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Girls In The Boys Dormitory Batch 12



After completion of Junior high school, I came out with flying colours and gained admission to one of the most popular senior high schools in the country.

I was taken to a small room inside a main dorm (cubicle) but to the seniors inside and every student, this small room was known as *THE LIONS DEN* where I found myself to be the only junior in the midst of five crazy seniors popularly known as Kingso, Zygote, Adonko, Zogaroo and Abortion.

To this seniors, the rules that govern the school does not exist so they have their own rules that they live by it in the school. They were involved in a lot of unacceptable behaviour practices in the school such as scamming inside the dormitory, bringing in their girlfriends to sleep with them with the help of a security guard of the school , etc and the only one that could stop them or take them to the high authorities for sanctioning was blackmailed (Teacher Akoto) so he has to keep mute to every dirty acts of them or they exposes him.

I met Richard Yeboah at my first day in school at the prepping hall and he later became my close friend, he stood by me in the difficult times. I also met Sandra who happens to be my first girlfriend of my life and she also stood by me all the time.

*Back to Den* I passed through a lot of temptations in *THE LIONS DEN* when the seniors and some of their girlfriends decided to make me break my promises to God that I will not have any affair with any lady until marriage and it want be anyone except Sandra my new lover. In fact I found myself in a complicated situation where Tracy with the support of Agi decided to bring in her school daughter (Shantel) to break my virginity and also to be my girlfriend which I refused, in the other hand Benita and Jesica (Jezy) wanted to moles me by forcing me to sleep with them which I refused too.

Getting to the end of the term, something strange happened in the school. The entire school campus was smelling and several search was done until the dead body of one the oldest and hardworking security man (Mr Akurugu) was found behind the walls of the school by Mr. Atsu ( Ogbodade) the senior housemaster and his search crew. The police came for the body and a little investigation showed that Mr. Akurugu did not die a natural death and this sparkled a lot of controversies in almost every tv and radio stations in the country as to the unanswered question *WHO KILLED AKURUGU?*.

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_Season 2, episode 1_*
The term was almost over so everyone was very busy in preparation towards the terminal examination.
It was the first examination for every form one student.
Everyone was very determined to score good marks in every paper because we were told the school awards students that comes from first to third in every class.
So when you enter every class even during break times that students have the privilege to go out, the case is different since you will see everyone stick to their books and others will engage themselves in group discussions.
Some was learning because they wanted to emerge first so to win an award and some was learning because they don’t want to be last in their class since the results will be posted on the notice board when we resumes school the following term.

I was lucky this time because the den boys was not disturbing me as before though they always comes inside late from town and that wasn’t my case because I wasn’t curious to know whatever they do in town.
I had the privilege to read my notes whenever they go to town and when it remains only me inside the den.

One Saturday morning as I was heading to class to do some practical assignment, I met Sandra on campus.
Me: Hi Sandra
Sandra: what’sup Jake
Me: Cool, I hope you are doing well
Sandra: Yeah
Me: Are you not missing me? *smiling*
Sandra: Aha! but I was with you yesterday’s evening?
Me: But how come am missing you like that?
Sandra: Really?
Me: Yeah
Sandra: Ok thanks anyway.
Me: So where are you heading to and where are you coming from.
Sandra: hmmm am washing and the tap at the dorm side isn’t flowing so as you can see am going to get some water from inside the school.
Me: Oh ok, am also going to class to do some practical assignments.
Sandra: But why don’t you wait and do it during prepping hours.
Me: No, this is the mistakes most of visual arts students normally do that makes them unable to compete with their counterparts in some schools.
Sandra: What mistake are you talking about?
Me: See, choosing to do practical works or practical assignments during prepping hours is totally wrong because you need more time for subjects such us Maths, Science, English, Social Studies and even the theory part of the electives so if you spend your prepping hours doing practicals when your colleagues are busily working Maths and Science, how can you compete with them at the end?
Sandra: Wow that is very smart of you but how will you be doing your practical assignments?
Me: I will be using my lesser time to do the assignments.
Sandra: Ok but your lesser time is my time because that will be the only time you will get the chance to chat with me so if you want to use such times for your practical assignments, then you need to always ask permission from me before you dare using my time ok
*with a jovial look*
Me: Hahaha ok I hear you.
Sandra: Better.
So we will meet at entertainment hours.
Me: Ok.

Sandra headed to the old block of the school to get some water while I headed to the new block to do my assignment.

I found myself a seat and started with my practical assignment.
The place was very quiet since I was the only person at that place then.
For about fifteen minutes after I entered, someone opened the door and I raised my head up only to see Benita starring at me.
I did not know what to say and was wondering what she want there.
Benita smiled at me and I refused to smile back and got back to my work.

Benita: Jake how are you.?
Me: Am fine *without looking up*
Benita: Aww want you even look at my face? You are behaving as if you have not seen me. Why? what wrong have i done to you to deserve this kind of treatment? *coming closer*
I kept quiet and refused to even look at her face and she came to sit beside me and started asking me unnecessary questions.
Benita: So what are doing?
Me: What are you seeing?
Benita: I can see you are trying to draw something like an African garment.
Me: ok
Benita: So am I right?
Me: Some how.
Benita: ok thanks.
Me: *Silent for sometime* so what did you come here for?
Benita: Hmm nothing, I just miss you and thought of coming to you.
Me: How did you know am here?
Benita: I was in the dining hall ironing when I spotted you passing by so I looked through the Windows to trace where you were heading to.
Me: hmmmm.

