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Heartbreaks episode 6


heartbreaks episode 6

Episode 6

I picked up some few clothes and traveled back to Oleh, I can’t bear to stay here and watch Anna flirt around, I have to go somewhere, and so I left. I was moody throughout the journey, sometimes tears will just flow out of my eyes and I’d just wipe them off, I wished for everything to be a dream.

4days in Oleh and not even a call or flash or text from Joe. My friends encouraged me to move on and forget the bloody cheat. It was still very unbelievable for me, my instincts were telling me to go and beg him. But what have I done? What will I be begging for? I didn’t see what I did wrong but I made up my mind to go and beg him. I will not be ashamed to fight for what I love. And so on Sunday I picked my things and returned back to school.

Just as I expected, Joe was home, the compound was quiet as almost everyone had gone to church. I entered into his room and he was lying on his bed. He didn’t say anything to me. I sat beside him, I didn’t know how to start or what to say, he finally broke the silence and asked, are you just going to keep quiet here, or you have something to say?

Joe, I finally called him, why are you hurting me, what have I done wrong? Why are you treating me bad, this was not all you promised me why? Stephanie he said, am sorry things have gone like this between us, but it’s all your fault. I couldn’t satisfy you in bed and you didn’t tell me, I didn’t know the right places to touch and you didn’t tell me, how on earth did you think I’d just know the things am not doing right if you don’t tell me, am not a f—–g magician. At this point Joe’s voice was beginning to go high. I could not understand what he was saying so I just stared at hiiim like a zombie. steph, he continued! You had no right, no right, no right to discuss our s£x life outside, not with anyone talk less of Anna, “what?” I shouted, but he interrupted me, yes! Stephanie you have no right to describe my body for someone else. I have a small P***n*s! Am not good in bed but you are managing me! Stephanie me, you are managing me…..gosh I don suffer, in fact just leave before I’d do something I’d regret, at this Joe started pushing me out.

I have started crying again, Joe please hear me out, it’s not true, I didn’t say anything like that please hear me out. Anna lied to you, please, Joe was not even listening to me. Why would she lie he asked? Why? Was she not the one who made you agreed to be my girlfriend the first time, you told me that yourself so why will she lie now? And look, she has discovered for herself that a. Not bad in bed, and I don’t have a small d—k. So thank you and go. Then I knelt down before him, because I saw he was hurting too. I immediately understood why he did what he did, he has been misguided. Joe please hear me out……hear you out for what? Ehn? What are you doing here? I know that voice, I turned back to look and it was Anna, she was back from church, am asking you what are you doing here? Please leave this place, ain’t you shameless? Kneeling down for a guy who does not want you anymore, leave before I kill you with my bare hands. I was crying, I was speechless, I turned and looked at Joe, just go o i heard him say. With that I stood up, and walked away to my room.

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No na , I thought to myself, I can’t just give up like this, at least, let me try something. I quickly grabbed my fone and dialed the number. Hello, hello Stephanie wats up? Please are you home I asked? Yes dear am home, any problem? He asked, am coming over, we will talk when we see. I hunged up , grabbed my phone and dashed out of the house.

Bright, was Joe’s best friend at the moment, he could help me talk to Joe and make him see reasons. I knocked at his door and he opened and let me in. I narrated everything that has happened to him amidst a pool of tears. He felt really concerned. He promised me that he would talk with Joe and assured me not to cry that I will soon be in the arms of my man. My eyes were swollen from tears he asked me if I have eaten anything because I was looking like a ghost, I told him not to worry that I will be fine. But he insisted I must take something.

He went in and prepared hot indomie and egg for me down with a chilled bottle of Fanta, I didn’t want to take anything, but Bright wouldn’t take no for an answer, and so I ate the food in silence praying within me that Joe listens to Bright when he finally talks with him.

I woke up few hours later feeling funny. I didn’t know where I was, I was trying to understand the environment. Then I remembered Joe, I remembered visiting Bright and I remembered eating indomie and drinking Fanta. My head was aching badly. Then I tried to stand up but I was so weak. The place was dark, I tried to feel the bed for my phone, and luckily I found it, I checked the time it was past 8pm. I put on the phone touch and I stood up, then I saw that I was nakkked, my pants was in the ground and my skirt on the bed. What is going on here, why am I nakkked? Where am I? Am still at Brights house? At this time? Where is he? What has he done to me? Where is the bastard? Oh my God!

I have been rapped!

I picked my clothes and wore them, I arranged myself and started calling the he goat, but he was cutting my calls. I sat and waited for him to return but he didn’t. It was getting really late. So I left his house and came back to my hostel. I felt sorry, I felt unclean! What the hell happened? How did this happen? How did I sleep? How did I not know anything? Why would Bright do this to me? Should I tell Joe? Would he believe me? I was drowning myself with these thoughts, I was tired. Tires of crying, tired of fighting and tires of life itself. RIGHT now, I hate my life. Lucy was all I had left. Should I tell her what just happened? But what happened? Even I don’t know. I just know that I have been rapped. Bright drugged and raped me. But why? He was my friend, he was Joe’s friend why would he do this? I am finished , my whole life just crash landed!Only God can help me now!

Why do you think Bright rapped me?
Should I tell Joe, will it change anything?
Should I arrest Bright?

.to be continued

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