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Heartaches and Tears episode 25 – finale


HEARTACHES AND TEARS – Finale episode 25


The thought of; the time I spent with Mable calmed me down. Even though I felt bad about the type of man Amanda had decided to be with… I realised that love was one crazy road.

I saw Mr Mbewe and his colleague, walk out of the hospital. I got out of my car and followed them. After all, everything was now left in their hands as the law.

“Hi!” I called out to them as I ran over.

“I was just about to call you…” Mr Mbewe said.

“So, how is everything? What has she said?” I asked.

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“Well.” “Amanda wanted us to close the case. She had no intention of reporting him to the Police. However, I tried to make her see that protecting him wasn’t accomplishing anything. To make matters worse, she isn’t the first one to go through such an experience with KK.” Thelma responded with a brief explanation.

“So what has she said!” I asked in a flash.

“On that one we can’t tell you. She insisted that we don’t say anything. She wants to tell you herself. We are now heading to the main office… I will keep you updated if there is any development at UTH.” Mr Mbewe told me.

I was there looking lost, I couldn’t believe that after what KK had done to her she still wanted to protect the fool. I went back in the building to check up on her.

@@ @@ MWAKA @@ @@

I was already with Amanda when Nathan walked in, he seemed to have been in a rush. “Are you okay?” I asked him.

“Am fine.” He responded.

“Take a seat.” Amanda told him after noticing how tense he was. Nathan looked at her for a second, he wanted to say something cocky instead he just sat down.

“I heard that you don’t want to press charges on him…” He said calmly.

“I don’t know… Right now am mad about losing the baby and I have to answer silly questions. I seriously don’t care what happens to him.” Amanda said as she began crying.

“I thought he was the one for a moment. I would look at him and thank God for bringing him in my life… For once I thought I had my own man…” She added saddened voice.

I just sat beside her. I didn’t know what to say to my friend anymore. The thought of giving yourself to a man and only to discover you put your milk is a broken vessel really hurt. I myself was once in such a relationship before my College days began.

Maybe, just maybe… The fear of being alone… The fear of escaping your mid twenties without a man haunted me. After all, when girls younger than you are busy posting gowns and marriage photos – the fear creeps in. In the end, we fall for men who seem not to bad for marriage.

I rubbed her shoulder to let her know I was there for her. Nathan, he was still mad. But then nothing could be done. Everything had already happened. I noticed how he looked at Amanda with so much love… There was a way he expressed himself to her, a way which spoke, ‘I will always be there for you as long as you let me.’

I had not called Amanda’s parents to inform then on what had happened, that was something she wouldn’t have wanted me to do.


“Hey baby!” Nathan answered his phone. He gave us the finger-down and walked out. (His way of saying I’ll be right back)

“Does he really need to be visiting?” Amanda asked me.

“well. His our friend.” I giggled.

“His your friend. To me his a man whom I crave for day and night – not only that, I have to live with the fact that ‘he will never be mine’ do you know how hard that is?” She asked me.

Hours, Days, Weeks and then a month had gone by since Amanda was attacked by her now Ex-boyfriend KK. The case was taken to court and things went more than everyone expected – he was slapped with 2 years and 5 months of imprisonment. Let’s just say the guy had a lot going on in his life, not forgetting that he was a father of 5 children from different women whom he mistreated and never supported.

After Amanda was discharged, we arrived home to something different. Mr Saturday had made sure our room was painted to our liking, that was after he spoke to the landlord. It took time for my friend to get back to her normal self. At times she would cry the whole day just at the thought of losing her baby.

Nathan made sure that she began working somewhere else, this time around she didn’t object to his call. Twice in a week he would visit us to make sure we were doing alright. ‘You going to make your wife disown you!’ Amanda and I would exclaim every time he came to visit.

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“Am sorry for that. She wanted to know were I had hid the other car keys.” Nathan said as he walked back in.

“Jay and Kenny have started stealing the keys again?” Amanda asked as she expressed shock.

“Yeah. Found them heading outside the other day. Busy saying they want to buy Ice Cream.” He added as he began to serve the food. Yes, Nathan had cooked for us. And the wife had sent us a cake.

