Gunshots episode 19 – 20

{ Orgasms & Guns… }

THEME: Kill It!


By, Naomi Cindy B.


He lost her once when he left Atlanta cos of Toxica, and he’s not ready to lose her again, not now, not ever.


Toyota broke the back hug and faced him, then he bent over to lay kisses on her naked n**ples, causing a light moan to escape her throat.

“You like it?” He whispered, and she smirked.

“All you think about with your shitty head is my p*ssy, right?”

“Yeah, it’s all I f**king think about” he smiled, sparing the dishes on the table a glance.

“You should eat, I can feed you if you want, Tigress” he said, and she pushed his chest away before sitting.

“I’m not in for that lame thing bro” she said and picked a fork.

“Lame?” He replied, sitting beside her.

“Feeding, isn’t it part of what stupid people who think they’re in love do?” She replied, getting some pasta in the fork together with tuna.

“Love is stupid?” He asked with a frown.

“Can you just stop talking?” She replied, and he smiled, watching as she brought the fork to her mouth.

She had a taste and nodded, it’s better than she was expecting.

“You’re not scared? What if it’s poisoned” he suddenly said, and she smiled dangerously before facing him.

“My nose was trained to recognize the smell of poisoned food, so playing smart with me will only make you look stupid”

“Smarty-pants huh?” He replied, and she ate another lift.

“Rate me” he said, stroking her silkily soft hair, and that brought back memories.

Her hair was one of the things he cherished most back then in Atlanta, even till now.

The silkiness and softness, the tenderness on his palms whenever he touched it is part of what made him get crazily addicted to it.

Back then, she was just a resentful girl who wanted to get all the possible training from Toxica then get out of Atlanta and bring down all her parents killers, so her hair was none of her concern.

She always left it all tangled in locks, and it was him who took care of it and nurtured it till it grew to satisfaction.

He could still remember how mad he got when she tried to get an haircut back then, and that made him chuckle.

“Why the ugly chuckle?” Toyota asked, and he smiled eventually.

“I told you to rate my meal”

“7 on 10” she said, and he smiled again, still stroking her hair.

“You’re smiling too much, are you planning to kill me after this meal?” She said, looking into his eyes.

“I’m just happy” he replied, and she found it hard to look away from his face immediately.

Almost everything about him reminds her of Denzel.

Denzel was the only male who cared about her meals, the only guy who touched her hair fondly like this, the only boy who made her talk more than she wanted, but why is Tiger doing all this when he’s not even him?

Why? Who the hell is he?

Why is she feeling so at home with him when he’s nothing but his co-criminal?? The unanswered questions made the food turn sour in her mouth. Now she understands why she gets angry at him everytime

She hates getting confused like this, who the hell is he?

Tiger suddenly touched her face, and she shifted back, hitting his hand away.

“What?” He asked, surprised at her mood swing.

She spit out the food in her mouth, then she dipped her finger in her throat and vomited the one she ate, and she dropped the fork, standing up.

“Leave” she told him flatly

“And why the hell would you say that to me after wasting the food I cooked with all my energy? I’m f**king fed up of your crazy mood swings!” He shouted.

“Lasciare questo appartamento! (Leave this apartment!)” She glared venomously.

“Beh non voglio! (Well I don’t want to!)” He glared back, going closer to her.

She tried hugging her, but she pushed him away and got her gun, aiming for his head.

“Vattene, Tigre (leave, Tiger)”

“Cavolo! (Crap!)” He shot, walking out angrily.

Toyota brought down her gun, dropping it gun on the table before falling on the chair.

The fact that he’s a man gives him no right to confuse her, no man has that right, not even him.



“You think you can play smart with Bloody Sinners? Shoot your guns, and your leader is gone” Chance smiled.

“Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons!” The Iranian shouted in Taylor’s hold, and all his men dropped their weapons immediately.

“On your f**king knees!” Chance ordered, and they went low on their knees.

Taylor plunged down their leader in front of them, then she joined chance and faced them.

“Blo… Bloody Sinners?” The leader stammered, almost peeing on himself.

“Descendants of The Terminator” Taylor replied, shooting down three of his men in a row .

“Don’t kill me! Please spare my life! Spare my life and I promise to leave both the cash and the goods! I swear on my life I’ll leave both and…

“Your life belongs to The Terminator, how dare you swear on it motherf*cker!” Chance interrupted, jumping down from the car bonnet.

He went closer to the leader grabbed his neck, forcing him to face the sky before inserting his gun into his mouth after pressing the trigger slightly.

“One word from you, and your head is gone,that’s Beretta M9 in your mouth” Chance smiled, and this time, he really peed himself as he began shaking.

“Which base are you from?” He asked his men.

“Qua….drangle!, Quadrangle in Iran” one of them replied.

“Bossed by Eagle?” Taylor said.

