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Haunted love episode 25


I went out as I had a little inkling on where she might be, so I went towards the female restroom, though I didn’t enter it as I stood outside with Stan, because it was clearly out of bounds for guys.
I could hear sniffing noises in there, I was tempted to go in there, but I fought the urge as I stood there.
“Guy it’s really taken a bit of a time, why don’t we go back to class, later you can do the apology, there might be a teacher in class.”
He said but I wasn’t ready to leave there until I met Christabel.
“Well I understand your point, but if you can’t wait that long you can go, I would join up with you later in class.”
I said gently, but I knew for sure that he won’t go.
He shrugged and didn’t say any other thing while he stood there with his hands crossed over his chest and his back rested on the wall.
I was already slightly getting impatient, when I heard the door creak open and two people walked out and as expected it was Christabel and Gina.
Christabel’s eyes were red as she walked out, she has been crying as I depicted.
I was really wallowing in self blame as I saw the condition this happy and all cheerful girl, who was super happy last night was in, because of the word I told her.
I pictured how we talked yesterday and her words to me when she was drunk and I couldn’t help but smile out.
I think I’m beginning to like this girl, though I couldn’t say if it was for pity or for real likeness, but I believe I really feel something slightly for her.
Seeing them walking up, they both walked past us without sparing us a glance.
I ran up to her and held her hands, as I looked at her in a pleading manner.
“What is it Again?”
Do you just want to continue from where you stopped?”
She said as she forcefully flicked off her arm from my hold, as she made to walk out again and I quickly held her hands.
All this while Gina was just on the observing side and didn’t just remark, while Stanley, still had his back at the wall as he observed everything happening without saying as much as a word.
“Look I’m sorry dear, if my words had been bad, I really fvcked up, please I would make it up to you any how you want it, please just forgive my immature act.”
I said as sadness was written all over my face.
There was no change in as she looked at me coolly with tears dripping from her eyes, while I still held gently unto her.
“Ken, just do me a favor. just stay clear off me, I don’t need your apology. you can keep it to yourself or to someone who needs.”
She said as she forcefully pulled off her hand and walked off in a hurry, while he waist swayed in rhyme with her steps.
I was confused as I just had my hand all over my head in confusion, did I really hurt her that bad? that she can’t forgive me?
This was really where I knew that even lesser beings has their own pride.
I thought it was gonna be easy.
I turned around and saw that Gina was there, as it seemed she wanted to say something but was drawn in between running after Christabel and saying the stuff, after a while she ran off after Christabel.
Stan just stood there staring at me and after a while exhaled and said.
“How do you see it? that someone really likes you doesn’t mean, that he or she doesn’t have a side you won’t want to see. You really presented her in a way that wasn’t good in class today, so any reaction she gives you is acceptable.”
He said as he pulled me up from the ground, as I had sat on the ground in frustration.
Going back to class, everything that was being thought in class was like a flipping talk as none was registered in my mind as i looked stressed up and super sad.
I tried many times looking over at Christabel’s side but she didn’t even bother to care me a glance as all her attention was fixed on the board.
“God be merciful to me.”
I’m dying within.
Looking at Ken’s reaction I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me that he was really feeling very bad and guilty and seriously that feeling could be disastrous at times.
Well it was up to him to do it all as he got himself in to the mess.
After class that afternoon, I went outside to buy snacks for me and Ken who wasn’t in the mood to leave the class as he remained serious that he wasn’t going anywhere, that he would love to be alone, not minding how I tried to drag him to come with me.
I went out and on my way I saw Rosemary walking towards me, with an all smiling expression.
I was thrown off balance as I didn’t know what to say to her.
“Hi handsome!!”
She said smiling, and I smiled nervously while staring at her.
“Good afternoon.”
I said gently as I was lost for words on what to tell her next.
“Where are you heading to?”
She asked me and I told her.
“Would you mind if I ask you for a little favor?”
She said as she wore this sulking face that won’t make you refuse any of her request.
“I really like you so much, and I would want us to become friends and would you mind coming to my house to spend time with you as I’m always lonely and have no one to associate with.”
