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Heart Desire – Episode 9


HEART DESIRE – Episode 9

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A story by Jochrine Kunda


***Thomas couldn’t help but look as Grace walked to him then she brushed her lips against his, he was about to respond when his phone rang and Grace pleaded to let it be but the caller was persistent and he looked at his screen to find that it was Justin calling then Grace rolled her eyes and snatched the phone from him before he could answer

Thomas: Grace, it must be work related bring back the phone

Grace: really! Watch me handle this

***She answered and put the phone on loudspeaker***

Grace: what do you want?

Justin: you’re the last thing I need to deal with right now, give the phone to Thomas

Grace: couldn’t you have called at a better time, we’re busy right now

Justin: Grace…..

Grace: if it’s not you then it’s your good for nothing grandparents

Justin: if there’s anything that’s good for nothing it’s your wretched family that allows you live under the same roof with a man you’re not married to, that allows you to make a man you’re not married to as your meal ticket when you claim that you’re a degree holder. I really can’t wait for when my brother gets rid of you like a used material that you are

***She stood there with tears streaming down her face and Thomas just looked at her because she wanted to prove that she could put Justin in his place but it seemed to be the other way round***

Justin: and if there’ll ever be a next time, don’t pick up my brother’s calls otherwise you’ll know the kind of stuff we’re made of

He dropped the call and she looked at Thomas with nothing but hurt

Grace: is that how you think of me?

Thomas: No but it’s what you’ve placed upon yourself and the next time I hear you speak ill of my precious grandma, I’ll forget that you’re carrying my baby

He took his phone from her and attempted to walk out but stopped in his tracks when she spoke

Grace: Justin just confirmed my suspicions and whoever she is, she better start running.

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He walked out trying to compose himself and drove to Justin’s house to thank him for the good timing……




Blessings felt like a different person, she didn’t let the bad words of people get to her even those who did it deliberately because she had enough reason to smile and it made her grandma who never wanted to see her happy suspicious then she called her to the living room where she was seated with Mary’s mother. Blessings ran to the living room and got her knees

Blessings: grandma, you called out for me?

Grandma: yes, I did

Blessings: h…here I am grandma

Grandma: Blessings, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me for the action I’ve taken of marrying you off to an old man, I know you had big dreams which I trust you could have accomplished and your life would be different from the way it is

M.mom: seriously mom, what are you apologizing for? You’ve raised this girl with your money and strength and she should be the one apologizing not the other way round

Grandma: stay out of this as I was saying I’m sorry but I trust that Bwalya will take care of you just like your parents would have done

She expected her to be in a pool of tears but she had even zoned out thinking about Thomas and their next meeting which she couldn’t wait for

Grandma: Blessings! I’m talking to you

M.mom: see what I’m talking about? Before you know it you’ll be getting down on your knees just to talk to her

Blessings: I’m sorry grandma, I didn’t get what you said

***Grandma took a deep breath to calm herself down then asked her to leave as shock washed all over her***

Grandma: could what I’m thinking be true?

M.mom: I don’t know what you’re thinking

Grandma: I’ve been a mother for so long and can tell when a girl is in love

M.mom: are you trying to say that Blessings is in love?

Grandma: yes but it’s something I don’t want to believe, it can’t be true

***Her lips were trembling***

M.mom: no mom, I mean who could possibly love her when she’s AIDS ridden?

“There’s only one way to find out and I swear I won’t spare her”

She said with a deep that was only heard by her….



***Life can be amazing at times who’d have known that Veronica who was always with simple cornrows would ever have a Brazilian weave, from cheap make up to one that made me unrecognizable even by myself, from one wrapper to a dozen of them, from an MTN phone to a Samsung Galaxy S4. I had all those thoughts running through my mind as I looked at myself in the mirror and was pleased with what I was seeing, I had gained weight and my silhouette features were just as perfect as I always them. I wore an orange above the knee dress and black stilettos and my weave was on point then Jane came in wearing the same dress as mine which we got from CBstores when Mwelwa decided to spoil us rotten. I was going to Mwelwa’s house where I was going to meet his mother and he assured me that we’d find Sarah, his wife gone.





