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Haunted love episode 30


Staring over the whole scene from my position, I couldn’t help but to smile bitterly.
Love is one of the sweetest thing that can ever happen to someone.
I am me, Rose and nothing can change that.
I was introduced into this my present lifestyle by our house maid, who hated men so much, according to her she was raped by some group of guys who were her classmates and from that day her hatred for men had accumulated overtime.
As it had turned her to a sadist. my parents were hardly around. I was just left with the maid and that was how, I began my journey of tormenting guys for my own pleasure, sexually.
I have come to love it and that’s all I know.
But I can feel that those guys who were badly hurt by us would come settle scores any time soon, I can feel it in my bone.
Loving you was the best thing that ever happened to me, you are such a darling.
I was really busy with Gina that I had lost count of time, as the few moment with her was superb.
We were still busy, when we heard a commotion.
we turned and lo and behold it was Ken kneeling down in front of Christabel.
“Awwwwwn!! this is so sweet.”
I heard Gina say beside me as she covered her mouth with her hand, while she flapped the other.
For your mind ba?
I said in my mind as i stared at her.
I prayed in my heart for Christabel to just forget about past and distance things and give a rise to new chances.
I turned and my eyes made a direct contact with Gina.
As if in a telepathy, we both smiled, and then we turned towards the ongoing scene.
I really felt shocked at Ken’s action, as I myself was just within me still calculating if I could really do what he just did, when such a scene really makes an appearance.
I could see some students bring out their phone and started picturing all the scene and nervousness caught the better part of me.
What if she refuse? well Is he proposing?
I said in my mind to reduce the tension.
God save my humble soul.
Just then, I heard something that, made me smile so deeply.
Do you want to know what it was? you won’t hear it from my mouth.
Most times there are things that, you can just let go to make things right.
I had made it a decision, that though it might be like a crying shame or tarnish my image, but I don’t care.
It was just an unplanned event.
just like a thought that permeated my mind and I just decided to do it, without further thoughts.
lol, but kneeling down here and waiting for her to reply is quite heart killing as I could feel my heart thumping in a dangerous rhythm.
All I could see was an emotional face, but that one doesn’t mean a lot as she might still end up saying no.
And I knew one thing for sure and that was, that i really would never go to her in apologies, If like she refuses my plea in the public.
Just then she smiled sweetly and said.
Looking at him as he knelt down with all sincerity of heart, in public, with his eyes and expression depicted, that he was begging to be heard out
I really felt this warmth that I haven’t felt in a while, ignoring the public views to just do this today. I really started feeling guilty for just making him suffer all this while.
I stared at him with all smiles and helped him up, still smiling at him.
I too suddenly did what I never knew I could do in public.
I was kinda happy when she pulled me up and I anticipated for the worst.
Just then she said.
“I really have long forgiven you, just waiting for a time you would really with all sincerity of heart apologize, and to be frank your actions today, really dumbfounded me. I forgive you over and over again.”
She said smiling and before I knew it, like it was a magic, I felt something soft placed on my lips, as it looked so reassuring and lovely.
Just as delicious as an apple .
Yes, she kissed me, Christabel kissed me and I quickly reciprocated, but it lasted for a while, before she pushed off and after staring at me for a while with her cheeks all pink, she ran off..
I just stood there staring at her with this smile that plastered my face.
“I love you, Christy.”
I muttered and that was then, I started hearing people clap and this.
“Awwwwwn!! its so so romantic.”.
Started making it’s way out of people’s mouth, they kept their phone camera on.
I muttered under my breath I didn’t know .how to walk out of that place with the views of the people.
Just then, I saw Stan walk out smiling with Ebuka, they both hugged me at the same time, with this all smiling face.
“Guy you surprised me full time.”
Stanley said.
“Brother man you be boss, to be frank I can’t do that. you try ooo!”
Ebuka said while smiling .
All I could muster was a smile, I was simply speechless, after the whole stuff.
“Where is Gina?”
I asked Stan after we had walked out of the crowd.
“Ohhhhhh! she ran after Christabel. but why didn’t you like take the initial plan?”
He asked.
“Says someone who left what we earlier agreed on, and went and started wooing a lady.”
I Said grinning and I could feel his face a crown of embarrassment.”
“Lol, I did my best na!! but she said she couldn’t help out that easily. but wait ooo! so you were monitoring me? you sha! get luck.”
he said.
“Lol, how I take get luck?”
“How I take get luck?”
I asked.
“If like this girl been for tell you know in front of everyone. hehehehehe!!! I trust na suicide straight away.”
he said.
“It won’t happen sef, Las Las, na just two hairs from my anus, is enough to keep you at your proper place.”
I told him.
“Tufiakwa!! (God forbid) even the hair from your armpit na weapon of mass destruction, not to talk of hair from your anus, Chaiiii!! this boy from Anambra, has really seen a lot.”
He said as he spit out saliva.
Ebuka and I started laughing, it was quite obvious that the talk was a little bit disgusting.
“Guy you and Gina really look good together.”
Ebuka suddenly said and I nodded, while turning to Stan who stood transfixed.
I ran after, Christy as I was super happy for her.
just then, I sighted her in a corner, holding her chest to calm down her breath while her face registered a clear picture that she was very happy.
“Lover girl!! I go love ooo!!”
I said smiling at her.
She blushed so deeply, as the red outline circulated her face.
“See who is talking, as if I didn’t see you playing lovey-dovey with Stan and the way you both stare at each other speaks volumes. so tell me Is anything going on between you both?”
She Said staring at me and for that moment, it really was my turn to blush so deeply too as I was lost for words.
The last episode would be dropping this night.

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