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Haunted love episode 21


I looked back sharply at her, and stood as was in anticipation of her next action or word, as I was startled at her screaming.
Why was she screaming like that? As I was confused.
“Where are you taking her to?”
She said coldly as she approached me, with her expression stone cold.
“Why the shouting?”
I said as I turned to look at her while still holding the drunk Christabel around her waist to support her as she was still uttering incoherent words.
“So you intentionally made her drunk to have your way with her? A lady that was with you and you allowed her to get drunk and the next thing is taking her to a room, so how do you explain that?”
she said glaring at me, why I was shocked to the bone, as I stood transfixed, while staring at her lost for words.
“What’s that supposed to mean? what really are you insinuating, as I didn’t just get you.”
I said staring at her.
“I said you want to take advantage of a drunk girl, gosh! I told her you were nothing but a scam.”
She said .
I just looked at her, as I could at that moment fill that I haven’t hated someone so much at this moment like this stupid bitch infront of me saying stupid stuffs.
I just smiled at her, and gently eased Christabel on a nearby seat. As i tucked my hands into my shots.
“I thought you were a bit the sensible type, but all today’s event starting from the class, has just told me that you are really far from sense, your sheer display have really made me realize how stupid i was even admiring you for one’s.”
I told her as I turned and walked off and after, walking a few distance, I turned around and looked at her for a moment and said.
“Be very careful around me in the future, I haven’t hated someone this much, you make me sick.”
I said as I walked off while she stared at me transfixed, but who cares about how she feels, she has a shallow mind, and jumps into conclusion so easily.”
I went off in search of Stan, as I had made up my mind to go home that night, as it was just a bit over 10pm.
I was just pondering on how to find him, as I brought out my phone along the hall way and placed a call to him, so as to know if he would answer or if he was done with his enjoyment or Merriment.
As I was walking what happened over there replayed in my mind as i was really very annoyed .
I know I can be anything but to be a rapist or someone who takes advantage of a girl who is as good as helpless, what is really the fun in that? Not to talk of a girl who holds so much expectancy for me and I could feel I was liking her for her approach and attitude, how can that Gina just come over without hearing me out and start insulting me for no reason and accusing me of what I never had in mind.
I was walking down the hall way when I placed Stan on a call and as if by telepathy, I heard his ring tone echoing at the extreme of the hall way, I felt it wasn’t him and quickly cut the call and called back and it also started ringing at that point coincidentally.
What’s this guy doing in the hallway? abi I’m I dreaming?
I strolled down to see someone sprawled on the corridor, as he huddled himself together like a bag.
“Hiaaaaaaa!! what’s this guy doing sleeping on the cold tiles?”.
I couldn’t help but ask.
I even thought he might be having a good time or fun with a girl or so?
i woke up the next day, in our room, and i was kinda surprised, as I turned and saw Ken lying down beside me.
it was then, I remembered all that happened last night and how we left the party last night as we placed a call for our house driver to come carry us.
Ken looked a bit pissed off, what really is wrong?
I thought in my mind as i stared at him.
Even the alarm couldn’t wake us up.
I picked up my phone and was shocked at the time as it was already 8.30 in the morning.
We are already late for school, and God knows I hate been late for class like mad.
I roughly tapped, Ken who was beside me, for him to wake up.
He rolled up still sleepy as he sat up still feeling confused.
“Alaye get up make we hurry march go school, it’s already 8.30, as if that was the striking power, he quickly bounced up, as he leaped off the bed, as he ran towards the bathroom area.
I woke up this morning feeling very unhappy, like I woke up on the wrong side this morning, as what occurred yesterday flashed through my mind.
As I really regretted what I told Ken, yesterday at Rose birthday.
His expression yesterday night really showed me he really had nothing in mind, as he just stated his dislike and walked off.
His words were really like arrows piercing into the most delicate part of my heart.
I really don’t know why I’m always in a hurry to jump in to conclusion, without proper ascertain and I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that Ken hates me so much now.
Even if it’s you being insulted twice in a row by a lady for no just cause won’t you be mad?
I was still soliloquizing when I heard my phone ring and I looked the screen and I couldn’t help but have my heart hurt a little bit when I saw who it was.
it was Christabel, and I picked up.
“Good morning sunshine, how are you doing?”
“I’m doing great love, I couldn’t tell you good morning before your driver came and carried you off.”
“Yea dear, even me too, I woke up this morning feeling headache, was I drunk yesterday?”
“Yea you really are drunk up to the point you were saying rubbish from your mouth.
“Seriously? the last I can remember is being with Ken and I can’t remember any other thing.”
She said and I sighed.
“Can I tell you something babe?”
I told her.
“Yea sure go on.”
she said.
“I really provoked Ken yesterday night. and he really is damn angry.”
I told her and I could feel she was a kind of drawn aback.
“What really happened?”
“Uhhmmmm! I saw Ken with you when you were drunk and he was taking you towards the room part, and I felt he was going to do something indecent with you especially since you are drunk, so I confronted him saying he is trying to take advantage of you.”
I said slowly as I was feeling kinda nervous and I can’t explain why.
I heard her exclaim out.

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