“Y…y…es” that particular one replied shakily again.

“Then you should have known better” Chance said and shot him down together with the remaining men.

Forgetting that he has a half-triggered gun in his mouth, the leader made to beg for his life, but immediately his throat moved, the trigger pulled completely, and his head blew off his body.

“Eew!” Taylor laughed as Chance picked his fallen gun.

He carried the bag of money, and Taylor got the bag of goods, then they got back in their car and drove off roughly from the port.



“Lambo is not here yet?” Sylvester asked as he came in with Jaemin.

“Heard she’s sorting out things in the lab with Zenith, maybe they found out something about the suspicious weapon from the artillery” Taylor replied from the long table.

Everyone is in already, except the two bosses and the two hackers.

“And why the hell are you always asking about Lambo?” Delilah asked as Sylvester served himself some food.

“And how the hell is that your headache?” He smirked.

“Wait… You have a crush on her or something?” Delilah probed further.

“So what if?” Sylvester replied.

“What!” Everyone chorused.

“Really?” Lambo said, coming in, and Sylvester’s eyes widened madly.

Taylor and Chance started laughing silently immediately, Jaemin joined in the laughter as Sylvester bit his lip.

“You were saying something” Lambo said, settling beside him.

“I was joking, I couldn’t have been serious” he replied without blinking, and Lambo smiled.

Delilah rolled eyes at her immediately.

“Thought you were working in the lab” Taylor said.

“I left it to my baby, she’d handle it” Lambo replied proudly.

“I must say… She’s good” Sylvester said.

“That’s why she’s wanted by so many syndicates” Jaemin replied.

They all dished their meals in wanted quantities, filling their plates.

No clan maid, so the trainees take turns to cook their meals, and Lambo tests for poison before it’ll be allowed into the dinning hall.

“So… Did you find something useful in the systems?” Jezebel finally talked, facing Lambo.

“Never knew you’re interested in the progress of the clan, Jezebat” Chance mocked.

“Me too, thought all she’s interested in is the underboss d**k” Taylor replied, and Sylvester started laughing with Jaemin.

“The fact that you two brought down the Iranians doesn’t give you the right to talk rashly to me, f**king idiots” Jezebel glared, holding her fork tightly.

“The last time I checked, this ain’t my first time talking rashly to you, so stop trying to cover up your dirts” Chance replied.

“Well… I’m newbie, so welcome to my world” Taylor winked, and Jezebel threw a table knife at her immediately.

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She caught it and threw it back.

Jezebel grabbed it too, then she grabbed one more and threw the two at once.

“I think popcorn should be allowed in the clan” Sylvester said.

“To think that we watch steamy movies without refreshments” Jaemin replied as Taylor ducked under the table, avoiding the two knives which flew to the wall and got stuck.

She pulled Jezebel’s leg from under the table, and Jezebel fell down, then she climbed her, but Jezebel gave her a elbow jab, and Taylor fell from her, giving Jezebel the chance to come on top.

She picked the knife and was about to sink it into Taylor’s chest when Lambo stood.

“Over!” She shouted, and Jezebel’s hand stopped midair as they both released heavy breaths.

Jezebel stood from Taylor and threw down the knife.

“You got it babe!” Delilah hailed, and they left the dinning together.

Chance helped Taylor up, and they left together too.

“Movie over?” Jaemin said.

“How fast” Sylvester replied.

“Meet me at the gym” Jaemin winked and left the dinning too.

Lambo made to leave, but Sylvester blocked her.

“Any problem?” She questioned, and he moved away.

“No, sorry” he smiled, and she walked out of the dinning.

“F**k, why do I get nervous in front of her?” He muttered, leaving the hall too.

He was on his way to the gym when he saw two lady trainees fighting in the training ground. They were wounding each other with weapons, bleeding so much as they tossed each other around on the field.

“Jae is mine!” The first one shouted, dropping a fist punch on the bloody jaw of the second one.

“B**ch! He belongs to me!” The second one spit blood before returning the punch.

“What the hell!” Sylvester was about to go to the scene when he saw Jaemin himself sitting on the center of the field, resting back on a chair with a smile on his face as he watched the fight. He’s drinking chilled beer!

“That bastard!” Sylvester spat and walked to him.

“Seriously? Are you having fun? They’d kill each other!” He shouted.

“Sylvester I swear if you separate them, then forget about being my buddy” Jaemin replied, drinking from his beer.

“Jae!” Sylvester shouted again.

“Why haven’t I come to this clan first? I die here” Jaemin laughed, and Sylvester couldn’t help but start laughing too.

“You’re mad, Jae”


“Are you ok!” Chance asked as he walked down the dinning hallway with Taylor.

“Yeah, can’t believe she almost stabbed me” she replied nervously.

“When last did you visit the gym?” He asked.

