Heartbeats episode 48 – 49

( I Think I
Love You … )


By, Naomi Cindy B.



“When you think of Butter, you get what?” The MC shouted.

“Butterflies!!!” The eager fans chorused.

“If you missed him ast saturday, s¢ræm Butter!!!!!” The MC shouted again.

👥 Butter!!!!!!!!

Viola came into the hall and unluckily for her, she found no space in the front, so she stayed in the middle of the crowd.

“Thanks to your best wishes, he got well sooner than expected” The MC shouted.

👥 Yayyyyy!!!!!!!

“What’s he gonna be wearing tonigh?, Denim on denim?” v×rgiπia said impatiently beside Abigail.

“No, he loves wearing big white Tee’s yunno” Abigail replied.

“I’m just Soo impatient!” v×rgiπia replied, and Abigail giggled.

Luna came into the hall with Winter and they found a space in the middle of the crowd too, just beside Viola.

“Babes!” Viola said cheerfully.

“I was expecting to meet you here since you’re a fan” Winter said.

“Biiig fan!” Viola smiled, and Luna laughed.

“My name is…

Before she could say Luna, Winter blocked her mouth.

“We’re in a concert, don’t disgrace me” she whispered, and Luna smiled.

“It’s time to listen to the golden voice of the golden boy!, Butter!!!” The MC shouted.

👥 Whoaaaaa!!!!!

Viola and Luna focused on the stage as Butter came in.

“Aww, he always looks cuter at night” Viola said.

“Yes” Luna replied before realizing.

“Did you just say…yes?” Winter said, and Luna’s eyes w¡dened a bit.

“I mean…he’s as handsome as you guys have been saying” she said.

“This won’t be the first time you’re seeing him” Wendy replied.

“I don’t know!, Let me be!” Luna pouted, and Winter laughed as they focused back on stage.

Butter sat in front of his piano and looked into the crowd, searching for JoJo with his eyes as the crowd continued s¢ræming.

He was still searching when he saw Viola and the rest, and when he didn’t see JoJo with them, he felt sad, he almost started crying.

He placed his fingers on the keyboard and started playing his intro slowly.

Immediately he was done, he closed his eyes and started singing.

“When I look up to the sky at night”

“All I see is your perfect face”

“Even the stars wrote your name, perfection it is”

“Your face appears in my dreams, perfection it s¢ræms”

“Waking up to see your face first every morning is another perfection”

“Your smile is perfect, your charms, your curves, all s¢ræms perfection”

“You complete me, you rub perfection on me”

“I want more, just more, more and more of perfection… That’s you”

Luna’s eyes were wide open throughout, she was staring at him as he sang each line.

When her heart started beating fast, she had to hold her breath.

‘What’s happening to me?’ she thought, holding her chest.

Winter looked at her and smiled, understanding what’s going on.

Viola was biting her lip repeatedly as she watched, it’s not new that her heart races anytime she’s in his concert, so it’s racing as well right now.

“If I don’t date this guy, no one will” v×rgiπia said obsessively, smiling widely.



The k-s is still on, but this time, JoJo was sitting on the table, and Draco stood between her legs, devouring her l-ips deliciously.

Though their l-ips will surely be swollen already, but letting go is far from the room right now, they were too swept up in the current to realize that they’re already drowning in the ocean of emotions, and they don’t even care.

For both of them, it’s like swimming in puddles of sweetness, being dipped in gold.

Draco wanted every part of him to wrap around her, make every part feel her, make this a special k-s, and make every touch one she’d crave more of.

His right hand was still threaded in her hair, and the left was on her @ss, rubbing it car–singly.

He suddenly broke the k-s, and JoJo gasped sharply, tightening her hold on him.

The wistful gaze in his eyes drove her to the edge of insanity immediately, and she instantly felt what she has never felt before.

Emotions rush, crazy one at that.

“Knight” she whispered, searching through his brown eyes.

She was lit on fire, the only thing that matters now is him, this moment, his l-ips, she wanted more of him, all of him!

Draco’s feelings are unexplainable right now, it’s something he can’t fathom, so he pressed her body against his own immediately.

“I love you madly” he whispered.

“I love you insanely” she replied impatiently, and their l-ips found their ways back to each other.

“Hmm” she m–ned gently for him, and Draco carried her away from the table.

Her legs tangled on his torso as he started walking to the bed, their l-ips still tugging in war, and their tongues twirling in their mouths.

He dropped her on the bed and lay on top of her, shifting his hands to her b**bs this time.

“F**k” she gasped as he got a hold of the two medium size br*asts.

He started rubbing her n*pples with his thumbs, pleasuring her softly.

The way his hands worked could be illegal, it’s bewitching.

She wrapped her legs on his w–st, and he broke the k-s gently.

He immediately attached his l-ips to her neck, planting series of k-ses till he got to her b**bs.

He k-sed them through the bralette, and her n**ples hærdened as his warm breath sieved in through the wool.

