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Heartbreaks episode 13 – end


(A true life story)
Episode 13

It was not long before Rhoda accepted my friend request, and we started chatting, i never mentioned anything about Charles. I learnt that she was actually a very nice person. We became so close that she even invited me over to her place. I decided to go. So that weekend , I took my bags and I visited Rhoda toriperi stories.

Her family welcomed me, her non and dad were wonderful people. At night we started gisting and that was the night I opened up to her about Charles. She was so surprised. Then she apologized to me and told me she would end things straight away with him.she told me Charles was her boss at work, and that she went over to their company for her Industrial attachment and that was where Charles saw her and started bothering her since day 1. I felt ashamed for Charles. Asking a student who he was supposed to be tutoring out. It was a shameful act

True to her words, Rhoda broke up with Charles, and Charles knew it was my doing and so he vented his anger on me. He called me all sort of names. He said I was desperate, I could kill, I could do and UN do. He then said the words that it was over! Well! I saw this coming, am not surprised. But why? Why am I been heart broken? What is my offence? What have I done to deserve this.
Sammy and now
Charles, not to talk of the fate I endured with Bright!

Why me?I had no friends left. Since we graduated I have not heard from or seen Lucy, I had no one to console me. Maybe I am destined to be like this. Maybe I won’t ever find real love. Maybe+
I give up! I am so done trying! Boys can go forever. Lett them go!

Episode 14
Season finale

I have tasted heartbreaks, I have experienced pains, shame disgrace, humiliation, I have been forsaken, rejected, used and abused, people have mocked me, they have called me names like foolish, stupid, cheater, s–t, cheap and so on. But in it all, I am a stronger person, a better person and a real woman. I made mistakes and I learnt from them, and even though those guys left me, I am glad I never ended up with them, for my life would have been a living hell.

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After Charles eft me, I discovered it was over with guys, I will not open my heart anymore or whatever is left of it for any guy, it’s over and over for me.I repented of my sins and mistakes and then dedicated myself to Christ Jesus. I heard he would heal all my wounds and make me while again and so I decided to give him the final chance to see if I can be happy.

I found leave with Jesus, I found joy. Everything I needed was him. I had money so I always took myself out for a treat after the days job. It was on one of such trips that I met Steve! Steve was handsome and cool, he was at the eatery where I was eating and he was staring. ” what is my own?/stare and when you get tired keep your eye back” this was my imagination. I ate my food silently and quietly then I left the eatery. He followed me and when I noticed he was following me, I turned to ask him why?/all I could see was Joe, Sammy, Bright and Charles all on his face. The anger I felt and the pains in my stomach was something else. I quickly drove him to get away before I shout that he wants to kidnap me He was not threatened, he was so calm, he kept following me, I had to take a bike and left him there
I got to church that evening for the Wednesday service. Lo and behold this man was still here standing face to face with me.I got angry! So you followed me here I screamed. So you followed me. Are you so jobless that you have nothing to do than follow me around?/(I asked him a question but didn’t give him a chance to talk before I re attacked him. See whatever your plans are this lady you see ain’t buying it. The next time I see you snooping around following me I will shout the walls down rubbish! With this I stormed inside the choice and sat down. Minutes later he walked into the church and sat down. I was really angry at him for having the guts to carry his plots into the house of God .
After the service I approached him, “you I cried out, you followed me inside the church you are indeed shameless I was quoting all the insults I know on him and yet he kept quiet. And then suddenly he said, my name is Steve, who cares I reply? He smiled and said, I am your pastors son.

I was dumbfounded, so I have been insulting the pastor’s son. I wasn’t sorry o, but I stopped insulting him and I walked away. Steve didn’t stop there. He said he sensed bitterness and hatred in my heart and he wants to purge it out! ” well am no giving him that chance.

On this faithful day, I was to travel to Lagos, it’s been a while I saw my parents. So I decided to go and visit them. I WS givien a three weeks leave at work. I boarded agofure bus, I didn’t bother to look at the passengers on the bus. If I had known Steve was on the bus maybe I would have waited for the next bus. The bus was already near ore when it suddenly stopped moving. We had no choice than to stepp out of the bus so it can be fixed. It was when the passengers were coming down that I saw Steve. He was surprised to see me too just as i was to see him. But in my heart I was glad there was a familiar face in this bush. It took almost another three hours before the bus was finally fixed.I Sat with Steve and we spoke at length. I found out he was an engineer. He spent all his life in Abuja and has come home to look for a wife. Good luck searching I told him. By now the journey has begun again and it was not long before we arrived and finally parted ways.

I spent two weeks in Lagos and then came back home to spend the remaining one week of my holiday. Steve and I became friends. His friendship to me was different. But with time I actually began to enjoy it.
We have been friends for like two years now.

I soon got used to him. One day he invited me over to his church and then before the whole church and congregation he asked me to marry him
The whole thing felt like a joke and a dream at the same time. I wondered how possible it was. This guy that has never ever kissed me, not to talk of s£x, how can he say i should marry him. I pinched myself again to see if I was awake and I felt the sharp pains. I was definitely awake. Despite all I told you about me?/I asked amidst tears, yes honey! That was your last, you are a new creature now and old things are definitely passed away!

Tears flowed from my eyes as I said “I do to my beloved” 3months after he proposed. The tears kept falling as the memory of he past played right before me. This time I wasn’t crying for pain or heartbreak but they were tears of joy. So men like Steve existed where was he all along. When I was suffering in the hands of guys, experiencing heartbreaks upon heartbreaks, where was he?

I guess sin blinded my eyes from meeting my man,but Jesus through Salvation has connected me to see
Now I do not regret those heart breaks, instead I wonder what would have become of me? Should I have ended with Joe, I would have ended with someone that does not trust me and would jump off at the slightest rumour about me. Or Sammy who is a born cheat whom I can never trust with anything on skirts or Charles uhm! What can I say about that one?
In all I have God Almighty to thank. For I ended up with the bone of my bones
Happiness at last!
My name is STEPHANIE! and that was my story.


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