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Heartbroken girl batch 5


πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Heartbroken girl πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

Episode 9

Monday afternoon.


Gateman:who is that?

Ella: I am Ella and I am here to see Daniel

Gateman:(opens the gate ) see that door go inside the maid will guide you.

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Ella: thank you sir.

Gateman: no problem .

Ella: hi Miss the gateman said I should come here .

Maid: oh you are here to see oga . Follow me.

Inside Daniel’s room.

Ella: ( wants to hugs Daniel but stop due to the smell cigarettes) baby is that cigarette I smell.

Daniel: yes but who is your baby.

Now I want you to explain how and where you know me from.

Ella: I am your girlfriend Ella . You cheated on me twice which I forgave you . Then you travelled out of the country leaving me with only your number everyday I try calling you but it’s either switch off or unreachable then I will cry until I sleep off . You told me that you will call me when you get there.

Daniel: oh so you are Ella . Sugar if you think I still love you then you are joking . I called your line you didn’t pick.

Ella: explain your own story .

Daniel: well I got there then I found out that my phone was lost . Well I could only retrieve my sim so they said in 9months I will get it back . So I had to wait . I then asked my guard to get your number . Then I called you with my new sim . But you didn’t pick I cried day and night then I started smoking and drinking. Well then I couldn’t hold myself I had to start sleeping with prostitutes . Then I was called s*x Demi God. So I am back in here and I am sorry we can’t date you I have forgotten you .

Ella: I didn’t pick because I didn’t know the number. Well the day I called you and you picked I was do happy .since you had you sim since that time why didn’t you pick my calls

Daniel: I got over you . I picked the call by mistake. So I had no other choice than to talk to you.

Ella: so meaning

Daniel: I am getting married soon. Her name is Bella .

Ella: (crying) couldn’t you find a better person to replace me . All Bella’s are prostitutes .

Daniel: Don’t abuse my fiancee. Our wedding is next week Saturday pls come here everyday . We can become better friends . We’ll take the wedding invitation (hands over a card to Ella) you are good at event planning . Get your group together . We will start tomorrow .

πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’” Heartbroken girl πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

Episode 10

Next day

Daniel: good morning beautiful.

Ella: good morning . Ok let us get planning. (Sits down)

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Ok Mr Daniel your suit how do you want it to be. Daniel:Well I want a blue and white suit .

Ella: Is that the color you want your deco to be.

Daniel: yes the wedding color is blue and white so everyone is expected to wear blue.

Ella:Now how do you want the wedding to be .

Daniel: well the best kind of wedding. Yes sugar pls my Friend will be getting married to Ella his name is also Daniel.

Ella: ok no p but my name is Ella not sugar.

Mrs Esther: Ella so nice to see you .

Ella: yes it is indeed nice to see your face.

Mrs Esther: well how do you feel when your sugar is getting married.

Ella: first of all he is Daniel not sugar . And I feel normal. The feeling might still be there but I don’t care really.

Daniel: mum pls leave . Stop making no her uncomfortable .

Mrs Esther:( walks away) bye.

Ella: emm I have to go I also have some other clients.

Daniel: Ella you know you can lie to me . You are working for a company which pays you low cash for big jobs . Ella just quit that job. Well I have a center that I opened for only you. You already have employee . And by the time you get home you will receive and alert of three million as you go a car drops you off and become yours.

Ella: what did I do to deserve all this?

Daniel: well love . Ella I can’t believe I am saying this but I still have feeling for you (kisses Ella)

Ella:( push Daniel away) you are getting married . I appreciate all you gifts I will be back tomorrow get your wife then we will have our plan. Goodbye Mr Daniel ( walks out)

Bella:( walks in) our wedding planner is really beautiful and she has a good shape.

Daniel: That is my girlfriend .

Bella: we are getting married .

Daniel: I promised myself that if I see her I would still marry her . You are the choice of my father . You are loose. But see my sugar is still very intact . Now pls excuse me I want to follow her .

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