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Heart of a beast 2 episode 40 – finale


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
(Final Chapter)
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
Priola collected the necklace from me after a nod.
“So now that it’s done; I see that you both are still confused, would you want me to explain more about it?” She asked, as if reading our thoughts and I nodded rapidly but Melvin beat me to the word.

“Yes please” he said and Priola nodded with a light smile. She magically pushed a huge log towards us and sat, urging us to do same and we did.

“Now, I’ll say this from the scratch, so you both have to listen well. Everything that happened from the start was real, when you both met for the first time and Melvin gave you this,” she signified to the Luvi “but he did it out of ignorance and then you guys didn’t cross path for a long time and even when you did, you had no idea you had met in the past, even when you started a relationship” she said, giving us a questioning look to know if we understood and I nodded for her to go on. “Lucinda being jealous of your closeness and because of her likeness for Melvin, cursed you both, she had placed the curse on you guys a long time ago and had your souls trapped too but because of the Luvi in your possession plus the physical bond you both shared, the curse couldn’t physically manifest and she needed a distraction that could make it happen” she paused, looking from Melvin to me before continuing.

“So, Lucinda made me breakup with Melvin?” I asked.

“No, your breakup was natural, you probably just needed a break or it happened to give way for the curse to take place” she said.

“Okay, so what happened next?” Melvin asked.

“Almost immediately after the breakup, the curse began manifesting physically, breaking you both into two worlds. The first world was where you both were asleep for what any other person would call hours but In actual fact, it was a paused world after you both fell asleep, while the second world was where you both started afresh, that was from the beginning of the curse where only your souls were affected then but this time, your body began experiencing it too and because you broke up in that paused world, you had to go apart in the cursed world and then meet as strangers. Even Lucinda didn’t know when that would happen which was why she came to you in a different form, acting as a helper just so she could be there when you both eventually meet.
That world was where you both met and struggled to break the curse, like I said it was like a battle between Lucinda and you both. She had won In that other world by trapping your souls but needed to also win in this world before she could get whatever she wanted,” she said, giving us the curious look again..

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“Okay?” Melvin and I drawled together, obviously we were getting it now.

“Now, if you both hadn’t been able to break that curse by falling in love and strengthening and renewing that bond you both shared in the paused world and Lucinda had won then everything instantly that took place in that cursed world would’ve automatically happened in the paused world; the people that died, the ones meant to die and the ones meant to live in an opposite way, everything would have taken place in reality which was the paused world but because you both broke the curse and won; you saved not only yourselves but also everyone else meant to partake in the curse and changed everything back to the opposite way, thereby continuing that world and completely destroying the cursed world!” She expanded. “It must’ve seem only like a day to anyone else but it was actually many days, a whole lot of many days which happened because that world had been paused” she said in finality.

“Wow,” I sighed ” I get it now. Lucinda truly is horrible!”

“I agree. But then if we hadn’t broken the curse, what exactly would’ve happened?” Melvin asked.

“Briefly, we wouldn’t be here. You would’ve been dead and Kayla would’ve lived in the worst way ever after Lucinda must’ve successfully broken your whole family apart completely. Your best friends would’ve remained your enemies and more people would’ve died!” She said and Melvin shuddered.

“Geez.. but it’s all over now, right?” He asked.

“It sure is!” She smiled.

“Grandma, come-on it’s time!” We heard a voice and I tilt my head to see Jolita walking towards us, she had a rabbit resting on her shoulder. Priola stood up.
“Hello Clara?” She called, flashing me a smile.” Long time, no see!”
I stood up, returning her smile.

” I agree. You seem to have been doing well” I said and she nodded.

“Quit the formalities and give me a hug!” She said and I laughed shortly before moving into her arms, hugging her, we pulled away. “I wanted to see you for the last time!” She said.

“I’m glad I saw you too,” I said, giving Priola a questioning look. “Last time?” I asked.

“Yes, my task is obviously completed and I’m getting really old by the day so I’m retiring” she said and I nodded, moving to give her a hug too, Melvin stood up and did same.

“Thanks a lot, Priola” he said and she nodded.

“We should go now, you know you’re not supposed to be here!” She gave Jolita a scolding look and she rolled her eyes, making me chuckle.

“Bye Clara, Melvin” she waved at us, taking the rabbit from her shoulder and holding it lovingly in her palm as she and Priola walked away until out of sight..

I sighed in relief as Melvin and I stood in quietness.
“So..we should go” I said, suddenly feeling awkward.

“Um yeah, we should!” He laughed, rubbing his temples and we began making our way out of the woods.
Somehow, I hated how less informal we were, I mean if all that truly happened then we were Inlove right? I know I still have those feelings for him but what about him, did it get washed off with that world?
Or is he hiding it just like I am?

