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Heart of a beast 2 episode 39


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Melvin’s POV❤️
She gasped as she stared at me.. my mind went back to how my morning had started, I had woken up after being violently shaken by my mom..
It was all shocking but true, I was back to my room and everyone; not just my mom who was alive, could now see me. It seemed so real but I still had my doubts. I could remember driving into unconsciousness after the rain drops stopped hitting me, I could remember kissing Kayla after she confessed her love for me, I could remember the fear that enveloped me when I was positive that I’d die and nothing was stopping it but after that kiss, I felt strange noise stop, I felt different and then it started to rain, my eyes were closed but I could feel the water dropping on me.
After a while, I didn’t feel it anymore and I drove into unconsciousness.

Mom cooed me up from bed, asking about how I was coping with the breakup. It was too hard to believe that all that was a dream and that none of it had happened in reality.
The whole curse thing? The beast and.. Kayla? They weren’t real.
She helped me pick out my clothes and left; to say I was surprised was an understatement.
At the dinning, we were complete. Naomi, mom, dad and I and we are normally, it was like nothing had happened, or did it not?
I seem to be the only skeptical one, the only one that was surprised to see them. Mom had noticed and talked about it and Naomi had made a joke about it, being her normal sassy self but I wasn’t angry, I was glad.. glad that she’s alive and here.
There were so many questions I wanted to ask but I doubt that anyone would have answers to them cos clearly; I was the only one that got engaged on that other side of the world.

And here I am, in a completely different Melville high school and getting tons of apology from a supposed breakup. It was strange but I played along. The questions only increased more in numbers and confusion, I couldn’t understand how a dream could be so real.. On a view, I was glad it wasn’t real but was disappointed that Kayla wasn’t either.

It was so gobbled up in my head, I couldn’t join my friends at the cafe and there I was on my chair, thinking about it, trying to figure out what could’ve happened. Why I had such a long dream that felt real but wasn’t but it just led into more complicated questions.

And then she came, looking so much like the girl in my dream, the one that I loved and kiss. She looked different, like how I had imagined her in my dream and just as I had guessed then, she was indeed pretty, more pretty.

We had the same strange expression as we stared at each other and as she talked, I called her name, shutting her up and hoping she’d at least remember me from the dream or was it just me..
The expression she gave me next was almost unconvincing but when she said my name, I was surprised.

“You’re alive!” Kayla said, giving me a happy look as she bent and gave me a quick hug, I didn’t feel the Sparks at her touch. I didn’t reciprocate so she stood up and gave me a disappointed look.
Does she somehow know about that dream too?
I remained quiet and stared at her. “Um..This might sound weird but I kind of had a long dream that involved you and we-

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“Were cursed?” I asked, hoping it was the exact dream we both had. She stopped talking and gave me quite a bemused look.

“Yes! Oh my God, you had it too?” She primped and I nodded.

“And it seemed so real” I added and she nodded repeatedly.
“Do you know what it could mean?” I asked and she shook her head.

“I have no idea and I think were the only ones that experienced that dream cos I totally seem like the only different person among them” she said and I nodded. ” And isn’t it just surprising that Kira and her friends are my besties? I feel so lost!”

“And then my mom and Naomi, being themselves and all.. now that I think about it, it’s possible that we both just had similar dreams”

“But it felt so real!” She said and I nodded.

“Maybe we could go to the woods, who knows, there might be some answers to our questions there..I feel like what we had was more than a dream” I said.

“I agree. I almost cannot remember anything from reality” she said and I nodded. An awkward quietness took in but she broke it “And it’s nice meeting you again, Melvin”

“You too, Kayla!” I said plainly.
We were so free in that dream but here, look at us being formal.
Truth is, we might have known each other in that dream but that doesn’t apply to reality, we’re more or less strangers that just had similar dreams and are trying to find answers but somehow, I could feel something similar to what I felt back there.
“And you look really pretty, just as I guessed” I said with the intention to be less formal, I saw her blush.

“Thank you,” she smiled “And I was told I preferred being addressed to as Clara” she said.

“Clara?” I repeated..
The girl from the curse that looked like Kayla, well it made sense now cos that girl was Kayla who beared Clara as well. “That’s fine!” I said and she nodded.

“Um.. I have to go now. I promised my friends I’d join them at the cafeteria” she said and I stood up..

“Me too. I was too heavy headed to join them but I feel better seeing you!” I said and she nodded in concurrence.
It was more like an awkward situation just walking by her side to the cafe and saying small words, it was nothing compared to how jovial we were in that dream and as we moved on, I tried lightening the mood even though our both experiences and encounter from the two sides were different.
Kayla played along and in the next second we were laughing as we talked about our funny parts in the dream

When we got to the cafeteria, Kayla sighted her friends and left to join them while I walked to mine, I noticed that as she talked to them, they had this unsure look on me.

