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Heartbroken girl batch 2


πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Heartbroken girl πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

Episode 3

Monday morning

School hallway

Kim: Dan I hope you enjoyed Friday night I wish to get more of that . You were great and you hit the right by spot . I am sure I will be pregnant .

Daniel: are you done . Or you want to say more. You drugged my drink then you raped me . You have no shame . You are just a bunch of trouble looking for where to happen . You are a big fool and if you get pregnant you can keep the baby cause I don’t need your mother f**k**g child . I wanted to ask you this did you hit your head on the floor maybe that is why your brain is upside down. I am sure that happened even your mother maybe it happened to her that is why she did not give good training . Stop forcing yourself on me . Mother f**k**g idiot.(walks away)

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Kim:(crying) Betty was it a mistake to love him he just abused me and my mother . What did I do that was wrong

Betty: raping him,raping him . You shouldn’t have raped him

Kim: That was a retorical question . Let’s go .

At lunch

Kim: Betty I want pay back .

Betty: use your sense kim . I might not be smart doesn’t mean I am foolish . This is a foolish idea . Revenge should change to forgiveness

Kim: don’t discourage me .

Betty: fine just count me out of this .

Kim: this time you get to have s*x with Dan.

Betty: OMG . I get count me in .

Kim: counted in.

After lunch

Kim: Dan I have the video of me and you doing the thing . So do me this and I will not post it .

Daniel: show me the video

Kim:(shows Dan)

See the way I was enjoying myself

Daniel: so what do you want .

Kim: I want you to have s*x with Betty and then be my girlfriend and we will do the needful every day

Daniel : not interested.

Kim: I will post it

Daniel : wait I will do it .

πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Heartbroken girl πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

Episode 4

Kim: ok meet me this night at friend zone .

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Daniel: ok (thinking)I invited Ella to friend zone tonight . God what will I do.

In the night

Kim: you came Betty is waiting for you . I heard you already booked room 36. Go in

Daniel: gosh Betty pls I don’t want to do this

Betty: not my business get busy.

During it Ella enters

Ella: Daniel (sreams) I can not believe this . With Betty.

Betty: Ella it is the devil’s work

Ella: shut it (crying) firstly with Kim now Betty .what did I do to you? (Screams) .I hate you Daniel. I asked you are you dating Kim you said no. Is this fair (jumps on Betty and starts beating her) God will punish you and Kim .

Daniel:(kneels down )sugar

Ella: don’t to dare

Call my name you bastard what was I thinking a rich boy am sure you even have more girls behind my back you are a disgusting pig . I actually thought I would give you my virginity to you today thank You for opening my eyes . This stupid cheating relationship is over .(walks out)

Daniel:(faces betty and start beating her)

Betty: I am sorry. Kim wanted revenge not me I only wanted to have a taste of you.I will do anything just don’t beat me anymore

Daniel:(stops beating Betty) anything . Then delete the video from even the cloud .

Betty: I will do it and give you feedback tommorow.

Daniel: you are paying for this room

Betty: fine .

Daniel: whore(walks out)

Now thing are going bad Ella has been at home crying and screaming . Daniel is calling her but she switched off her phone what is going to happen . The next day

Daniel: sweetheart .

Ella: my name is Ella .

Daniel: pls hear me out.

Ella: I heard you out the last time . I am now the heartbroken girl .πŸ’” Because of you fool . You and I are two world’s apart. (Walks away)

Betty: I have deleted the video but I sent it to my phone collect the video.

Daniel: thanks and now I have deleted it from your phone . You are a good friend.

Betty: bye .

In the evening

Daniel: officer this Is the evidence .

Officer : send it to me . Is this not the comrade daughter . This is not possible

Daniel: should I leave the case to my dad .

Officer : no I will take care of it .(leaves)


Officer: Kim be fast and transfer the video to your phone

Kim : thanks officer

Officer : you know what I want Betty oya drive

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