Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu

Good Teacher Bad Kasukulu : Episode 4

Episode 4

…I got dressed and
took an excuse from my parents that am
spending the weekend with my cousin who
just graduated finished and was staying
alone, I have already planned everything out
with him so I got my tracks covered.

‘I got to Miss Maphiwe’s house at 9:15am, I have
been there before so it was easy for me
locating her house. It was a one room self
contain apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The single room serves as a bedroom and also the sitting room with two small chairs, a mattress and a make up table at the far end of the room though the room is big enough and there was still a lot of space left.
‘I knocked on her door and got no response, I

knocked again ‘who is there’ a voice which I
know belongs to Miss Maphiwe asked from in,side. But I said nothing cause it was a surprise visit, she needs to find out herself so iy knocked
again and the door was flung open’ Miss
Maphiwe stood at the doorway putting on a
night robe she was surprised as she threw
herself on me, I placed my palms under her
Butt for her to sit on and behold she
wasn’t putting any p-nty I got an instant hærd on. Am very surprised to see you Hamzway

said’ while still on my body and her Butt
was sitting on my palms, I stepped in with her as she locked the door and bolted it, my Joystick was rock hærd, I got in,side the room with her and she wasted no time in taking my tongue in hers, the k-ss was hot I thought she wanted to eat my l-ips, I dropped her and grabbed her Butts immediately and was spreading her Butts open revealing her a—–e, I grabbed and was squeezing her
Butts with the intent of bursting them, she
mo-ned and moved her hand to my hærd
Joystick and was squeezing it, I freed her Butts and brought my hand to her already

w-t *****, I rubbed her **** and c–t,
ins**ted my finger in her k—–c she gasped and threw her head backwards mo-ning out loud as I was finger Bleeping her
K*****t, I brought out my hand, gave her to
lick and gushed down to the floor and some flowing down her legs, I bent down and buried my mouth in her k****t and was lapping away. The pleasure was too much for her as she started scre-ming, ‘I got up and was fondling her B—m,
car-ssing them.

‘Hamzway just do it please she said’ I wasted no time as I unleashed the dragon that was now rock hærd, I took her to a small couch removed her night robe and positioned her in a
doggy, I opened her *****, spread it open
and plunged into her ***** and a scre-m
escaped her mouth, I began to t—-t slowly
and increased my pace and it became fast, I held down her wa-ist and pounded into her ***** as she kept mo-ning and was

responded to my every t—-t, she climaxed
three times during the 30mins I F***d her
and I feel my c—-x approaching, she must
have noticed too as she withdrew herself from my hold and brought her mouth to my Joystick and I deposited my Pour in her mouth and my Joystick lost its rigidity, she held my Joystick and gave me Mouth action but my Joystick was too huge for her to s-ck,
few minutes my Joystick became hærd and she told me to lie on the bed and she lowered her glistening ***** on my Joystick, I fondled with her B—m, held her wa-ist as rode herself to o—-m.


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