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Heartbreaks episode 12


Episode 12

Charles and I kept in touch. We were always talking on phone. He told me he has relocated to the rugged city of warri and is now working at one company over there. It was the same company he served at as a copper. After his youth service he was retained. He now has a house of his own and he was doing fine. I on the other hand has also just gotten a job, I got employed in one private clinic Salvation maternity asaba. And so I also got a house for myself, we were both doing great.

I asked Charles of his girlfriend and he told me they finally broke up. I must confess that part of me was happy when he gave me that news. “What happened?” I asked. Don’t bother yourself over it dear he replied, it’s over and it’s over. I said it’s OK. Then he invited me to come visit him at warri. I was excited about this.

By weekend I was already with Charles, he took me to his work place and showed me to his bosses I was happy. I spent the entire weekend there with him. That was the beginning of my every weekend trip to warri. Charles and I were having a great time., I cook for him, and we do everything married people do. I was practically living as a single but married lady. I had high hopes for us, I had plans. Even though I didn’t know what he was planning.

Everything was going on smoothly for about 7months, and just like the other guys, Charles started changing. First, he stopped calling me. I was the only one calling, and when I ask why he wasn’t calling me, he would say he had no airtime. Then I would send him airtime, still he wouldn’t call. I will text him and he won’t reply. One day I sat at home and cried not again. Maybe it’s just because he was busy. His birthday was fast approaching, I plan on surprising my boo.

Then I called him, I intend using this medium to make up whatever it is that was making him change. I won’t lose Charles easily. I called him to invite him over to asaba. Charles assures me he was going to come. Then I dashed off to the market , and I bought a live fowl, butchered and fried it, I prepared fried rice, bought wine and bought a very large cake. I called Charles again to know if he was already on his way, he told me that he would meet up with me in another two hours. I was so happy. I set the table with candles. I bought some Rose flowers and sprinkled them on the already made bed like I used to see in American best sellers. I took another look at everything I have done and it was perfect. I rushed to take my bath, applied some make up, I wore something very s£xy, I will make him fall in love again. That was my plan.

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After 2hours I called him and his number was not reachable. I guess he was out of network and will soon get here. I slot in the Celine Dion CD on my DVD, as it was playing, I was imagining the things I’d do to Charles when he gets here, I didn’t know the time I slept off. It was the sound of thunder and rain that woke me up. I checked the time it was already past 11pm, I quickly grabbed my phone to check for missed calls and there was non. Then I started calling him, I called and called and there was no answer instead he started cutting the call. I sent a text to him asking where he was and there was no reply. It now dawned on me that Charles was not going to come . I was angry, I was mad, I was crying, in tears I took a knife and began to pieces the cake which I bought, I there the pieces on the wall, I opened the wine and I drank it, I wanted to drink myself to death, it was in the middle of my tears I slept off again for the second time.

In the morning I decided I was not going to work, I woke up with a terrible headache, I took some drugs and decided to REST at home. When it was pm3 I packed my bag. I am going to warri, Charles must tell me to my face that it was over if not he is going nowhere. When he saw me he was surprised. There was no excuse on why he acted the way he did. I prepared the evening food, we ate in silence. It was as if I was with my elder brother, no romance between us, no jokes, nothing to gist or laugh about, you could feel the distance between us. From his actions I knew I was not welcomed at all.

When we finished eating i tried to engage him in a discussion, but he was not interested, then I started touching him in his most sensitive parts, even though his body responded fast he was clearly not interested, but I wouldn’t give up easily so I continued. It wasn’t for Long before our lips found each other. We ended up having s£x. It was not fun like it used to, it was not love making, it was just a dry s£x. After the s£x I expected him to say something to me, little did I know he has slept off. Can you imagine that? Who sleeps off during s£x? I was pissed off and irritated. I carried my bags and left his house. I rather sleep outside tonight than remain in this house with this man that does not feel anything for me.it was a two story building and his room was at the top most floor. It was already past pm, I made my wrapper outside his gates and I maid 11down to sleep with tears dripping from my eyes. I was lost in thoughts. I soon slept off. Charles woke up in the middle of the night to see i was not in his house, then he started looking for me. He eventually saw me where I have already slept off. He started begging me to come back in. After a long begging, I went back to his room where I slept till morning.

In the early hours of the morning, Charles was still asleep, I picked up his phone to see if I can find out what he was hiding, I went through his messages and then I saw it! His messages with one particular girl. I checked his Facebook messages and it was all there, his love messages with same girl. He even saved her number on his phone as RHODA MY PRINCESS.

I quickly dropped his phone when I saw he was about waking up. Charles is cheating on me with a girl name Rhoda! What do I do? I collected Rhoda’s number from his phone, I also collected her Facebook name, then j sent her a friend request and she accepted. Charles woke up and greeted me coldlyI also answered him coldly. That morning I left his house and returned back to asaba. I must get to the bottom of this.

To be continued

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