Benita continued to ask many questions and I was even fed up of giving answers to her questions.
She moved close to me, contacting her body with mine and i was feeling uncomfortable and continued to move to the other end of the chair until there was no space for me again.
Benita started adjusting her b00bs against me and threw her arm at my back and I kept still.
She started caressing me and I shouted at her to stop but that wasn’t enough to stop Benita. She continued to put me on fire and I became annoyed this time and moved from that chair to another, she followed me there, she even helped me to pick my items to that chair which I did not ask her.
She tried to sit beside me but I refused and ask her to sit on another chair then surprisingly she pushed my practical items aside and sat on the table facing me.
Benita was wearing this shot skirt so when she sat on the table the skirt moved up leaving her shiny thighs which almost caught my attention so I quickly turned aside to avoid temptation, Benita jump from the table she was sitting on and sat on my laps .
Me: *Angry mood* so what is all this? want you let me do my assignment?
Benita: *Smiling and looked at me stylishly* Grow up Jake, you are not a small boy anymore.

I stood up and in an attempt to walk out, Benita grabbed me behind.
Benita: See, you can make noise and if we are caught, I will accuse you of trying to rape me.

Benita started kissing me anyhow crazily , she grabbed me firmly, threw her both arms around my neck and no matter how much I tried avoiding her, my innocent d–k could not help but started nodding to the rhythm.
I was very weak to even push her aside now, it was as if there was no bones in my body.
I fought back hard but Benita over powered me.
She pushed me against a table and continued to work on me.
I was helpless, she unhooked my belt and just us she made an attempt to pull my trousers down, the door opened.

Season 2, episode 2*
She pushed me against a table and continued to work on me.
I was helpless, she unhooked my belt and just as she made an attempt to pull my trousers down, the door opened.

Benita became frightened and moved back quickly.
I turned back only to see Sandra standing there starring at US, my heart jumped, I became ashamed and confused at the same time.
Benita: Hey! you, what do you want here?
Sandra: *Smiled and turned back*
Me: Sandra! ,Sandra!! oh Christ.
Benita: who is she to you?
Me: Shut up!!! have you seen what you have caused?
Benita: Come on Jake, she is only a form one girl?, she dares let anyone hears about this .
Me: *Angry mood*,You need deliverance, she is my girlfriend, she is the one I love so leave me alone from today or else…
Benita: Or else what?, see, you are going to make me stop this poor girl from coming to school next term.
Me: *with an angry look* What authority do you have in this school?
Benita: Oh you don’t know?

I was very angry at Benita this time, I picked up my items and stormed out.
I went to the dorm and sat on my bed for some time thinking of how to explain things to Sandra but I had no idea to turn things around so I thought of seeing Richard to see if he can help me do something about it
I went to Richards dorm and I was told he is at the dry line and I furthered there and luckily for me he was there monitoring his clothes on the dry line (After washing, you have to monitor your clothes on the dry line until it dries up or else the second owners will come for it).

Richard: Oh Jake so you are back soon?
Me: Am forced to come back by a certain evil spirit.
Richard: When did you start speaking in proverbs?
Me: This is not an adage my man.
Richard: what do you mean?

I explained everything to him and he came up with a plane.
Richard: We have to solve this problem to today or else if she get time to think over it she will turn heartbreak into hatred and bitterness against you.
Me: So what do you suggest?
Richard: You know what? go to the dorm and write a letter, make sure to explain yourself very well concerning how it all started and bring it and I will personally handover the letter to her during entertainment hours.
Me: Ok.
I went back to the dorm and wrote the letter.

After entertainment, I stood behind and Richard approached Sandra with the letter.
She collected the letter and opened it and started reading it, all this while I was praying inside my heart that she should understand. After some minutes, she finished reading the letter and looked at me from the distance and I couldn’t read her mind. She stood there for some minutes and teared the letter into pieces and I was like am finished.
Richard tried to talk to her but from the distance I saw she dipped her hand into her small bag and handed over something to Richard which I could not tell what that thing was by then.

Richard returned to me with a sad look written all over his face and handed an envelope to me.
I opened it fast to see what was inside without wasting a second. I saw a letter inside and hurriedly opened it and it reads.

_Hello sweetheart,_
_you have amazed me today, I saw everything from the beginning of what happened today between you and sister Benita._

_After I went to fetched the water from the school inside, I went back only to realize Sirina has washed all my clothes so I thought of coming to you. So when I was about to open the door, I heard you shouting at someone so I moved back and decided to pip through the Windows first to see whom you were angry with, is there I saw Sister Benita trying her possible best to seduce you._
_So I stood there for sometime watching you guys and I saw how you totally denied her even when you had every reason to give up yet you fought hard to refuse her._

_I had to come in to rescue you when I realized she wanted to rape you after her unsuccessful seduction and that is why I opened the door and came in._

_In fact what I saw today has doubled the love I have for you._
_Yours ever,_

Me: Oh god.!!
Richard: What? *very curious*

I handed the letter to Richard and started running to Sandra in a happy mood and Richard continued to ask.
Richard: what? why?

But I never turned back and continued with the run to Sandra.
She turned to see me running towards her and started running towards me too.
We embraced ourselves.

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