Heart Of A Beast

Heart of a beast 2 episode 4

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BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“I’m Clara? Like I’m cursed!?” I asked, not believing I heard her right earlier.
“Yes. You are” she said, clearing all atom of doubt and disbelief that I had.
“But how.. I-I mean how can I be Clara? I don’t even know this Lucinda person and I’ve never met Melvin in my life until recently so how in God’s name is that possible!”
“Trust me Kay, you do know Melvin and you know everything that’s happening now but can’t just remember and I can’t help you with that now.. We have to find a way first to ruin Lucinda’s plans” she said.
“Bu-but this is just so.. I mean like I’m in a curse like him?” I pointed to Melvin, my fingers shaking.
“You’re in a curse worse than his, you’d have seen it but just haven’t thought it’d be a curse” she said and I could swear that I didn’t understand any of what she said. “She’s ruining your life and family bit by bit, she had turned all your close relatives and friends to your enemies and you to a complete opposite of what you were! She’s going to separate your family completely in the most painful way” she explained..
Separate my family?!
Am I truly living a different life right now..
Could she have been the one that killed Tracy?? Oh goodness!
“There’s a way to end this right?” I asked, agitation clogging completely at my voice.
“Patient can only do it but there’s a way to stop or at least prevent her from making you like Melvin” she said.
“Well how?!” I asked.
“By lessening Melvin’s” she said.
“And how can you do that?” Melvin asked.
“Lucinda right now is close to being powerless, it’s possible that she used almost all her deepest powers to keep you both cursed till this time despite the Luvi and I think that if we’re able to get out of this, I mean bring her plan to make Kayla like you to futility, then we’ll be weakening her more,” she explained. “And to gradually reduce the effectiveness of the beast curse, you have to do everything, if not almost of what human do, like how they live, what they eat, things they do and others” she said.
Melvin and I gave her an even confused look.
“Okay, Melvin as a beast what do you crave for mostly?”
“Blood” he answers.
“And how do you always get that when you don’t kill?”
“Belle provides them for me, from animals” he answered.
“That’s more like it, she knew giving you that constantly will only increase your urge greatly for more and when she finally vanishes from your life, you’ll be worse than a bloods-cking beast and kill emotionlessly”
“What?” Melvin gasped.
“Yes, she knew doing the opposite continuously will bring a physical partial healing and she very much avoided that” she said and shook her head with a sigh. “So if you want to partially get out of this, help Kayla and neutralize the effects then you have to push all your beastly cravings aside completely and only take the ones you detest; what human takes. If raw things satisfies you then you have to go for processed and cooked ones and more like that, it’ll help shift you closer to your humanity and prevent Kayla from sharing in your beast-self”
“B-but I tried that before and it completely irks me, the smell alone makes my craving more fierce-”
“That’s why Kayla is here. You’re not alone and you both should remember that it isn’t only for one party, it’s for the good of you both and everyone you call family, so you can’t be selfish about it. The more you do this the closer we get to bringing Lucinda down, only you both can save your entire families from this” she said, looking seriously from Melvin to me.
I turned to give Melvin a look and surprisingly our gaze met.. I looked away.. My heartbeat going faster than the usual.
So the tipsy turvy turn that changed my life was caused by Lucinda?? She knew me and had cursed me.. And I knew her.
But how.. It all sounded so strange and unbelievable but true..
If she had cursed us, I mean Melvin and I then she must really hate us, a very deep hatred is the only thing that can lead to this even though it couldn’t completely justify it..
I wonder what we did to deserve it or why exactly she had done it..
“I have to prepare for my departure! If any other thing comes up, you’ll both see the sign, that’s why you have to be watchful, we all have different roles to play to end this!” Priola had barely completed her words when my phone suddenly began to ring.. I quickly took it out from my pocket and peered at the caller ID.. Mom?
I looked up to see their gazes on me.
“Um excuse me” I said before walking out. I answered the call.
“Kay? Where are you?” She asked and I looked around..
“Um.. I’m in the library, why?” I asked.
“Well cos someone is here to see you, he’s been here for over two hours, he says you’re expecting him” she said and my brows curved..
Him? Who?
“Who’s he?” I asked..
“Oh he says his name’s Jake and he’s your boyfriend!” She said, her voice c*cky at the ‘boyfriend’ part.
“Um.. Okay, I’m on my way home!” I respond before ending the call..
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