“Last week, I’m slacking off” she smiled nervously, playing with her fingers.

“Then you need to brace up, we’re currently hunting the hunters, so if Jezebel is capable of beating you, then it’s not cool” he said.

“I’ll visit the gym tonight” she smiled, and he nodded.

“Cool, I’ll see you tomorrow” he made to leave, but she pulled at his arm, and he turned around.

“Gym with me, please” she said pleadingly, and he sighed.

“Is that a good idea? You have a crush on me, will you concentrate if I’m in there?”

“If I fail to be on your level after an hour, then spank my @ss with a belt ten times” she said.

“Remind me the way to the gym” Chance replied, and she smiled.



The sound of Zenith’s fingers dancing on the keys is the only sound in the room as she traced a lead, the serial number of the suspicious weapon.

Toyota and Tiger are behind her, watching the screen with her as she worked attentively.

The two mad dogs haven’t spoken to each other since Toyota threw him out of her apartment.

“Found it!” Zenith suddenly said, and their eyes widened at once as the picture of a man appeared on the screen.

He’s in his early fifties obviously, he looks foreign.

“The serial number happens to be his phone number, I’m sure he’s connected to Sancho Ramos. I hacked into his private life, and his name is Kay, his profile says he’s a f**king womanizer. He visits Viper clubhouse every night and books the s*xiest stripper for fun” Zenith said.

Tiger and Toyota exchanged glances, and they left the lab at once.

They didn’t branch at their apartments since they have their weapons underclothes already.

They got in the limo, and Tiger drove out of the clan.

He never talked, same with Toyota. They both remained cold and silent throughout half of the drive, and that was when Tiger glanced at her.

She has a straight face, and a cigar between her seductively brown lips which she’s occasionally puffing.

“Tigress” he called.

“Don’t call me that” she replied.

“F**k you” he replied.

“Mortacci tua! (Damn your weak ancestors!)” She replied, and he stopped the car.

“You’re driving me crazy seriously, what else should I try out to f**king understand you!”

“And why the f**k are you trying to understand me? We’re nothing both co-criminals! Co-bosses!” She shouted, and he huffed before punching the wheel


“Drive” she replied coldly, and he tried hard to keep his temper down before resuming the drive, deciding not to push further with the conversation.

It’s gonna be fruitless as usual, and they’d probably end up tearing each other to shreds in the car.

He got to Viper clubhouse and drove into the wide driveway, coming out of the car immediately he parked.

He’s on a hoodie tonight, plus ripped tight jean pants and black boots.

Toyota came out in her bum shorts and singlet, rocking black boots too. The necklace on her neck was dangling on the exposing part of her b**bs as she walked, and her @ss is…

“Accidenti! (Damn!)” Tiger spat as she walked in from of him, and they entered the clubhouse together.

It’s a random one with civilians, no secrecy like most of the clubs in the underworld.

They’re are two ways though. One led to the clubhouse proper, and the other has “dressing room” slated on it’s door.

Toyota entered the dressing room, and Tiger followed suit. There are numerous strippers in there, getting dressed for tonight’s show.

Seems like there are various sections in the clubhouse, and it’s a stripper per one.

“How may I help you?” The head of the room came forward.

“What’s the richest section in here?” She asked.

“Sir Kay’s section, why?” The woman asked.

“I’m stripping for him tonight” Toyota replied, and the woman took a good look at her before nodding.

“Just what he likes, follow me”

Toyota followed immediately, and Tiger leaned on the wall, waiting patiently.

He only had to wait for twenty minutes before she came out, and when she did, his head to ran down completely.

His eyes widened so much, and he wasn’t able to blink away from her ensemble as she walked to her on her f**king slim silver heels.

She was almost naked against the lights, the bra and underwear held together by translucent fabric and diamonds, all the extremities covered by polished white satin. From the thong, strips of diamonds curved over her hips and @ss.

It’s a dangerously s*xy outfit that’d leave the so-called Kay or whatever senseless. Her body will surely be the main course tonight if she steps out to that club

The diamonds were brushing over her as she walked closer to him, and most of her skin is bare except for her n*pples and p*ssy. She’s danger in heels!

“There’s no way you’re f**king going out there wearing that” Tiger said immediately she got to him, and she scoffed.

“The last time I checked, you’re not my boss, so get over it and let’s do what we’re f**king here for”

“And I’m saying you’re not f**king going out there in that outfit! You’re not stripping for any f**king man tonight!” He said loudly.

“Tiger are you f**king….

She wasn’t chanced to say the rest cos he already grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to the second room, shutting the door before pinning her to it.

She tried to draw her gun, but he grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head, rendering her powerless before leaning in sharply like a thirsty vampire.

“No other man can see you this way, just me” he whispered, and before she could curse him, his lips were already gumming so hard on hers, kissing the f**k out of her plushness.


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