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Heart of a beast 2 episode 32


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“What!” Mom shrieked after I was done explaining how Tracy died and how I promised her to keep it a secret, she gave me a shocked look as her mouth opened and closed repeatedly. She was probably speechless or lost for words “How could you hide this away from me?” She asked, her voice shaking and my palms suddenly interested me, I stared at them resting on my laps.

“I’m sorry. I swear I wanted to tell you but.. I just couldn’t. I knew I’d be betraying Tracy if I did, I promised her I’d keep it a secret no matter what” I said, biting my lower lip guiltily..
I should’ve told her about this sooner, apart from my promise, it was the right thing to do and besides, Tracy is dead now, she’s been dead a long time ago and mom has been putting all her energy into the beast case, hoping she’d get justice for Tracy when she wouldn’t.

I should’ve done this long ago, Tracy is no longer here, it’s just me and her and the thoughts that her killer was still lurking around would’ve caused mom so much anger and sadness whereas it was someone else, someone unknown.
Even though it doesn’t change anything about Tracy’s death, it might help loosen mom a bit.

“But this isn’t something you can keep a secret no matter what, Kay. This is something I should’ve known long ago!”

“I know! And that’s why I’m telling you now. I can’t keep it anymore and I can’t keep seeing you getting all worked up for the wrong thing!” I said, giving her a sorry look.

Mom sighed and shut her eyes and when she opened them, I saw tears built up in them. She blinked rapidly to curb them from falling.
“B-but the lab result proved that-

“The lab result was fake mom, it was a lie. I don’t how or who did it. I have no idea why the lab result came out that way but Tracy wasn’t killed by Mel.. That beast. She was hit by a car after being invited to a fake party, I was there when she died, believe me!”I said.

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She gave me a long sorrowful stare. “This is so hard to take in.. All this years I’ve been.. I’ve lived with the thought that my daughter was killed by that horrible thing and-
She broke down in tears, the rest of her words dying.

I slowly reached for her palm that trembled as they grasp her knee cap when she cried with her head bent, her voice filled the living room and her whole body rose and fell repeatedly.
I couldn’t stop my tears as they crawled down my cheeks. Obviously, apart from the revelation she had received from me, I had no doubt that I reopened that closed wound in her heart.

I have never seen her cry this hard after Tracy’s death and burial. She kept crying even for a long time, I felt so sad and relieved at the same time that I had finally let it out to her.
A part of me felt peace and wellness.
That night, I couldn’t go to Melvin as I had to stay with mom all through. By the time she stopped crying, it was late and her eyes were all red and puffy, I had led her to her room and her bed and at her will, spent the night with her.
The next morning, mom made dinner and I was glad she was fine. She didn’t bring up any discussion about Tracy as we ate dinner and as she drove me to school and I was glad.
She dropped me off at the school gate, kissed me more and longer than the normal way and head for work after giving me a toothy smile.

I head to class, tossed a quick greeting at Melvin and pushed my body to my seat.
Morning class went smoothly and then lunch break came next..

We went to the cafeteria, I purchased our meals and we began eating after I took Melvin’s palm.
We had barely taken two bites out of our meal when two girls rushed to our table, they immediately focused on Melvin, not even sparing me a quick glance, it wasn’t like I cared though so I just kept eating my food.

“Hey Melvin!” The pink haired girl said and I raised my brows to give her a look, she had a huge smile as she talked to Melvin.. I twitched my face and pulled my gaze back to my food.

“Hey” Melvin answered, returning her smile and again I pushed my face to my meal..

“Well, I’ll be quick cos I still have tons of people on my list..
So my family are having a beach party this weekend and it’s lasting for the whole of the weekend and I was permitted to invite some of my friends that I want to bring along and you’re on the list, so I’m inviting you” she said.

“A beach party?!” Melvin’s face lit up in excitement at the words. “Sounds like so much fun!” He squealed.

“You have no idea! So you’re coming. Jamie, tick him off the list!” She instructed the other girl beside her.

“Wait.. Can I bring someone along too?” Melvin stopped her and gave me a look, I shook my head lightly as if telling him not to.

The girl’s expression changed to a slight frown. “Who?” She asked plainly and when Melvin pointed to me, bringing both girl’s gazes to me, I almost peed in my pant..
It’s surprising that I still have this vulnerable side of me.

“She?” She pointed at me with an irritated look and Melvin nodded.
She shook her head, making an annoying sound with her mouth.

“You both are practically everywhere in school together” her friend finally talked, I had thought she was dumb..

“That’s true.. Is she like your girlfriend or something?” The other one asked and I rolled my eyes, staring at everywhere but my food.

“She is!” My gaze flung up at Melvin after the reply and before I could utter a word, she spoke.

“Well.. Since you have a girlfriend, you can forget about the party!” She said, giving me an angry glare, I raised my brow and rolled my eyes again.. “Jamie, rub his name off the list!” She said, walking away.

How’s this my fault?

The Jamie girl trailed behind her, struggling with writing Melvin’s name off the list and following her, I turned to Melvin.

“Melvin, do you realise you just told those girls that I’m your girlfriend!” I asked and he nodded with a shrug.

“I know and what’s wrong with that?” He asked, grabbing his fork. “You’re practically the only girl I move around with, I’m sure everyone already think of you as my girlfriend” he said.

“Probably but still you shouldn’t have done that. You don’t just tell them we’re dating when we clearly aren’t, you should have cleared those thoughts off their minds and –

“Chill Kay, okay? And Since you’re that girl from the past, I don’t mind us dating” he said and I gave him a close look before realizing that he was serious. “And they’re right, we’re always together around here, so let’s just be boyfriend and girlfriend!” He said and I sighed, giving him an amused look

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“That’s not how it works Melvin, you don’t just do it because others think so!” I explained.

“Is it about love? Well, what do you feel cos I know I’m inlove with you and I’m ready to be your boyfriend!” My spoon carelessly dropped from my hand as my eyes popped wide-open.
I opened my mouth but couldn’t utter a word..

“What? You’re the only girl I’ve spent so much time with, you can’t expect me not to be inlove with you!” he said plainly without any nervousness.. I gulped, lowering my gaze.

“Let’s eat up before the food gets cold,” I grabbed another spoon from the tray. “And no more words, please!” I said, my words cracking and my heartbeat racing fastidiously.
He gestured surrender and when he took my palm, I found myself jerking up unusually and suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

After school I went home and met mom on the phone, she seem to be arguing with whoever the caller was.
“It’s what I want Roberto, I already made a choice and I’m not backing out on it!” She said and pulled the phone from her ear..

“Is something wrong?” I asked her and she shook her head.

“It’s nothing! How was school?” She inquired.

“Fine!” I said.

And like that, mom stayed home until it got late, answering tons of phone calls and replying some with anger and annoyance. She hung up after another call, grabbed her jacket and car keys.
“I have to go to the office, will give you a call later” she rushed her words, gave me a light peck and dashed off..

I frowned, stood up and head to my room, pulled my jacket on, grabbed my backpack with some food and head to the woods.

The next morning, after a quick breakfast with mom; she drove me to school and all through the ride, I noticed the smile on her face..

“Mom? Is everything okay?” I asked, not being able to contend my curiosity any longer. “You’ve been on all smiles since you got back from work this morning” I said.

“It was supposed to be a surprise for you when you get back from school but I can as well tell you now!” She giggled and I gave her a more curious look.

“What surprise?” I asked.

“Firstly, I resigned from work,” she said giving me a long smile “And we’re moving!”
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