“Hey,” Luke said as I made it to my seat..
Well, will it surprise you that Luke and Jake were my best friends?

“Looks like you both have sorted things out?” Jake added, pushing a plate hotdog to me and some ketchup. “I knew that breakup wasn’t meant to be!” He added and Luke nodded in agreement..

“Well, I’m just happy that you’re both together again..it was so hard keeping up with you after that unexpected breakup!” Luke said.

“Breakup?” I repeated inwardly. They keep talking about breakup ever since I found my way to school and to them but I had no idea about it.. I sighed despondently
“Um.. okay” I said jovially and took a bite out of the food.
💙Kayla’s POV💙
“So how’d it go, I see you both are back together already. That was fast!” Delia said with a huge grin on her face.

“I just knew that breakup wasn’t meant to be!” Gina added, Putting a cup back on the table.

“Um yeah, maybe” I said, cluelessly.

“Look, it’s okay to breakup with a guy you don’t like anymore, Clara. If Melvin is by forcing you back to him then you should say it!” Kira said, as if ready for a fight.

Okay, I get it now. Melvin was the supposed guy I broke up with.

“No, really Kira, we’re good!” I told her and she nodded before passing me the tray that had food which I guess, they bought for me. I thanked her and dig into it, suddenly realising that I was hungry.

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After the chit-chats and many laughs with my friends which I found really caring and fun, break period came to an end and we head back to class..

Afternoon class was brief cos it was a Friday and I informed Tracy to head home alone that I was joining Melvin in his ride. She understood, also glad that we were back together, I went to Melvin and we hopped into his ride, the driver took us; on Melvin’s order, to the woods.

He parked the car a little farther from it.
“Stay here, Gerald. We’ll be back!” He said and the driver nodded.
We got down and made our way into the woods.

Nothing really changed in the surrounding, well apart from the absence of the cemetery.
We walked deeper into the woods, staying at each other’s side and arrived at the spot where the cave was but surprisingly it wasn’t there any longer. Melvin and I exchanged looks and looked away.

“I don’t think there ever was a cave here” I said.

“Me neither” he said, looking as confused as I was.

“You both destroyed it!” We had a familiar voice behind us, I turned swiftly.
“Priola!” I exclaimed and she smiled at us, walking towards us.

“Hello, Kayla, Melvin.. I was expecting you both” she said

“We don’t get any of what’s happening. I mean you’re real so all that wasn’t a dream, right?” Melvin asked.

“It wasn’t! Would you like to sit or-

“Please, just tell us what’s going on” I said, unknowingly cutting her off.

“Okay. What you guys had wasn’t a dream,” she started..

“So it really happened, we were cursed?” Melvin asked and Priola nodded..

“How do I put this.. you both had a journey to the future. That curse truly happened, it was more like a two world thing. That was how the curse was to have it’s effect. You would’ve seen that things happened differently there and here. People you were close to, people you loved and all, turned against you in that world. That was how the curse was meant to be, while Melvin was a beast, you on the other hand had things going differently for you!” She said.

“Yeah, I noticed that. My enemies were my friends, I hated my other name and I wasn’t a nerd! ” I said and Priola nodded.

“You’d have noticed that you both had your journey to that world after you broke up. You were meant to be apart for the other world to come in. And while you were here trying to solve your problems, the other world was still in existence. And it seemed like just a day there but it was actually many days here. What happened was more like time travelling” she said. “It was more like a battle between Lucinda and you both. If you hadn’t broken the curse then Lucinda would’ve won and everything would’ve remained the way they were, everyone that died, everyone that was meant to die after! Melvin inclusive and you would’ve lived in the worst way ever but because you broke it, you won and that turned everything the opposite way, you saved yourselves and your loved ones and brought you to the present which is why you both barely can’t remember anything from here!” She explained.

“So what happened to Lucinda?” Melvin asked.

“She’s alive but defeated and thanks to the Luvi, she won’t have a second chance on you both but to be on a more safer side from any other evil force apart from her, you need to imprint your names on the Luvi, so it can forever keep you safe and unreachable to another evil as that one cos no one knows what Lucinda might have next up her sleeves” she said, bringing out the Luvi and even though, I was still a little confused about what she explained, I took the Luvi from her.

“How do we do that?” Melvin asked.

“It’s easy, you both just form a name from your names and it automatically and permanently gets imprinted on the Luvi” she said.

“Um okay.. ClaVin?” I gave Melvin a questioning look. “It’s from Clara and Melvin” I said.

“Sounds great, ClaVin” he agreed..

“Okay. ClaVin, it is then!” Priola said and immediately it appeared on the locket of the Luvi, boldly written;

T. B. C

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