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Heartaches and Tears – Episode 13



A story by Kennedy C Katongo


Amanda had thrown a strong gaze at me as she sat under a mango tree taking selfies. I was excited, my face was like the sun’s face. It glowed.

“Some one has had a nice day…” She said as she got up to meet me. It was only 3 full plastic bags that I had arrived with.

“You won’t believe what happened!” I said as I jumped around in excitement.

“What happened, you look like you’ve met father Christmas.” She said jokingly as she helped me with the plastic bags.

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Even though I was all pumped up, I was able to notice that Amanda’s day hadn’t gone well cause she looked tired and stressed up.

“I went to Link Pharmacy, Guess who I met?” I asked her as we entered the room.

“You know am not good at guessing. Who is it?” She asked in her chilled lazy tone.

“Come on, just give it a try…” I pressed on.

“Let’s see… Nope! I have nothing. You can just tell me though.” She smiled.

“I met Nathan. He happens to be friends with the Pharmacist in Charge. Not sure if he’s the manager.” I said in a flash to shorten the recap. Her face glowed by the mention of his name. She was suddenly interested to here what I was going to say next.

“He was with the boys. They really wanted to see you.” I added.

“Ooh! How are they? Was Jay sick again?” She asked.

“Hold your horses girl. They all fine. It was just a cough that’s all.”

“Did they ask about me?” She questioned me. She had that ‘i know they did – however I just want to hear you say they did’ look on her happy face.

I wasn’t going to grant her that wish, she was cutting my story short by asking about the kids.

“You owe them Ice cream. Nathan got me a spot on the list of applicants for the internship program. All I have to do is submit my papers.” Both of us began to scream after that. The excitement in the room was on another level.

“I knew Nathan would come through if we asked him.” Amanda said as we ended our short celebration.

“I told you to call him. But you still act like you mad at him when I already know you have forgiven him.” I said as I tried to sound cocky.

“You know my reasons. This is my chance at cutting him. I don’t want him and I to continue.” She said with her face down. “But am happy for you. This is great news. At least one of us will have a job.” She opened the plastics and began unpacking, “Don’t tell me he paid for this?” She shook her head.

“I tried to refuse…” I responded defensively.

“Hope you didn’t tell him where we are staying.” She opened her eyes widely as she looked at me.

Amanda was soft and cuddly. At least that’s the outward appearance that people who were not close to her had grown to know. But there was more to her smiley face; the fixed, wide eyed look that was intimidating and frightening.

I knew better, there was no way I was going to tell Mr Saturday where we were staying. He wasn’t lazy when it came to visits. After all was said and done, I wasn’t sure of something… I had doubts on telling her that he was happy and they were slowly working things out as a couple.

Even though she would act tough about it, I knew it would get to her.

“Nathan asked me for a favour. About that job he spoke to you about… He would like to help you. After that he will keep his distance.” I told her.

“Distance? What did you tell him?” She snapped. Guess my mouth had said more than I had in mind. Now I had to tell her what I told Nathan.

“I know you said something. So spit it out. I want to know what it is you said.” Her commanding voice was funny and scary at the same time. It was a bit confusing; I was stuck between taking her serious and just laughing.

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“I just told him the truth. That you love him, that you care about him and that keeps you from moving on because you feel like you owe him. I told him how he had to let go of you – because from the look of things, he’s back with his wife. I told him to give you freedom since you can’t waste your life waiting on someone that might never be yours.” I told her word after word. There were some things she had kept from me, but I knew them anyway. I was at a place where I had to wait for her to do something crazy. After all, she was one aggressive person when she wanted to be.

She was silent, her hands help a pack of Doritos, her favourite. Then she spoke, “What was his response after you told him that?”

“Wait, you not mad at me?” I asked her. Well, her response wasn’t what I had in mind.

“I would have been mad at you. But you just looking out for me the same way I would do for you. However, you bloody crossed the line Mwaka!” She raised her voice when ending her words.

“I got you the first time. Was raising your voice necessary?” “Anyway he agreed with me. But he asked for a favour in return.” I laughed.

“Now that sounds like the Nathan I know. He never gives up without a fight.” She laughed. “So what was the catch?” She asked with an evil look on her face, not the killer look, but the look that suggested ‘Am ready for it’.

I went on to explain to her that Mr Saturday was demanding that he gets her a job. And if for any reason Amanda was going to deny his offer, then he would do like wise – deny my proposal. Amanda was never the type of person to be pushed around, I was intrigued that Nathan managed to reason with her so well.

“Okay. I will take the job. But I have conditions of my own.” She commented.

“Huh. The man is finding you a job and you still want to make a fuss out of it. Just take the job.” I told her.

“Am not taking the Job if he’s going to be coming through every second to check if am there. I know Nathan very well.”

She got her phone her phone and began swiping away on Instagram. That was the only social network that didn’t make sense for me but that wasn’t the case for Amanda, she loved it.

“I’ve got a voice note from Mr Saturday!” She said as she tried to sound sassy and not impressed.

“Play it.” I suggested. He had told me he would text her and not send her a VN that was going to last a week.

“That was deep.” I commented in the midst of the silence.

She looked at me and almost cried, “He’s always been good with words. Shee smiled. One thing is certain though, ‘Love never dies. It just fades away – then becomes forgotten’ it’s the forgetting that’s a challenge.” She cleared her throat.

“You will make it. He’s done a lot for us. That is something I have to admit. If you feel you can be friends. Then okay. But no having s£x with the man.” I said sharply.

“You make it sound like we had s£x every second. It just happened a few times.” She complained.

“Am not judging. So are you taking his offer?” I asked her.

“Do I have a choice?”

“You always have a choice. Just make sure you don’t think with your emotions. What are we eating am starving?” I added.

I could see that broken look on Amanda’s face. It was the same one Nathan had when I pitched him the idea of letting go of her. The type that an alcoholic has when you deny him a bottle.

@@ @@ MABLE @@ @@

“what’s wrong sweety?” I asked Jay. She had this lost look on his face. As if there was something he was thinking about.

“Nothing. Dad didn’t want us to see Aunty Amanda.” He said with a sad face.

“Aunty Amanda! Who is Aunty Amanda?” I asked her.

“She’s dad friend. But dad says we can’t visit her anymore. She’s very nice mum.” Jay said, this time, he had this warm heart felt smile covered on his face.

“Okay baby. I will talk to daddy don’t worry.” I told him as he brightened up.

I was in shock. I couldn’t believe Nathan would take our kids to see his female friends. Jay wasn’t the type of child to speak highly of someone, if he could say such – this meant he knew her very well to miss her.

To be continued…

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