We found our way out of the woods and hopped into his ride, the driver sighed in what I’d describe as relief on seeing us and wasted no time in starting the car.
The car stopped at my house and I gave Melvin a look, wanting to say something less informal to him..

“Um..thank you!” I said, moving to get down from the car.

“Kayla?” He called and I gave him a look. “Sorry, I’m still kind of getting used to your other name,” he laughed nervously, rubbing his temples.

“It’s fine” I smiled at him, brushing some strands of my hair backward.
“So, I was wondering.. would you like to go out with me, later today?” He asked with a shrug.

“Yeah, sure!” I said, sounding more happily than I expected.

“Okay, I’ll come pick you up.. will six be fine or should it be seven or eight or-

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“Six, is perfect, Melvin” I said, cutting him off and he laughed.

“Okay, I’ll come over by six” he said and I nodded, I hung my bag well on my shoulder and climbed down from the vehicle, moving into the house.
I pulled the entrance door open and walked in and the first thing, or rather, person I sighted was Dad, pouring himself coffee from the mug.

“Dad!” I squealed in so much happiness and before he could properly ready himself for what I was about to do, I flung myself at him and fell into his arms, giving him a tight hug..
He chuckled in his usual masculine tone, it was like music to my ears as he hugged me back, wrapping his arms around me too..

I felt the tears building up in my eyes; tears of joy and happiness. I sniffed.
“Oh honey, I’ve missed you too, okay? I’ve missed you so much” he said, rubbing my back.

“I’ve missed you a lot, dad” I said, my voice filled with so many emotions. “You have no idea how much!” I sniffed.

He giggled. “I know, that’s enough now, okay. I’m back now!” He said and we pulled away, he inched me closer and wiped my tears with his thumb, I smiled.

“Tracy told me about the breakup” he said and I mouthed an oh.. ” she said you’ve been acting a little strange after it” he said.

“Maybe I have but we’re back together now” I said.

“Oh.. that’s good then” he said.

“Where’s mom?” I asked.

“She went to the office, she said she needed to get something done but she won’t be long, she probably should be on her way now” he said and I nodded..

“Clara, would you please come help me over here?” Tracy called from the kitchen..

“Of course, little sis!” I said, smiling happily as I jogged to the kitchen.
I guess I just couldn’t contain the happiness anymore inwardly and it just had to burst out and I didn’t care one bit about it.. anyone in my shoes wouldn’t.
💙Melvin’s POV💙
The car parked and just as soon as I got down, a maid walked towards me and collected my backpack after a brief greeting. I nodded and followed her into the house. Mom and dad were watching TV when I walked in, they were seated on a couch and in each other arms as they stared at the TV screen.
I stopped to stare at them for a while, happiness building up rapidly within me..
I smiled unknowingly and as I made it towards them, they turned and noticed me.

“Oh, hey son!” Mom smiled at me.

“Good afternoon, mom, dad” I greeted and they replied.

“You are few minutes late, Lucinda left just a while ago.. she would’ve waited for you but she seem to be in a hurry” mom said.

“Lucinda?” My brows narrowed. “she was here?” I asked and both mom and dad took turns to give me a confused look. ” I mean she was but I didn’t even get to see her today, how come she left so quick?” I asked.

“According to her, she has no other reasons to be here especially since you rejected her. She was so sober, I felt really bad for her. She said she felt defeated and needed to leave to meet her mom, it was so unexpected and quick” she said.

“Oh, did she say where she was going to?”

“Not really but she said it was somewhere far!” Dad emphasized.

“Good for her then” I shrugged.

“Seriously son, I felt really bad for her, maybe you should’ve given her a little chance, you know maybe a trial” mom said with a twitched face .

A trial? the same woman that planned to kill you..
“Trust me, mom. You wouldn’t want me to do that and besides, I have a date tonight with Clara” I said.

“Whoa you both are back together again, that was quick!” Mom smiled and I nodded.

“Anyone up for cookies?” Naomi asked, walking into the living room and carrying a saucer that had cookies in them. “They’re freshly baked!” She gave me a familiar wink, stopping beside me.
“This is yours” she gave me the first cookies.

“Thank you,” I drew it to my lips and took a bite and almost immediately spat it out as I chewed mainly on sugar, at the gesture; she burst into laughter..

“Got ya!” She laughed and dad joined before mom followed, it surprised them that I joined in the laughter too..

