beast.
fell ill and vomited before Ben one day
he came visiting, the guy no need another
evidence before he evaporated to the
sky. Ben disappeared from town completely
thinking Grace was pregnant again, boys
love puna but nobody wan father the outcome
of the sweetness. Papa Tabara visited
our home one evening like that.
Papa Tabara: ah ah, Gift.. You no even come see your aunty na, she born boy oh.
Me: papa Tabara good evening, I go come. Na plenty assignments ’cause am.
Grace: Papa Tabara, you come visit us today.
Papa Tabara: yes oh, Grace you na fine girl and I no know all these while.
disappeared from the parlour and left
their two with whatever they were discussing,
Am not interested, I hated that man. IB
my best friend in school started convincing
me that I should taste the Primary Three
Teacher’s p—k, that it is sweeter than
sugar and milk combined. I was very reluctant
to engage in such act, haba…to fu-ck the
person wey be my teacher dey somehow.
Sometimes I felt in secured around IB
she started being jealous due to the attention
and love I was getting from our headmistress,
and teachers also everyone in school.
They were planning to make me the Senior
Girl ’cause I was doing well in my academics
and I be small celebrity in my own world,
all these won’t have been possible if Linus
the mechanic man haven’t left the area
completely. I began suspecting Papa Tabara
when he frequent our house giving Grace
lots of gifts and also telling her how beautiful
she is. He bought her a better phone that
he completely won Grace heart, chaaii..
Some men can do anything for just five
minutes ahh, aahhh. IB persuaded me
one day to stay behind and witnessed
the way the teacher and her will fu-ck.
Our Elder say you can take a horse to
the stream but you can’t force it to drink
water from the stream. I decided to watch
from the window, I saw the man zipped
down his zipper and pulled out long and
thick black di-ck after IB had gone in when
the school bus and everyone left. Except
the gateman who was told the teacher
wanted to coach us on some topic, so
he stayed behind to wait for us. IB pulled
down her p-ant while Uncle Mike the primary
four teacher brought his big di-ck out through
the zipper and raised her skirt up, he mounted
her from behind and she held on to the
IB: aaahhh! ooohh! gawwwdd… Do…nt st…ooopp.
Mike: aaahh! aaahhh!
IB: aahh! mike oooohh! you ha…. Aaahh!!
Mike: aaahhhh!! Aaahhh! Yes, ooohh!!
Mike ba-nged her very hard and rough with
doggystyle that IB was walking with me
out of the school compound with funny
gait. I planned to be the next person to
be walking like that home next time, until
I fell badly ill to malaria. I was unable
to go to school, Papa Tabara was secretly
having an affair with Grace the way their
two will always discuss in low tone often.
I wonder what kind of husband he is to his
wife and what kind of father he is to his
children, I went to school the following
week and I was told fowl yansh don open.
Uncle Mike was caught pounding his student
in his office like ashewo by the gate man
who have waited and got tired to check
and tell them he wants to leave, em be
like say the party that day two of them prepare
go. The gate man caught them red-handed
and the party scatter, I pity teacher Mike
because he was sacked and arrested,
Two eyaa for Mike eyaaaa… eyaaa.. To the toto destroyer.

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