Heart Of A Beast

Heart of a beast episode 8

(Love is the word )
Melvin’s POV
I was faraway in my thoughts, the events that had happened few hours ago played in my head and I was lost in them.
Who was that woman?
Why was a little me standing at a garden?
Why did I remember only what I was asked?
So many questions roamed on my mind but the only thing I was completely sure about is that I was once human. Then what happened?
How the heck did I turn to this?
Who would be wicked enough to trap my soul? A sorceress?
Someone I know?
But why? What was my offence?
Was I a bad boy in the other life? Did I do something really bad that earned me this?
What in Pete’s name happened to me?!
“You’ve been awfully silent ever since you got back? Did something go wrong?” Belle asked, putting a large pot down and walking to me. I gave her a glance.
“I remembered something about myself,” I paused and looked at her fully “My real self” I said.
“That’s normal. You will remember as long as she’s right beside you” she said.
“No. I only remember what she asked. She asked of my name and like a flash I saw a little part of my past life and once my name got mentioned,I snapped back to reality” I said and Belle’s brows c*cked. “What does that mean?”
She let out a small sigh before replying me.
“You’ll have to show her the true you to find out more about yourself. I mean, your beast side” she said.
“B-but she’ll freak out! She’ll report me and never want to see me again!”
“That’s the only way, if you don’t show her then she can’t help you. She’s your chi-mate remember” she said. I stare away, thinking about what she just said, there’s no way this can work.
“You have to try”
“Is there no way to tame her or something.. You know to get her to not freak out or run away?”
“It doesn’t work that way. She’s not someone you can tame, you have to do it that way” she said.
“There’s no f-cking way this is going to work!” I said, a sad frown covering my face.
“We just have to hope that it does”
“And what if it doesn’t? What happens then?”
“Then your fate has ended” she said calmly.
“And what does that mean?”
“You’ll live as a beast forever and die when it over. Your soul will vanish and you’ll be gone forever” she said, I shut my eyes, taking in the bitter revelation.
“You can still tame her son, but you can only do it the normal way.. You can start with friendsh¡p or something” Belle said, stood up and walked out the room.
Just when I was starting to get used to the light a thick darkness gets to cover it.. And this time I’m sure it’ll be forever, I don’t think I’ll ever see light again. It’s been completely taken. Leaving me back to the past where all I have to do was hope and hope endlessly, the only difference is that my hope will be completely dashed this time.. I’ll only be hoping on something that’s hopeless, I can very much view the outcome of what Belle was asking me to do.
She’s never going to accept me, I’ll only get destroyed in the end.
Kayla’s POV
I arrived home from school that day to meet a rectangular parcel on the dinning table, I close the door and walk to it; there was a small note on it.
Couldn’t wait for you to get back from school. I hope you like it. It’s the best I could find, Call me if you like it.
I read the message and pick the gift up, I took off the knot, wondering why mom had to wrap the phone to this extent. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a phone, both from the size, shape and the note.
I unwrapped the box and took out the phone, an iPhone 6. I put the phone case that came with it, it was quality and pretty hærd and protective. I turned it on and realized mom’s number has already been stored in it. I clicked on it immediately.
It rang and stopped without an answer, she’s probably very busy. I left the phone on the table and walk to my room. I left my backpack on my bed, I searched my shelf, intending to read but realized sadly that I’ve read and reread all the books in it, I’ll have to refill them with new ones when I visit the bookstore. With a sigh, I took off my shoes and entered the kitchen. I grabbed a coke can from the fridge and drank from it. I walk back to the table and turned the TV on, I switched channels to the one that fit my taste and settle to watch.
I spent the rest of my afternoon watching the programme that seem so interesting to me, though others might call it boring and geeky but I felt different about it. The programme came to an end sadly and I grab the empty coke can on the coffee table, I stood up and head to the kitchen, I left the can in the trash can.
Seeing nothing else to do, I decided to visit the bookstore or the library to purchase or lend a book for the night.
I grab my jacket and phone, few bucks from my drawer and walked out of the door, locking it. I pocketed the keys and walk out of our house building to the pavement, heading to the bookstore.
I was only many steps away from it when I felt something or should I say someone following me, at first I kicked the thought aside, slowing down for whoever it was behind me to walk past but I notice that whoever it was slowed down too. Filled with alarm, I quickened my pace, looking sideways for a quick store filled with people to run into and just when I sight one, I felt the person very close to me, I could see his shadow lurking on mine.
With a silent sigh, I quickly took a sharp turn and my leg flew up, I sent a sharp kick to his knee and it weakened him. He gro-ned and fell, holding his leg with his palm. Who would’ve thought that I could kick a guy this hærd?
“Who are you and why are you following me?!” I asked him, taking steps away from him in case a need to flee arrives. He let out another gro-n before looking up to me. I paused when I saw his blue eyes, those strange and extreme one that I’ve come across few times.