“Are you sure you didn’t just buy this cake?” I asked him after he passed me a piece, it was a velvet cake.

“What! Are you saying my wife can’t bake? Am going to tell her.”

“I stand with Mwaka on this one, I will need to ask Mable how she did this.” Amanda seconded. We all began laughing.

Another crazy thing had happened, Nathan had invited us to his house for supper.

@@ @@ MABLE @@ @@

“Nathan! Can you please check on the boys. They have been in that bath tub for a while now.” I called out to him.

“Am on it”

Candle was still with her man in the tourist capital. That left me no option but to do all the cooking and baking alone.. After all, it was her idea that I invite the girls over for supper.

When my husband came back from the Hospital one day, he looked tired and stressed, when I asked him how I could help, he laughed. He went on to tell me that his friend wasn’t doing very well and needed help from a specialist.

Even though the idea of me being friends with the woman my husband cheated on me with wasn’t good. I was curious to meet her and that’s how I suggested to him that I would talk to her.

“You joking right?” He looked at me, his mouth open, his face as if he had just seen a ghost – perhaps worse.

“No. If Amanda and her friend are a big part of your life… Then I would like to meet them.” I told him.

He hesitated, but at last I won. Since that day the four of us had become close friends – me, in particular. It wasn’t something I had expected, the weird part was having people say that Amanda and I looked alike.

“The boys are done. They will be coming out soon. Jay is busy looking for his Superman shirt. Didn’t you throw that out last week?” Nathan said as he walked up to me in the kitchen and stood behind me.

“What do you think you doing?” I asked him.

“Nothing. So what’s in the pot?” He cleared his throat.

“You need to stop being naughty. They are going to be here anytime soon, Mwaka called to let me know they have started off.” I told him.

“Okay. Did she tell you about her boyfriend?” Nathan asked me.

“Yes, she says the guy is organised. It’s unlike her to say that.” I responded.

“Mable.” He called out to me, “Come closer – stand here.” He said as I moved closer to him.

“Thank you for everything. You the best wife a gentleman could ever ask for. I love you today, I will love you tomorrow and the day after that.” He kissed me softly as he spoke.

“Am glad I could help.” I kissed him on the forehead and asked him to go shower.

@@ @@ MWAKA @@ @@

“What time are you going for your date?” Nathan asked me.

“I don’t feel like going. I will just pass.” I responded.

“Mwaka, you need to be joking. You been talking about this date since Sunday and now you want to bell?” He said with a serious face.

“Am going to tell Mable you having the shivers.” Amanda laughed.

“That’s not fair!” I exclaimed.

“It doesn’t have to be fair. He seems like a good guy. He introduced you to his sister….” Amanda went on…

“You forgetting he has a daughter.” I commented.

“A daughter that adores you. I really don’t see why you giving him such a hard time – trust me, his not Mr Bipolar.” She added as we all began laughing.

Mable and Amanda, they both had a solid point. To be truthful, I was scared, what if I commit myself to this man and things don’t work out? What if I was just another experiment for him?

Not only that, he was too good of a person to say things between him and the baby mama failed to work out (bullsh*t I said) that might just have been a way for him to make me consider him.

“You scared? That’s a good thing. It means you still human. But don’t let fear hold you captive from stepping into something bright. ‘Perfect people don’t exist. Only imperfect ones who are willing to be perfect’ Mable has told me that line every single time I felt I wasn’t enough for something.” Nathan told me. Amanda had gone to the Kitchen as he was talking to me.

“He might be a baby daddy… But that doesn’t disqualify him from being a man. Just because it didn’t work out with his ex doesn’t mean it won’t work out with you.” He pulled my nose and smiled. “There is always another chance for those who are willing to try again.” He added.

I got my plate, and we headed out to sit outside under the mango tree. Listening to Nathan at times always made me ask myself, “How did he end up cheating on his wife?”

Well, it made a bit of sense when Amanda and I first met her, my first reaction was, “Amanda, look! She looks like an older version of you.”


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