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Heartbreaks episode 8



Episode 8

As I walked home in silence, with Lucy walking behind me, I saw Bright, he was with some of his friends. Immediately they saw me they started laughing, Bright’s laughter was the loudest among them, I could hear them calling me names like, b—h and others. I decided to walk past them, but Lucy couldn’t take it!

You he goat in man’s clothing, so you have the teeth to laugh after all you did, your generation is cursed. You will suffer, as she cursed them, they continued laughing, ” you can laugh all you want but God will punish you and then you will be crying , nonsense. ”
Lucy , I called out, leave them let’s go, it’s okay, just ignore them. I held Lucy on her hand and dragged her with me. You will soon die she kept on cursing, until I dragged her from the place. Leave me alone she shouted at me. Someone has to tell that pig something. It’s okay I pleaded with Lucy, no it’s not she argued. He had the guts to video his animalistic act and then spread it round campus, God will surely punish him. It’s okay I begged her, let him be. Every man will reap what they sow someday I assured her with a fake smile on my face. She drew close to me and held my hands and said to me, Steph this will pass and they will be shamed. I smiled back at her and together we strolled home. Am glad I have her with me..

The next few days were very difficult for me, especially having to face my course mates who by now have all seen my s£x video with Bright. Nobody wanted to talk or identify with me. But I’ve also made up my mind to ignore them and that was exactly what I was doing. Thank God I had Lucy to encourage and stand by me.

Soon, days turned to weeks and weeks into months and my story faded away, other issues came up that made them forget me. I have started making friends again among my classmates. Joy was beginning to come back into my life. I and Joe have finally become enemies. We don’t talk to each other, we don’t even greet, at first it was difficult but I soon got used to it.

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I was feeling funny, my head was always aching, and I was always feeling cold, no appetite, and always weak. I thought it was malaria, but I have treated malaria over and over and yet it was getting worse. Even Lucy was beginning to worry! That morning she decided to do a urine pregnancy test for me. She already bought the strips last night, she collected my urine from me and went inside the bathroom. 5mins later she came out and asked me when last I saw my period. I started thinking and I remembered that for some time now I haven’t gotten my periods, and after calculating I discovered it’s was almost 3months of no period! Well, Lucy said forming doctor, the result says you are pregnant.

It can’t be. I said you don’t know what you are saying?I got up and picked the next strip on my bed, went to d toilet and I did the test myself and behold, the result was same. Still I didn’t buy it. I have to go to real lab. I brush myself up and I rushed out to the lab closest to my house, I was scared as the man took my blood sample, while he was inside, I almost fainted while waiting. Eventually he came out, washed his hands and wrote on a small piece of paper for me, I was staring at him as he handed over the paper. I glanced through it, lo and behold it was indeed positive!

What do I do? Where do I start from? DELSU boys have finished me, I am pregnant for Bright,….for Bright! Not even Joe, Bright who I hate? Why me? God why me Na? What did I do that is so wrong that deserves a punishment like this? I was lamenting to myself, I didn’t know the time I walked into the room, before I knew what was happening a bike has brushed me from the ground, I woke up to see myself at the health centre!

Thank God you are awake, it was Lucy’s voice, where am I? I asked her, you are at the health centre she replied, what happened? I asked, a bike hit you, when she said this my memories came back and I remembered the test, the pregnancy and all. Then I looked at her and asked quietly, LU, am I still pregnant? She looked at me with a funny look and said, “yes you are still pregnant. I was a bit disappointed that the bike accident didn’t cause a miscarriage.

Few hours later, I was discharged home. Lucy took me home, when we entered our room, I asked ” LU, what do I do now”? She looked up at me and said, this is one decision you have to make for yourself. The decision is yours to make. At that moment I made up my mind, I was going to have an abortion, i will not tell Bright the rapist that I am pregnant for him. He won’t believe me anyways and he might go ahead and inform the whole school again so there is no need telling him at all.I asked Lucy if she knew anyplace I can go. She told me to REST that the next day she will take me somewhere to do the abortion. I was sad, I was bitter but this is something I must do Have you read toriperi stories today?.

As early as 6am we were already at the Baba’s place, the man was old, but it looks as if he was a professional in abortions. At that time he already did for two girls,, and two girls were after me, I was wondering and imagining how guys could be subjecting young girls like this into committing abortions. There was this very small girl of nothing less than 13years, she was the one who just came out from the room, from the look on her face it was obvious the thing was very painful. “Next” I heard the man say, “Steph that’s you, Lucy am scared I heard myself telling her….” Are you ready or not? I heard the man shouting, I am ready sir I said and rushed in he ordered me to lie down . I looked at the man, I saw a big needle and syringe on the table, fear gripped me, I looked up and said, dear Lord please have mercy on me and spare my life.

The pains I felt is indescribable, I was screaming at the top of my voice, I was swearing and causing Bright, I was crying to God for mercy! Everything was happening to me all at once, I was wishing everything is done and over with! Eventually, he finally finished, I stood up feeling very weak, the pain was like my heart was been s—-d out, especially when he put in the big needle inside my body. I swore I was never ever going to try abortion ever again. Lucy soon came to hold me and helped me sit down. The man came out to give me an injection and some drugs and told us that we can go that it was done. I cried my heart out, I was limping along the road. Thank God it was still very early and not much people were around to see me.

Finally finally we got to my hostel. My neighbours felt we were coming from awoko (midnight reading in school). We greeted them and then entered our room. I fell on my bed still crying. Lucy went straight to the kitchen and made hot pepper soup for me. She said it was good for me. I drank it still crying. I am never going to date any DELSU guys again, Never I swear!

To be continued

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