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Heartbreaks episode 7


(A true life story)
Episode 7

Lucy was furious, how can he do that she bursted out? He is wicked evil and heartless, where is the bastard. Let’s arrest him, God will punish him, at this she started crying! But Steph why did you go there? Why? I thought he would help me talk to Joe, I wanted him to beg Joe for me, he promised to do that, I never knew he had his own plans I never knew. I cried ! It’s okay Steph, it’s okay, we will get through this I promise. Forget Joe, she said, forget him so you won’t get hurt further! Please! She cried out. That night we cried together and for the first time since I came to this school, we prayed, I felt this peace within me and I slept like a baby!

The next morning I woke up feeling a little better, Anna was at Joe’s , she was cooking, I have decided to forget what happened to me and not tell anyone. Joe was outside pressing his phone and once in a while staring a wicked look at me. I wondered what he was thinking. Anna was telling him jokes that were not funny, she was talking so loud to make sure I hear her laugh from my room. I was still angry and hurting in what she did and a sense of hatred was pouring on me by her actions. But I ignored everything I was hearing and seeing and focused in what I was doing .

Coincidentally I and Joe came out of the hostel same time. He didn’t talk to me, he was trying to walk fast and far away from me but I didn’t let him. I stopped him. Joe I called, he slowed down but didn’t stop walking. Joe from the first day I came to this hostel you told me you loved me, the very first night I slept at your place I had this feeling that all you wanted from me was s£x but you swore with your mom’s life and because I didn’t want your mom to die I begged you not to swear, you made me fall for you and I gave you my most priceless asset and then today you turn your back on me and betray me when I did you no wrong. God will judge you, I said. Joe turned and looked at me with hatred in his eyes. Shut up Steph, just shut up. Stop all these your pretence, stop acting all innocent as if you are the victim, stop it, it’s not working on me, it’s only making me hate you the more. His words burnt me like acid.

I loved you, I really did but you betrayed me he said. You were a virgin yes and I appreciate you giving it to me but now you are a wh**re, you are just messing around and you expect me to be with you? You disgust me, I can’t even afford to stand with you! Joe I shouted, stop calling my name he shouted back, and started walking away. Then he stopped and said, for your info, my mom died when I was just two years old and I don’t even remember her. With this he walked away!

I wanted to cry, but I have decided not to cry anymore, not for Joe, I have to move on! I walked slowly and quietly to my class. I greeted no one and answered no one. When I got to class everyone was staring at me, few persons greeted me and others were muttering to themselves. I know they were talking about me but I didn’t know what they were talking about and I didn’t care. Nobody wanted to sit close to me do I sat on the entire line alone.

Not long Lucy came and sat with me. I was glad that at least my friend turned sister has finally come, there was someone willing to talk with me at least something is going on LU, they are all staring and talking about me . Lucy took my hand and said no matter what you hear or see promise me to be strong and not let it get to you. I looked at Lucy and I knew something was really wrong, what is happening LU, tell me what is wrong? Promise me first she said, I was anxious to know so I said okay I promise! Then she brought out her phone and showed it to me, it was as if the ground should open up and swallow me.

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Bright had it on video, himself on top of me. How he raped me was all on video. But a blind man can see from this video that I was not myself how come no one is talking of that, how come no one can see that. And how did you get this video I asked Lucy? It’s not just me she replied, everyone has this video she said, it has gone viral! Oh my God I cried out. No wonder Joe called me a w—e this morning, bu bu but I stammered can’t they see am not myself? Can’t they see am not conscious? They see only what they want to see, Steph, nobody is investigating so it’s what they want to see and imagine, that is what they will see.

Tears were flowing from my eyes again, I wanted to stop but this time I didn’t know how to stop. I picked my books and my bag and left the class. Lucy followed behind me, she was definitely not leaving my side at this time. As I was leaving some of my classmates were laughing , some were pointing fingers some were gossiping but I didn’t stop to see or hear I just walked out straight!

Lucy followed behind, what are you going to do now she asked me, I smiled painfully and said nothing, I won’t do anything I replied her she looked at me like she didn’t know if I spoke English or French. I will go home today and I will sleep it off, tomorrow I will wake up to a new day and a new life , that is what I am going to do, let karma visit those who deserve it, me am a survivor, I came to DELSU to study, and study I must, bye bye to guys ,life goes on.
Lucy was staring at me. I cleaned my eyes and I went home. Am starting my life anew and I will get it right this time.

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