He smiled, and she immediately returned it, tilting up to k-s him lightly.

“I’m not dreaming, am I?” He said.

“You’re not” she replied, and he buried his face in her b**bs.

“Gawd, I have a girlfriend I love madly” he whispered, and she started stroking his hair.

“I have a boyfriend I love insanely” she whispered, and he raised his face to k-s her forehead.

“I swear it, I’ll kill anything that makes you cry, I’ll protect you with my own life JoAnn, I swear on my existence” he said, rubbing her lobes

“You don’t have to swear, I trust you knight, and I’ll also do my best to make you happy, ok?” She replied, and he smiled before k-sing her eyes, then he stood from her and got the anklet box from his drawer

He came back and made her sit up, then he squatted in front of her.

Immediately he opened it, the dazzling anklet started shinning, and JoJo gasped.

“It’s gorgeous” her eyes w¡dened.

He took her leg and gently fixed it on her ankle, it fits it perfectly!

“Knight, it’s pure…gold” she gasped, realizing that.

“You’re more than gold” he replied, and her cheeks turned red immediately.

He k-sed the anklet with her ankle, then he k-sed up to her legs, he stopped on her thighs.

She blushed hærd, and Draco smiled, k-sing her l-ips softly.

She blushed again, blinking as she faced the ground.

“You’re so cute” he said, brushing her hair with his fingers.

She blushed h-rder, eventually dipping her face in his chest.

“Shy?” He giggled.

“I don’t know” she whispered as he started stroking her hair.

“You weren’t shy when we were k-sing” he said, and she slowly looked up.

He k-sed her nose immediately, and she bit her lip, staring at him.

“I’ve never felt like this before for anyone” she whispered.

“Me too, you unlocked the door baby witch” he replied, and she immediately drove her fingers into his hair, reeling him in.

He smiled and went down with her on the bed, making their l-ips press softly on each other.

JoJo caged him to herself by hanging her arms on his neck, and his hands went under her skirt, car–sing her bare @ss.



Snow got down from the bed and walked straight to the kitchen where she got an ice pack.

Her bruises hurt, and she couldn’t sleep cos of the pains.

She’d have gone to the hospital, but letting people see her face like this is what she’d never do.

She sat on the couch and started pressing the pack gently on her face, gasping at every sting.

She was still on it when she remembered what actually happened.


It was past seven, and Snow was already preparing to send another threatening message to JoJo when the door opened violently, and Draco barged in angrily like a starving lion.

“Draco!” She gasped, and when Viola came in after him, her eyes w¡dened more.

“Viola!” She gasped again, and her phone fell from her.

Viola was fast to pick it, and after she checked all the messages, she faced Draco.

“Confirmed, she’s the threatener” she said.

Draco drew his gun immediately.

“Noo!” Snow shouted shockingly, and he was about to shoot at her when Viola held his hand.

“No don’t, you can’t kill her!” She said fast.

“Let go of my hand Viola, how dare she threaten JoJo!, For what exactly!, I’m gonna kill her and nothing is gon’ happen!” he replied, and Viola hugged him.

“No don’t kill her, she deserves death but just allow me to teach her a lesson first, please brother” she begged.

Snow was already praying to enter the ground on her s₱0t, and when Viola was able to finally calm him down, she walked to her.


“You’re an obsessed b*tch like I’ve been suspecting, little wonder you turned nice immediately I introduced myself as his sis yesterday, JoJo is your bestie like I heard, how dare you kidnap her!, How could you do that to a girl you call kitten!” She shouted.

“I love Draco so much, and…

“Viola move!” Draco said immediately, and Viola moved away from her.

Draco shot at Snow, and it got her arm.

“Aarrggg!!!!” She s¢ræmed, holding her bleeding arm as she fell on the couch.

“Love?, You’re obsessed dear!, And now i’m gonna show you the other side of me” Viola said and dragged her up from the couch.

The next five minutes were filled with pains for her as Viola drew fine patterns on her face with punches, hits and slaps.

She was already bleeding so much when Viola released her, then Draco took over and grabbed her neck, raising her up.

“I’m..I’m..Dy…ing!” She struggled as he started choking her.

“Try that again, and I swear on my feelings for JoJo, I’ll waste your life!” He glared, throwing her down afterwards.


Snow sighed and dropped the ice pack when she has pressed enough, then she stood and entered her room.

She checked out her bandaged arm and sighed.

“So he’s as dangerous as that, even the so-called Viola” she said.

“I did a lot for JoJo, and this is how I get payed?” She muttered, sitting in front of the mirror.

“Let’s see who gets the last laugh”



Victoria was already asleep in her room when Ignatius opened the door and came in.

He slept beside her and started car–sing her body, he’s currently feeling so horny but m–nna is not available.

It’s too late to call for her right now, so he’ll just make use of the available one.

“Ignatius are you high?” Victoria asked, opening her eyes.

