Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu

Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu : Episode 2

Episode 2

‘I don’t need your stupid explanation’ Mr Wilo shouted angrily at me as I tried to explain to him ‘ you came late to school today as if that is not enough you went to the class and want to kill our student because you have
muscles right this is where you will stay till closing no class for you ‘he said and left ‘ I
looked at the large plot of grasses allocated
to me to cut. By the time the bell was rung for
closing I have already cleared a considerable
amount of grasses and decided to take some
rest so as to continue when everybody has left
the school. ‘Few minutes I was certain that everybody must have left, I was set to continue

my work when I sighted a lady
walking towards the gate , ‘she looks like the
lady that sat on my laps on the bus, I decide
to clear my curiosity so I whistled , she looked
towards my direction and I waved at her to
come, she was reluctant at first but she began
walking towards me as she got closer I saw
her clearly and behold it was her, I was a
little bit ashamed that she met me that way
”good afternoon” I greeted smiling and she
replied’ do you remember me ‘I asked’ I noticed she was trying to recall where she saw me , you paid my fare last week’ I said

to her’ oh I remember now ,the guy that
lapped me on the bus right? ‘She asked ‘ yes
am the one ‘I replied’ I just want to thank you
for the other day ‘I said’ oh its nothing never
mind ‘she replied’ by the way what are you
doing here ‘I asked’ I work here ‘she replied’ I
was shocked. You mean you teach here ‘I
asked again surprised, yes am a staff ‘she
replied trying to read my facial expression’ do
you also work here, I mean a labourer? She
asked’ no!! do I look like one ‘I asked’ yes now

look at your muscles ‘she replied smiling’ am
a student in this school ‘I said to her’ her countenance changed, for real where is your
new uniform ‘she asked’ am a new student I have not been given ‘ are you on punishment ‘she asked’ what’s your name Hamzway ‘I replied’
hmmm so its you huh its you that wanted to
kill your fellow student cause you have muscles huh ‘ she said’ no! I defended’ I narrated all that happened and she felt pity for me Have you eaten ‘ she asked’ no I haven’t ‘I
replied’ alright take this money and go home ,
don’t cut the grass again she said as she
handed a K100 to me, I collected it and thanked her, went to my class and picked my bag left for my house.

The following day I got to school with the
anger of what transpired the previous day I
got to school late, I purposely did that ,’was
given Transport fare but reserved it and decide to trek and was late and saw latecomers being
punished by the prefects, as I got closer I was
ordered to kneel but I refused and gave them
an excuse but they refused to listen and
reported me to Mr Wilo when they knew am
not kneeling anytime soon

Hamzway what have you done today again, are you
not tired of being punished’ I heard someone
say and looked up to see her, ‘I narrated everything to her, who gave you the
punishment ‘she asked’ Mr Wilo ‘I replied’ alright she said and walked away.
‘She came back few minutes and told me to
go back to my class ‘what!! she pleaded on my
behalf, this lady is God sent, ‘iy thought in my
mind’ I was happy, thanked her and was
about to leave , ‘wait what
class are you again’ she asked’ G8 madam ‘I
answered ‘ alright I will send someone to come and call you during break.


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