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Heartbreaks episode 11


(A true life story)
Episode 11

I need no dibia to tell me i t was over between Sammy and I, I went home wondering what was wrong with me, this was the second heartbreak I was having. What is it I haven’t gotten right? Why am I been dumped? I searched and searched but found no answer. I resolved to face my studies and forget boys, and that was exactly what I did until I got to final year.

We were already assigned supervisors and project topics. My topic was on the “Biological effects of gas on human blood”. When I looked at the topic I didn’t even know where and how to start. I ran to Lucy who was also having difficulties in hers, but she always had a solution for me, even when it’s not permanent, she has a way of making me feel OK. She told me there was one of our course mate who can help me out. ” really”? I asked, she nodded in the affirmative. I quickly urged her to introduce me fast as time was of the essence.

That was how I met Charles. Charles was my course mate, we’ve attended lectures together since 100level, but we’ve never spoken to each other until now. When Lucy showed him to me, part of me wanted to ignore going to him , buy then who would help me in this project, I had no choice but to go to him. I was shy buy I moved on. He was packing his bags to leave when I approached him. “Good afternoon” I greeted, good afternoon he responded. “Please I was told you could assist me with my project work. Am having a lil bit of difficulty writing it. He turned and looked at me again and asked for my topic I told him and then he said I should meet him the next day as today was already over. I greeted him and walked away. I was relieved that at least he didn’t refuse.

The next day , Charles started helping me out with my work, he would browse, write and teach me. He practically did the work as if it was his own. Sometimes we would be left alone in school, at a point we started going to his house to work and write.Charles was really a friend. He didn’t stay alone, he was living with his girlfriend. Whenever I went over there she would frown her face, I knew she didn’t like that I was close to her boyfriend but what can I do?

I have become so close to Charles and feelings have started to develop, we spend almost the whole day together. Charles told me he had no idea I was this lovely and that he thought of me as a snub . ” do not judge a book by it’s cover I told him! I was already falling for Charles and I knew the feeling was same for him, but I tried to keep it as close as possible. Whatever this feeling was must die same way it’s coming. But it wasn’t so for Charles, he tried to keep it hidden, but he couldn’t, for even the blind could see it that he felt something for me. This provoked his girlfriend even more.

We finally graduated from school. The day we wrote our last exam was wow! Lots of drinks, celebration everywhere. I went to Charles’s place, there was a party going on there, I had lot to drink. After drinking and eating enough I told him I was leaving and that by the next day I would leaving delsu for good. I thanked him for all his help to me, I also greeted his girlfriend and I took my bags and left. Emotions was flowing through both if us. Emotions that were not released, it was a painful departure toriperi stories.

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I got to my house. Neighbours welcomed me and congratulated me, some poured me water from my head to toe, I was completely drenched. After a while I was allowed to go to my room. I changed into my undies n a night wear. It was already past 9pm. I started arranging my things in preparation for the movement the next day, then I heard a knock on my door. ” hold on I shouted, grabbed a wrapper from my bed and tied it to my chest, I went to open the door. And Charles was there standing before me.

“What are you doing here I asked him” instead of answering me he pushed me aside and came inside, I shut the door after him and stood in front of him. “What are you doing here I asked again? Before I could say anymore word he grabbed me and started kissing me. I was supposed to push him away but I didn’t, instead I kissed him back, I wanted him so badly . it’s been 2years since I had s£x, his hands soon found my [email protected], as he squeezed them gently, my wrapper fell off leaving a bare body for him to handle. I must confess that Charles knew exactly the right places to touch to make my head spin round and round.

It was not long before we went into the main deal. I was m0aning so loud that he had to cover my mouth with his hands, the s£x lasted for about 10 minutes yet it felt like forever. When we finally finished, Charles told me his my body felt so warm in him and how he didnt want me to leave him. He wants this to continue. Whatever it was we were doing, I too didn’t want it to stop either. Charles slept at my house that night. In the morning he left after I promised to stay another week for him

The extra week in school was heaven on earth, Charles was always at my place, sometimes we would go out together and sometimes I would go over to his place. His girlfriend has already traveled back home for the holidays. One day we visited the beach , I was teaching Charles to swim. It was our last day of the week I promised to stay. We were alone in the entire place. Soon we started kissing. In the open, under the morning sun, the bright lights, nothing felt beautiful than that moment. We decided to take our making out further, we stepped out of the water and laid down by its side on the bare sand, and then we started making love. It was a hot s£x. I have never had that kind of s£x ever before. It was wrong but at that moment it felt right! Suddenly a man started coming out way, it was one of the workers in the beach, we saw him, he saw us, but we didn’t stop, we kept on with what we were doing and he kept in coming. When I saw he would not stop coming and he would recognize our faces if he comes any closer, I pushed Charles from on top of me and dived into the cool water in front of me, he followed me two seconds later. We were laughing and talking on how naughty we’ve become.

The next day, we got to the park together, we were going to different directions. What we had had no definition, but it was from the heart. We said our goodbyes and bidded each other farewell.

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