Mom had just returned from the market one evening and I could tell that she was exhausted when she sat on her favourite couch where she complained of the constant back ache she had, I set the table since I’d already prepared supper and we dug in while holding a light conversation up until Jane fell asleep on my arms. I saw mom sit up straight and the look on her face changed then she took a deep breath

Mom: put your child to bed

***I got up and went to my bedroom where I tucked Jane in and I sat on the bed wondering what mom what to bring about because I knew the look she gave me very well then I returned to the living room and took my seat***

Me: I’m back

Mom: Veronica, you know that I’m getting old, right?

Me: y…yes…mom

Mom: I was once your age so I’ve noticed a change in you, in the way you dress, walk and conduct yourself. You’re changing clothes like you own a salaula (second hand clothes) shop so who’s the man?

***It really caught me off guard and I opened my mouth but the words couldn’t come out, I tried hard to think of a lie to tell her but it was pointless coz I knew that the truth would cone out sooner or later and I chose it to be then***

Me: umm…it…it’s….it’s…. Mwelwa


***She asked with her eyes popped out***

Me: Jane’s father, my baby daddy

Mom: get me a glass of water

***I went to the kitchen and returned with it then I watched her drink and silence filled the room then after what seemed like eternity she drew another deep breath***

Mom: what are his intentions?

Me: he wants to marry me so that we can raise our daughter together

Mom: the same daughter he abandoned

Me: mom, he’s realized his mistake hence he wants to make things right, I can see remorse written all over him when I look at him

***She kept quiet probably giving what I said a thought***

Mom: I thought he has a wife

Me: that one is barren so he’s chasing her out

***The unexpected happened when a smile crept on mom’s face and she ululated ***

Mom: finally, God answers prayers and puts my enemies to shame. He now has to do things the right way, I need to see him

Me: alright mom

We celebrated singing songs of joy until we both retired to bed.

The friendship Blessings and I shared was an incredible one and we’d have a great time each time we met, we were seated in my bedroom laughing out loud at the stories she told me about her grandma and I even had tears running down my cheeks until I decided it was enough and she changed the conversation at hand

Blessings: bestie, you’re really looking good how are you managing?

Me: I’m Jane’s mother and have to benefit from the financial support she receives from her father

***She laughed***

Blessings: you’re naughty I’m telling you, I hope he doesn’t try anything funny and sticks to his wife

***That was a bit painful so I also decided to tell her the truth***

Me: well…. Let’s just say he has and I got all this from him

Blessings: Vero, you’re joking! That man is married how could you permit such a thing for the love of God?

Me: and so?

Blessings: please bestie I’m begging you, don’t let history repeat itself

Me: it won’t coz he wants to take me in and send that excuse of a woman who can’t bear him kids away

Blessings: we’ve heard those stories before, what if he goes back to his wife? You really should have waited for someone worth giving your love since…….

***She was getting on my last nerve because judgement was the last thing I needed and I couldn’t stand her sermons***

Me: look Blessings he loves me, yes he loves me to a point that he’s willing to send away his wife for me, seriously who does that? You’re judging me just because you’ve never experienced what love is who knows maybe you’ll never considering that you’re HIV……….

“Did I just say that?”

I asked myself with a dropped jaw surprised at what I’d said to my friend and her tears were gushing down her face so I swallowed hard

Blessings: even you? Someone I considered a sister

***She was running short of breath and I feared she’d have a panic attack***

Me: Blessings, I’m….

***She raised her hand signalling me to stop then she ran out of the house as a loud sob escaped her mouth and I watched with guilt washing over me***





Blessings had been avoiding me ever since that incident happened and I was hurting inside to be the reason our sisterhood would be broken.

I shook my head countless times when Jane gently tapped my shoulder then I noticed that I’d zoned out, she’d come to inform me that Mwelwa had arrived and was waiting outside so I took my clutch bag and mom who no longer sold vegetables at the market because Mwelwa gave her money to start up a business told me to be at my best behaviour. I went out and found him leaning against his cat with born hands in his pockets which made him look attractive, Jane ran towards him and he picked her up while I went in for a hug and I could see the nosy neighbours peering from their houses at the corner of my eye but I didn’t mind because I knew that people would talk just for the sake of it and we drove off

To be continued…

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