“I love you too, sis” I ruffled her hair and she gave me an angry stare but I smiled, drop the cookie back on the saucer and walked to my room.
There really is nothing like family!
🎉Kayla’s POV🎉
It was 5:54 when I checked the time last and by then I was already on the last touch of my very light make-up. Tracy helped me wipe the excess and complimented nicely on my look.
As I bent to pick my clutch, the door and mom’s head popped in..

“Your boyfriend’s here,” she said. “And you look lovely by the way” she added before closing the door.
I took my clutch, gave myself one last look and walked out, from the transparent door, I could see Melvin coming out of his car.

“Um Clara?” Mom called as I was walking to the door to meet Melvin.
I stopped and turned to her and she squeezed something into my palm, giving me a light wink.
I stared at it and gasped when I saw it was a pack of condom, I gave her a look and she winked again..
“You don’t know what might happen” she shrugged and walked back to her seat. I shook my head and squeezed it into my clutch, said byes to my family and went out to join Melvin.

He gave me a light flattering compliment and we made it to the car, his driver took off immediately.
As the ride went on, I felt Melvin’s gaze on me and I turned to catch his gaze.
“What? Do I look overdressed?” I asked, “cos I feel like I am!”

“No, of course not. You look perfect, which is why I can’t stop looking” he said and I felt my face warm up.
I looked away.

The car finally stopped at a lonely and deserted like area and we got down, Melvin came beside me and took my palm, I willingly let him and he began walking; leading me.
We walked down a path and finally arrived at a spot that was decorated, it had a small canopy like object with wide openings at both side that was so colorful, shining and beautiful. In it were two fancy chairs and a large table with different eatables on it.
“Sorry it’s this way, I had only a short time to plan it out” he said.

“It’s okay, Melvin. I wouldn’t have liked anything more flashy anyways” I said and he nodded with a relieved smile, taking my hands again and leading me to the cover. We both took seats and Melvin poured us drink from a bottle of fruit wine, I took a sip from it and left the glass cup on the table.
“Would you like something to eat, there’s a lot to pick from and extra if you care” he said and I shook my head.

” I’m okay for now, Maybe later” I said and he nodded.
He was quiet for a while, making it look awkward and just as he was about talking, I also found it as the right time to talk.
So we ended up calling our names together, it was like deja vu.

“You go first” I urged.

“Okay. I don’t know if this is the right time but I can’t keep holding it any longer because I want this outing to be more open and lively than this and not saying this, won’t make that happen,” he gave me a smile and stood up, walking to my side. ” I don’t know if you still feel the same way but I do and whatever happened in that other world was real so apparently we were Inlove with each other, so I was wondering if we could continue from where we stopped in this world too, become how free and open we used to be and totally drop the formalities and awkwardness. I mean, I know I’m still Inlove with you, even more than then and I’m ready to go on” he said and I smiled at him..
Just what I wanted to say, I mean I could cup it any longer too.
I was about standing up to tell him I agree when my leg met with the chair’s and instead of falling, I sacrificed my clutch which moved forcefully from my grip and fell; the condom falling out from it.. my eyes popped open wider.
Melvin walked to it and picked up my clutch and the condom before walked back to me, giving me a mischievous smile.
“No, you don’t understand that wasn’t from me! I mean it’s from me but I didn’t get that and-

“It’s okay, Kay. I had my thoughts too but I felt it’d be too quick” he said, smiling.
Oh geez..mom!

“Seriously Melvin, it’s not what you think, I mean you don’t understand-
His giggle cut me off and I hit him lightly on the shoulder..
“I’m being serious, Melvin!” I sighed.

“I wasn’t joking either” he shrug but I could still sense that tease in his voice.

“Okay, whatever but just in case you start to look at me differently cos of this then you should know I’m not who you think I am!” I stated

“Differently?” Melvin repeated. “You have no idea what I want to do to you right now” he said, looking at me with a sort of feel emotion.

“What is that?” I asked.

“Is that a go ahead?” He asked.

“A go ahead to-
He cut the rest of my words as he covered the spaces between us and fastened his lips on mine in a kiss, I found myself reciprocating immediately and disappointingly but I couldn’t help deepening the kiss and my finger moved into his hair and his palm slide down my waist, until our body was pressed against eachother; making all our feelings burst out as the kiss lengthened…
And that’s it for HOAB, My longest story for now.. I really hope, this chapter made you all understand now, really I don’t know how best to explain but if you’re still confused then just slide into my DM and I’ll try to explain more. I’m sorry if the story was confusing and I’m glad we ended it together. Please, I need all the reaction I can get on this chapter. Ghosties, please at least try to leave a comment..
We’ll meet again tomorrow, hopefully.. ☺️💙
🎉🎉THE END 🎉🎉

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