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Heartbreaks episode 5


(a true life story)
Episode 5

It’s been 8months since Joe and I started dating. s£x has become a normal thing for us. we make Iove at every given opportunity. Joe was a darling, he gives me money for upkeep, to make my hair, for food stuffs and even for school hand outs. There was nothing I wanted more! I cook for him, wash his clothes , and at night we would make sweet love. I was living like a married woman.

Anna had stopped visiting like she used to. And I have her to thank for my new found love, for opening my eyes. I was practically telling her everything about Joe and I. Life was good. I told Joe I wanted to travel, to see my friends who were schooling outside Delsu. I will be spending the weekend and will be returning by Wednesday the next week. He agreed and gave me 7000 naira for transport. I was happy. I spent 400naira for transport and kept the rest to myself. That day was a Friday .

Joe and I were always in phone talking sweet nonsense, two days without him was like 2years. My friends were happy for me. “finally Helen said, you have decided to join the big girls club . “yes o’” replied Sophie, she is finally a woman. We were laughing and gisting because there was nothing more to do since we returned from church.

Grin grin, grin! Grin! My phone was ringing , I picked it up and my face lit up as I saw the caller… “LUCY’
HELLO Lucy, what’s up with you? Steph are you coming today she replied me. What do you mean by that? You know I am returning on Wednesday . Steph you have to return today o! Why? I asked? Because we are having GST test tomorrow morning by 9am. And the lecturer said its 30marks. “wow! I exclaimed, my short holidays has been cut off. Well, it’s already too late to travel today, I will try to come first thing tomorrow morning. You have to leave early she advised. Yes I will, bye she said and hunged up.. Immediately I ended the call, I decided to inform my boyfriend that I was returning the next day, I called and called but he didn’t pick. I was not bothered because it was a normal habit !

I left Oleh as early as possible, I got to delsu few minutes to 8am. I quickly rushed to my room and changed my dressing and also to drop my traveling bags. I have been calling Joe but no response so I decided to quickly check on him in his room before rushing off to class. When I got there, I recognized the slippers in his gate. I have seen this slippers before on Anna. What will Anna be doing at Joe’s this morning.

The burglary was unlocked, it was easy for me to walk in, the door was also unlocked so I just pushed it slightly and it opened. Lo and behold what did I see? Anna on top of my Joe, stark [email protected], riding him gently. they didn’t even hear or see me come in, Joe was on cloud nine.

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I was speechless, I was furious, I was angry, I wanted to kill them both, I was confused…… Joe I shouted and Anna jumped off him.. he was shocked to see me, Anna was trying to put on her clothes and Joe was wearing his boxers.

I just stood there like an image, hot tears fell from my eyes, Joe was all I could mutter from my mouth. I turned and walked away! I went back to my room, I didn’t know what to think or say, hot tears was dripping from my eyes like rain. I didn’t know where I was, I wanted to die, let me just die! Jesus, what is going on. I sat down , I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me up but nothing would bulge.

Joe came up to my room and knocked and knocked but I didn’t want to answer, I didn’t want to see him, I have been betrayed. I sat there and watched time play away, I didn’t know when I slept off.

Stephanie, Stephanie, Steph wake-up, it was Lucy voice that woke me up. when I saw her I held her and I cried, she gave me her shoulders and I just kept crying, I cried and cried until tears was finished from my eyes. I narrated all that happened to Lucy. she told me that was life for me and that I have to move on and forget Joe for all guys are born cheaters!

I came out of my room, and I saw Joe still outside, I looked at him, he was not sorry he said sorry to me but I know and felt it strongly that he was not sorry! I walked up to him and stared deeply to his eyes as if I could get my answers from them. Then the unbelievable happened. Anna walked up to me and said “Steph now there is no need to keep hiding, Joe and I are dating as you’ve clearly seen, so you have to stay away from my boyfriend. I hate sharing. So stay away from him, if I catch you close to him, I will kill u. With this she walked away.

I was astonished, it wasn’t her words that hurt me but the fact that Joe was there and did nothing, said nothing. I stood for another five minutes wondering what had happened to my Joe, what did i do bad, where did I go wrong? Anna? but she was my friend, why Anna?

I walked to my room and fell in my pillows ready to soak them with tears. the end of the world has finally come.

Did I do anything wrong
is it because I travelled?
or has this been going on behind my back?

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