Heartaches And Tears

Heartaches and Tears – Episode 8

Heartaches and Tears – Episode 8
That’s were I picked up the Mr Saturday name and began calling him that. But like it has always been, the more you spend time with someone, the more you start falling in love. Though that has never been the out come for others.
We had only a week to be in the hostel, that meant we leave or we look around for an apartment to rent as both of us were to start looking for work.
The night ended with both of us catching up on SUITS since we had cooked food that non of us wanted to eat.
“I can’t believe Emmanuel was such a jerk. I looked at him and I was blown away, he was the prince charming I had been waiting for and yet, the dude was just a f**k boy. Lord your sons.” I said bitterly.
“Someone seemed to enjoy the k-ss… Huh!”
“Stop it Amanda. He took advantage of me. The dude knew just what to say to get me to crave for him. I wasn’t myself around him… The thoughts that filled my head when I looked at him – oh Lord have mercy.” I said as I tried to sound dramatic.
“Its a good thing nothing happened. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if anything happened between the two of you.” Amanda said warmly.
“You know am not a child right?” I asked her with a giggle.
She always loved treating me like her younger sister, she was a friend I was willing to stand with through thick and thin because she would do the same for me without a question.
There was a sharp knock at the door, it was our friend from the next room – the diver. She had a box of pepperoni pizza, the large size.
“You guys are back already?” She asked and she closed the door.
“Yeah. Its been a bad evening. We’re watching suits come join.” Amanda said as she sat up.
“Mwaka I met that guy who keeps asking me about you. His outside right now.” She said.
“What! No way. Am not going to leave you two with that box. Tell him am not around…” I said in a low voice.
“He already knows you here. His the one that told me you are back… And guess what?” She smiled widely.
“Don’t tell me he’s the one that bought that?” I said with my hands covering my face. “You have to take it back. Tell him I didn’t want the pizza… Or tell him that pepperoni isn’t my thing. I love Chicken and Mushroom.” I said in a hurry.
“But that’s not true. You hate mushroom.” Amanda commented.
“I hate you both.” I told them. I was left with no option but to meet the guy.
I had told him I didn’t like him, not only that but he once dated my classmate and I wasn’t going to hang around such a guy.
“Hello…” He said with a smile, he was tall, a round face with cheeks that made him look handsome when he smiled. And he had a big nose.
“I thought I told you I don’t want to see you.” I said with a frown.
“I know you said that…”
“You need to learn to give up.” I cut him short before he could even finish talking.
“I know you don’t feel anything for me and am not your type. Yeah! I get it, I’ve heard you say it a hundred times. I’ve come here because I will be leaving tomorrow… And I don’t know if I’ll ever see you again and that’s why I’ve come to ask you – can I please take you for a walk?” He asked me politely. I was already furious and now I had to have a man whose self-esteem was as low as the waters in Kariba dam.
“What Will you get out of this?” I asked him.
“Well, at least I will know that I tried.” He responded.
“Okay. I will walk with you but you need to promise you not going to do anything funny otherwise I will break your nose.” I said as I pointed at him.
“Is that all?” He asked.
I got my hood, it was one that Amanda gave me after she won a Stories Written contest. I liked it and I took it by force.
Taking a walk with this young man wasn’t something I wanted to do, however, when he told me why he really wanted to do it… I felt guilty and decided to go with it.
@@ @@ MABLE @@ @@
“Ah! Are you sure God is going to answer that one?” Candle said as she laughed at me.
“Okay. What would you advice I do than?” I finally asked her. I knew she wasn’t going to let me off the hook very easily.
“Give it a try. Give Nathan another chance and if all doesn’t go well – you can leave him.” Candle said.
“And how do you suggest I do that?” I laughed as a way to ridicule her words.
“What’s the strongest memory you have of Nathan and yourself? Once you find it, tell me. It should be something that got you happy and excited… Something that made you just want to be with him.” She said warmly as she watched me blush.
“I have a lot of memories that fit that.” I told Candle, this was a way of me being difficult.
“Well, if that’s the case then pick any among them all.” She said.
“Okay… My first memory was when he came to my work place, I had been stressing and was moody. He had bought me Fish and Ch¡ps. And then he told me something, he said, ‘If I was taken back to the day I first met you – I wouldn’t want to change a thing.’ He then k-ssed me on the forehead and hugged me.” I said, a smile then covered my face… The picture of him crying when I gave birth to my first child. The smile and warmth of his heart as she got on the sick bed and layed next to me.
“When you have done that, remember the naughtiest moment that you remember about Nathan.” Candle added after seeing how red my cheeks got from blushing.
“That one is easy. Its the first time we slept on the carpet.” I laughed.
“Why would you do that?” Candle asked as she looked a little surprised.
“Well, the bedroom seemed far and things had already gotten hot. So we made out here.” I giggled.
She had tricked me, remembering all those things brought me to a place where I missed Nathan. The way he treated me like a baby when he found me sleeping or dozing in front of the TV.
The times he cancelled his meetings just to spend time with me… The more I thought of all of that the more I began to miss him. Candle was right after all, I had been thinking only about myself and not what Nathan was going through every morning I would give him an attitude. However, there was no way I was going to admit that she was right.
@@ @@ NATHAN @@ @@
I packed the car and sat there for a couple of minutes, maybe even an hour because I began to doze off. I was already mad and I didn’t want Mable to add up with her drama. There were days when I couldn’t wait to get home to my wife… But now, but now I was afraid of going back to my own house.
I got my bag and a plastic of groceries I had picked up on my way home. And walked slower than a tortoise to the front door. I let the plastics in the kitchen and the moment I walked into the living room there she was walking towards me with nothing but a white french p-nt on her body. She even had my white smart shirt on.
“Hi.” Mable said with a smile as I made two steps down the staircase. I was pissed but didn’t want to show it – after all, I had been with the boys. She looked at me for a second and then walked up to me.
“You back early. How’s Emmanuel?” She asked.
“He… He is okay… Why are you walking around in your p-nt?” I asked her, her hands were on my shoulders, she carefully pressed in and then gave it a rub. That was just what I needed, this reminded me of the days when we had just gotten married.
“Come… Take a seat and let me m-ssage you.” She said as she pulled me by the hand. This was very unusual of her, but my God! This was exactly what I needed.
To be continued…

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