She said as she held my hands softly and I didn’t even know when I nodded my head in agreement to what she said and she smiled sweetly as she hugged me and I couldn’t help but pray for the ground to open and swallow me as most of the student were looking at us.
I gently pulled off while I smiled back at her.
“Can I have your digits? so I can call you from time to time. and know when you are chanced to visit me.”
She said and fished out an I phone from her school bag and I couldn’t help but look lost and hers was of the latest model as I do normally follow up the trending gadgets online.
what is this small girl doing with this kind of phone?
I couldn’t help but ask in my mind .
I was drawn out of my thoughts when she gave me her phone to input my digits.
I did and she collected the phone back smiling happily and blew a kiss at me before walking out excitedly .
What a weirdo!!
I couldn’t help but say to myself as I watched her.
I shook my head and didn’t think much of it and was about to walk to the cafeteria, when I saw Ebuka approach me.
“Guy what are you doing with that girl, I go advice you to stay clear off that girl, forget her smile she is devilish.”
He said simply immediately he arrived.
“What really are you driving at as I wanted to know what was his real talk here, as guys are really good with this act of kiss and tell.
“My advice to you bro is just to avoid her, she asked you to visit her right and that she is always lonely and in search of who to be friends with right?”
He said smiling bitterly and I couldn’t help but stand confused as he just said exactly what she told me.
“Bro, just don’t try doing anything stupid by visiting her or your second name would be sorry.
I was once in your shoes and I have been there.”
He said and tapped me on the shoulder as he walked off.
And here is it again what I dislike so much, keeping me in the air.
my mind went through many probabilities but I couldn’t just figure anything as I felt this unknown fear over come me.
I really hate Rosemary so much, but on the surface I try appearing cool with her, as I couldn’t just bring myself to narrate to anyone what I really passed through in the hand of Rose.
it was last year, as just like Stanley I was new to the school as I was both confused and knew no one as a friend then.
What I knew then was that our class had so many beautiful girls and which Rose happened to fall within, so then I was forming tush and cute to draw their attention.
How I got to become friends with Rose I couldn’t just explain but I knew one thing we became very close that I had fought the urge on many occasions to ask her out.
She had invited me to her house then, as she had fed me that she was always lonely and had no one to be with, so could I come keep her company.
I accepted without much ado as I had no problem with that and coupled with our cyber s£x and naughty chats online, that always left my d!ck so hard like a steel on whatsapp, I didn’t think twice before accepting as I knew that something was sure to play out but the reverse became the case.
I had arrived at her house and we had really talked and laughed and before you knew it the whole moment turned heated and we could be seen ripping off our clothes, we kissed, smooched and did all.
we both were stark [email protected] and we’re still in foreplay, when she paused and told me that she had something to teach me and I excitedly obliged.
She brought out a rope and I was scared and drawn aback and she assured me it was fine as she told me to close my eyes and hold out my hands as she romantically tied and when I opened my eyes I was down for the worst shock in my life.
As I saw so many girls around and they all were in their panties.
As they smiled wickedly at me.
To cut the long story short, my anus heard thunder as they used their dildo to fvck my ass, the kind flogging I received that day from this girl’s and Rosemary was so deadly, as they forced me and took turns on me and I was meant to suck their pvssy and even swallow their orgasm, I saw nwiiii that day as I had never felt so tortured in my life, as I was placed in a burning candle while all the white wax fell on my shirt and they even urinated on me.
Ohhh! God the feeling was so painful as the worst part for me was when they forced the dildo down my anus and if you see the size of this dildo Ehhhhhh! my d!ck still de learn work for am.
After all this I was left to go as I screamed, begged and even cried as I remembered all this painful stuffs and now Stan was now her next victim.
I had been in class observing all her actions, I had wanted to keep to myself and have her do as she wished with him, but now he was more like a friend to me, so I gast to do something.
That was why I told him and it was left for him to take it or leave it, as I believe he doesn’t need a full story to put two and two together.
I really would deal, with Rosemary but it won’t be now as what would hit her would be so massive.
I really didn’t know what to do about all this stuffs as I really wanted to link Christabel and Ken together, as I knew that all this were totally my fault at the initial stage.

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