“You don’t miss me in,side you?, It’s been months now” he replied.

“Don’t ever think you can have me anymore, not even in your dreams” she replied.

“Seriously?” He replied.

“Sure, so f*ck away from me!” She replied, and he started using force to pull down her nightie, but she held his hand and gave him a hærd bite.

He let go of her, and she got down from the bed.

“Did you just deny me?” Ignatius scoffed, and she laughed.

“I was never yours, you’ve never treated me as yours!”

“Get on the bed!” He commanded.

“Make me” she replied and made to walk out of the room, but he grabbed her and plunged her back to the bed.

He tried pulling down her pants, but she suddenly gave him a punch on the face.

He slapped her, but she punched him again before slapping him back.

He rolled off her, and she rolled the quilt on his neck immediately, choking him with it.

“Victoria stop!” He choked, trying to free himself, but Victoria started dragging him around the room with that like a roped goat.

“Vic…to… ria!” He gr–ned painfully.

“Have you forgotten that my late dad was a trainer at a judo academy?, I learnt a lot and I think it’s time to put some into action” she said and continued dragging him around.

“Victoria I.. swear I’m gonna…kill you!” He coughed out blood.

“Shut up and say sorry!” She replied, kicking his face.




Luke spent last night by Walton’s door.

He hasn’t spoken to her since she found out she’s a girl, and it hurts madly.

She cried herself to sleep by his door last night, but he still didn’t open the door, she only slept on the early hours of this morning.

The door suddenly opened slowly, and Walton came out, Luke’s eyes opened immediately.

“Walton!” She spranged up, but before she could touch him, he slipped back in and shut the door.

“Walton!” Luke started hitting the door loudly.

“Walton I’m sorry!, I was wrong and I admit!, I’m sorry!!!” She shouted.

Walton stood behind the door in,side, listening to everything quietly.

“How do I start relating with her from now on?, It’s so sudden” he muttered, closing his eyes.



Draco woke up first, and the first thing he saw was JoJo’s face.

She was sleeping on his chest, her hair scattered all-over her face.

He smiled and started brushing it with his fingers, admiring all her facial features, even her freckles.

He k-sed her nose lightly, then he stole a k-s from her l-ips.

“I love you madly” he whispered, k-sing her hair.

“I love you more than I can control” he whispered, k-sing her closed eyes.

“I love you more than you do” he said, k-sing her forehead.

“I love you a lot Ann” he muttered, k-sing her chin.

“Goodmorning heartbeat” he whispered and brushed his nose on hers.

That woke her up, and when her eyes opened completely, she smiled and snuggled closer.

“Morning, smoochable l-ips” she whispered.

“Tell me about your night” he smiled, tracing her right brows with his thumb.

“I dreamt about us, we were…” She bit her lip, and he k-sed them immediately.

“Were what?” He asked, getting impatient for a deep k-s.

“Smooching… like maniacs” she replied, and he giggled.

“Nothing more?”

“Like what?” She whispered, bringing her thumbs to his l-ips to start car–sing the soft red flesh.

“Like… yunno…. Deeper than… smooch?” He replied, and she chuckled.

“Maybe next dream” she said, drawing closer again.

He slowly reeled himself in and k-sed her deeply.

She responded, and he dipped his hand under her shirt to give her @ss a gentle squeeze.

She actually wore one of his shirts to bed, and as expected, it’s soo bigger than her, she could fly.

The squeeze made her m–n into the k-s, and he broke it gently.

“I love you madly, heartbeat” he pecked her l-ips again.

“I love you insanely, knight” she replied.

“It’s Sunday, what do you wanna do?” He asked, playing with her hair, and her phone rang immediately.

She sat up to pick, it’s Luna.

“Hey babe!” She smiled.

“Let’s go on a group shopping today. I, Winter, Snow, you, and Viola, you in?” Luna asked.

She was about to reply when Draco k-sed her l-ips, and the phone fell from her to the bed.

“I’m on a call knight…

He interrupted with another k-s, and she smiled.

“Hello!, JoJolove!” Luna’s voice said on the phone.

“I can’t resist you, let’s just k-s till we pass out” he said, and she giggled as he naughtily crashed his l-ips on hers again.

“Hello!” Luna’s voice came from the phone again, but Draco was already on top of her on the bed.

Their l-ips started fighting on each other, and as his right hand pinned her right hand down to the bed, his left hand crawled under her shirt till it reached her b**b.

“I love how your b*”bs feel on my palm” he whispered into the k-s, deepening it as he started giving fond presses to her b**b.

“And how your l-ips feel on mine” he whispered again.

“What did I just hear?, JoJo!!!! Luna s¢ræmed on phone.

JoJo used her other hand to grab the duvet and covered them with it completely.

Draco sighed on her l-ips, giving her n**ple a slight pinch, and at the same time, he slid his tongue into her mouth.

“JoJo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Luna s¢ræmed on phone again.


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