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Heart Desires – Episode 2


HEART DESIRE – Episode 2

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A story by Jochrine Kunda


*** Grace was acting like a child which annoyed me to the core, she sulked over the issue of not taking her out the day I was free or that I was surprised that she wanted my card when I had given her one not so long ago, I really didn’t know which one hurt her the most but it was a week without her talking to me even though I tried to pick conversations with her. I had a lot going on especially that we had we a package coming into the country and I had to be hands on it to avoid it landing in the hands of the authorities coz someone had snitched on me so I tried to give her space and buried myself in work besides my work didn’t require me to be soft.

I was busy with paperwork in my office until I was disturbed by my ringing phone and I checked the caller id to find grandma (from dad’s side) and a smile crept on my face since she was my favourite

Me: my heartbeat

*** I called her that***

Grandma: my grandson, how are you and your wife to be?

Me: I’m okay…ummm….we’re okay

***I lied coz I didn’t know how Grace was***

Grandma: you sound unsure

Me: I am….we’re fine and how is grandpa?

Grandma: old age is catching up with him badly, he scolded Lillian for always spending time on her phone instead of working

***I couldn’t help but laugh coz grandpa was dramatic at times, Lillian is my cousin but Justin and I considered her as our little sister, we built her a private hospital after she graduated with a degree in her health programme and it was from her where I knew Grace since they were best friends in the university***

Me: I’m in full support of what grandpa did, her owning a hospital doesn’t mean she should now be lazying around

Grandma: I’m inviting you and Grace over for supper so you can also come and talk to your cousin

Me: sure grandma we’ll be there

We wrapped up our call and I was no longer in the mood to work so I packed my belongings and told my PA to cancel the rest of my meetings for that day then drove home listening to RnB. I got home and was welcomed by an amazing aroma in the kitchen which was prepared by Betty, my house help and wished it was Grace who was cooking but she couldn’t even make herself a cup of tea. I went to the bedroom and found her in bed covered in blankets then I looked at the time and it was 16:45 I just looked at her with no words to say and she gave me a death stare, she then looked the other side and covered her head with a blanket which made me lose my cool

Me: get up, grandma has invited us for dinner

*** she didn’t move***

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Me: for the love of God Grace, what do you want me to do coz I’ve apologized several times and you don’t even speak to me so how am I supposed to live with you?


***I felt like squeezing the living daylights out of her because I had encountered a lot of disrespect from her considering how highly respected I was out there so I couldn’t handle such from someone who would soon be my wife, I needed her full support but all she did was nag and get annoyed unnecessarily which annoyed me, I looked at her and she seemed unfazed***

Grace: Thomas Musonda Smith, you refused to spend time with me your fiancé but made time for your stupid cousin who you’re always found with everyday and now your grandma invites you to some stupid party and you’re all excited about going like a child who just received candy forgetting that you still have to take me out

“God, come and help this woman before I kill her”

I said to myself as I tried to calm down, I left her there without saying anything and went to take a shower then got dressed in casual clothes. I grabbed my wallet and car keys then went out but thanks to Betty who offered to make me something to eat I remembered that I’d forgotten my phone so I declined her offer and rushed back to the bedroom to collect it but I stopped on my tracks when I found Grace going through my messages, I knew she had her insecurities but her going through my phone without my permission since I’d stored work related stuff in there was out of the equation so I quickly approached her and snatched it away from her and went out while she screamed for me to return. It was not until I stepped outside when I noticed that I was suffocated in my own house by a woman I wanted to make my wife, I unlocked the car door while calling Justin who picked up on the third ring and I told him I would fetch him or probably even spend a night at his house. I drove in total speed going to Justin’s house and found him already prepared then we left going to grandma’s while we talked about work related stuff but him being my duplicate he could easily tell that I wasn’t myself

Justin: what’s troubling my other half??

Me: Grace is becoming a problem

*** he exhaled loudly because he and her were not on the best of terms ever since she told him to get a life and stop visiting my house frequently because she also needed her privacy and it was total havoc because Justin is also crazy***

Justin: what did she do this time around?

Me: she’s been acting all childish and aggressive lately

***he just looked at me***

Me: look, I know she’s always been like that but she’s becoming worse lately, she’s really insecure

***He chuckled***

Me: and what’s funny?

Justin: if you ask me I’ll say she’s pregnant

I really didn’t think of it so there was only one way to find out, we got to the house which was well decorated and Lillian welcomed us then she asked me about Grace but I was in no mood to talk about her so Justin and I took her aside and gave her a lecture on her laziness which was enough for her to stop asking me questions.

I went to grandma who I was so fond of while Justin went to grandpa and I sat next to her and tried to compose myself since I was tired but grandma saw right through me and frowned

Grandma: my baby, what’s wrong?

Me: nothing grandma, I’m only tired

Grandma: don’t lie to me Musonda

***she kept her eyes on me and I felt bad for lying***

Me: sometimes I tend to forget that you’re a seer (she smiled)

Grandma: exactly now tell me what’s troubling you

Me: it’s Grace she’s been acting up lately

Grandma: she really is giving you a hard time and a stitch in time saves nine

Me: pardon?

Grandma: nothing, what is she doing?

*** I narrated everything to her and she kept a straight face looking at me***

Grandma: respect is what she lacks and it’s what you deserve from her if you’re going to marry her, she deserves love from you just like you deserve respect from her and both of you should voluntarily show that to each other. A woman in Christ, one who’s driven by her culture and good morals then you’re good to go otherwise a slay queen as they call themselves will lead you to your early grave on a donkey cart

***she smiled at me and I knew that I had to make sense from what she said in the last part coz she wouldn’t clarify her statement***

Grandma: take your time to know what you’re getting yourself into before you regret your decision

Me: yes grandma

Justin then walked in with grandpa and he frowned at me

“And now?”

I asked myself

Grandpa: awe Musonda this is my wife you’re making yourself comfortable around, you want to deceive her with your attractive looks can you move to the other seat

***he was even patting his foot so I occupied another seat and he sat next to his wife snaking his arm around her shoulder***

The living room was then filled with joy and laughter, one thing I enjoyed the most about my grandparents. Their house help then summoned us for supper and she’d prepared a mouth watering traditional dish which was my favourite and we enjoyed each other’s company like there was no tomorrow.

I dropped off Justin first and I’d changed my mind about sleeping over at his house so I drove home and found no trace of Grace, I looked for Betty who I found in the hallway collecting laundry for the following day and asked her if at all she had any idea where Grace had gone but she said she didn’t. I got worried about her whereabouts because I had enemies who always wanted to get to me by hurting my loved ones, I then went to my study and called my IT specialist to locate her since I had placed a tracker on her phone which she didn’t know of and he later told me that she was at her apartment and I let her be so I could also have my peace since I knew that I’d attend to her the following day and carry out the pregnancy test…

To be continued…

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