“Melvin?” I called, to be sure I was seeing the right person.
“Hi Kayla” his voice were like that of someone in pain. My eyes w¡den and I rushed at once, to him.
“I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” I stretched a hand to help him up but he got up by himself and staggered backward.
I must’ve kicked him so hærd.
He finally settled and gave me a small smile.
“I’m okay” he answered. “That kick really caught me by surprise” he smiled.
“I’m sorry! I thought I was being followed by a thief or a pickpocket. Why didn’t you just say something instead of sneaking up on me that way?” I asked in amusement.
“You were too fast and I wanted to be sure it was you first. Sorry if I scared you” he apologized with a cute smile and I gulp before nodding.
“Looks like we always meet with pain” I said, “And you’re always the victim”
He laughed to that.
“Are you going somewhere?”
“Yes. I was going to buy a book” I said. “You?”
“I was just um.. Taking a stroll around. I can walk you to the bookstore, it’s over there” he said.
“I know and you’re welcome to accompany me” I said.
I continued my journey to the store, with him following behind me. “So how’s your wound. I can’t find the plaster on it”
“It’s okay. I actually got a faster healing ointment” he rushed his words.
With little talks, I got to the bookstore and picked a book from the educational teen section, I paid and Melvin decided to walk me home too.
Melvin’s POV
My throat itched to tell her.. To reveal the wh0le truth to her and tell her about my predicament but I couldn’t say a word.
The thought of her possible action and response frightened me to the bones.
I planned to tell her, even though I don’t exactly show her, I just need to see her reaction when I say it but now I can’t even find the courage to talk..
I only followed her like a dummy, we were drawing close to her house and all I could do was talk when necessary or just sigh..
To think that I’ll lose all hope and chances of finding out about my past and becoming who I used to be, scared me. I can’t let her run from me, if I lose her then I’ve lost everything.. All I tugged hærd for for eight years.
“Do you live around here, cos you’re always kind of close to my place ” She asked and for a moment, I thought I was going to flash back and remember where I lived but I didn’t. What’s happening?
“Yes” I said the first word that came to my mind.
“Oh..where?” She asked and as I opened my mouth to give her any answer, my mind suddenly transported. Again, I felt myself going in circles and I stopped walking, I shut my eyes as it began spinning.. I was going back to the past!
In front of me was a big house or should I say a mansion cos it looked really big and beautiful and there was a large gate, painted gold just before the building and beside it was a street sign..
**43, Devon street, Melville town. London**
Once I mind-read the sign, I catapulted back to reality. With a sigh, I opened my eyes to see Kay standing beside me, giving me a grimace.
“What’s wrong?” She asked me.
“You suddenly stopped walking and then zoned out” she said.
“Oh..um I just suddenly thought of something” I answered and continued walking, realising she wasn’t following, I stopped and turned to see her confused gaze still on me.. Seeing my gaze on her, she suddenly started walking too.
“Well, I live at Devon street, house 43” I said .
“I don’t think it’s around here then, you must live far from here cos that name doesn’t sound familiar to me” she said.
“Oh.. Well we just moved to this town so..I’m not really familiar with it” I said.
“Oh.. Then I guess whoever suggested the movement, chose right” she said, I gave her a questioning look.
“Why do you say so?” I asked.
“Can’t you see the similarity? Your name is Melvin and this town is Melville. They sound almost alike so I guess you should expect something good from this town” she said and it took a moment for me to realise that she was joking, obviously trying to lighten the mood but I didn’t find it funny.
She’s right. Why didn’t I think about it?
Melvin and Melville.. This is probably the place where all the secrets to my life lies, where all the answers to my questions is. This is the place that holds my past and all the revelations that I needed to know-who I truly am and what led me this way.
That explains why I was named after it, why I used to live here and why I found her here. I’m connected to it!
“Oh.. That was meant to be a joke” she said, seeing the frown on my face and I let out a small laugh..
As we draw nearer to her place I began have a strange feeling. A familiar s-nsation that felt bad. I needed no one to tell me that it was a bad feeling, an enemy was close by.
“Mom!” Kay’s squeal brought me out of my reverie to reality but the strange familiarity didn’t go.
I looked at her as she fell into the arms of a woman, the one she called mom. In a moment I realised where the familiarity came from, who she was and how I knew her.. My eyes w¡den in shock. Or did I hear wrong?
Did Kayla actually refer to her as her mom?
I gave her a look and I’m sure she must’ve seen the shock in my eyes cos she suddenly c*cked a brow at me..
“Mom, this is Melvin. My friend” she introduced and the woman looked from her daughter to me. I felt queasy.
She’s Detective Mariana Kincaid, the one in charge of my case and also my helper’s mom.
Now my hope of being busted if I reveal myself to her is very thin or should I say invisible and impossible..
Will my biggest fear finally happen right in my face?
Will I be stuck with this life forever??

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