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Heights of deception episode 10 – finale


Heights Of Deception (episode 10)
Last episode!

Most times, people don’t recognise or appreciate your value until they lose you. It takes your absence for them to know how valuable you are. While Kesha was married to Dan, he didn’t know how much she was worth until they went their separate ways and life dealt with him in the hands of Sharon. All of a sudden, it now dawned on him how much of an awesome woman Kesha was to him. Too bad it was now too late for him to make amends because someone worthy had already taken his place in her life; and it was no other person than ‘Desmond’. The confrontation of a life time was about to go down that evening, but it’s apparent Dan wasn’t ready at all.

After Desmond proudly revealed that Kesha’s now belonged to him, Dan was utterly shocked and dumbfounded; as he never thought in a thousand years that Kesha would move on so quickly. The fact that she was naive when he met her and was also a virgin, made him think she would mourn him for a very long time because he was her first. Fortunately, things didn’t go the way he pictured in his mind for Kesha. What a thing of joy indeed!

While Desmond and Dan were at the door seeking to devour each other, Kesha was inside her room without a clue that her ex-husband was the one that knocked earlier. The door to her room was locked so she couldn’t hear them talking. It was after a while that it dawned on her that Desmond wasn’t back from attending to the person that knocked few minutes back. Without wasting time, she walked to the door to find out what was going on. Immediately Kesha’s eyes caught a glimpse of Dan, her heart raced and her countenance changed to that of a furious person. There was one significant feeling present at that moment and it was nothing other than ‘Rage’.

Babe what’s going on here?” Kesha curiously inquired, “An unexpected visitor showed up and I have spent the last five minutes letting him know that whatever plans he has to get you back would fail because I am not moving an inche from your life” Desmond confidently said.

Deep down, Kesha was smitten by how Desmond protected their relationship and wasn’t threaten by her ex. She felt safe in their relationship and trusted him the more due to the way he had her back. Withouth wasting time, she turned towards Dan’s direction and gave him a piece of her mind.

“Listen, I don’t know why you are here but for whatever reason it is, I don’t want to hear it because I’m not interested. Please leave my house and never return if you don’t want me to press charges against you. I no longer live in the world you met and left me in. Things have changed and so did my tolerance for dubious and selfish people like you. Just incase you are not aware yet, I’m now in a relationship with someone that deserves me. Someone who hasn’t made me doubt his love for me, even for one second. Someone that makes me a priority and can do just anything to put a smile on my face. Someone you can never be even if you tried. Kindly leave my house this moment and never come back…Go!” She angrily said.

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Everything was happening so fast that it left Dan speechless. He didn’t know what to say or do at that moment due to the attacks he was getting from every angle. He suddenly became sober and felt ashamed of himself for ever thinking it was going to be an easy task to get Kesha back. There and then, tears clouded his eyes but he tried as much as possible not to cry or show weakness in the presence of his ex-wife and her Beau.

Dan figured it was best he took his leave but before doing so, he looked at Kesha and said; “I am sorry for everything I have put you through. I feel ashamed of my old self and every selfish actions I made in the past. I am very sorry for everything I have done to you, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I still love you and would love to come back into your life if only you can give our love another chance. I will always love you!” Dan soberly said.

Mere listening to what Dan said, some trace of selfishness could still be found. The fact that he outrightly told Kesha to come back into his life, knowing fully well that she was now in another relationship, turned her off. For all Kesha knew, she wasn’t going to leave her newly found ‘Soulmate’ for her deadbeat ex-husband. Never!

When Dan was done talking, no one uttered a word to him as response to what he said. They kept looking at him with a straight face till he got embarrassed and left with shame. As he walked away, Kesha screamed ‘Wait!”. When Dan heard that, his heart was gladden because he felt she was about to run into his arms.

Kesha rather ran inside and brought out her wedding and engagement ring Dan gave to her. She quickly walked towards him and handed the rings over to him. “I Don’t want these in my possession anymore, so please take back your rings” Kesha said and handed the rings over to Dan.

At that moment, Dan prayed for the ground to open and swallow him up. He shamefully put the rings inside his pocket and walked away. With Dan gone, Kesha and Desmond entered inside and continued what they were doing before Dan interrupted them with his visit.

Lowkey, Desmond was proud of Kesha and how she handled the situation. He trusted her the more and also got more involved in their relationship than he was before.

Weeks passed and Dan wallowed in self pity. The little savings he came back from abroad with had finished and he came back to square one. The whole world seemed as though it was crumbling for the frustrated young man. Gradually, he began to have suicidal thoughts and was at the verge of taking his life.

The fact that Kesha hadn’t forgiven Dan made matters worst for him. He tried every means he could to talk to her but all means failed woefully. After two months of Dan’s return, he fell sick and was admitted into the hospital.

Words got to Kesha that Dan was seriously ill. Initially, she didn’t see any need to go but later changed her mind after Desmond told her he wouldn’t mind if she visited her ex-husband at the hospital. He told her that he trusted her and it was all that mattered.

With Desmond’s support, Kesha was able to pay a surprise visit to her ex-husband. Immediately she entered Dan’s hospital room, his heart skipped several beats as tears fell off his eyes. “Thanks for coming” he soberly said, “It alright, I just wanted to see how you are doing” she said and he told her what the doctors said about his health. She told him a miracle was going to locate him and that he would leave that hospital bed soonest. She also gave him some money to foot the hospital bills.

They spoke for few more minutes before Kesha informed him that she would he leaving. Immediately she got up to leave, Dan stopped her. “Kesha, please forgive me for everything I put you through, beg your family on my behalf. I regret everything I ever did to you, please forgive me” he soberly said. This time around, she was touched and felt it was time to forgive Dan and completely move on with her life. She took a deep breath and said; “I forgive you, I am no longer in the place you left me in life, I have moved on and pray you do same too. Have a nice life!” She said and walked away without looking back.

For some strange reasons, Dan wasn’t feeling heavily burdened anymore. Despite still being sad that Kesha was over with whatever they had and wouldn’t accept to come back into his life, he at least felt better due to the forgiveness she rendered to him. Life gradually moved on.

As time went by, Desmond and Kesha’s relationship waxed stronger and was blissful. After dating for close to a year, Desmond knew it was time to make things official between them. He purchase an engagement ring and waited for the perfect time to put a ring on it.
Fortunately, the perfect time came one fatefully day.

One that day, Desmond informed Kesha that he would be traveling for an urgent business meeting. He informed her that he would be gone for one week. Kesha wasn’t too happy about the sudden development but had to be understanding and wish him a safe journey. Unknown to her, he didn’t travel to anywhere but was still in town.

Later that day, Kesha’s colleague informed her of a birthday party and begged her to attend so they could shake off the stress from work. Unknown to Kesha, there wasn’t any birthday party but rather her engagement party. Desmond planned it with the lady because he figured she was one of Kesha’s close friends.

As evening drew nearer, Kesha’s left the office with her colleague to the salon for a quick manicure. They pampered themselves before heading to the house to prepare for the nonexistent birthday party.

The time finally came and Kesha was picked up by her friend and they drove to the venue togther. When they arrived at a nice hotel, they used the elevator to get to the roof top where the party was scheduled to take place. Immediately they stepped their feet outside the elevator, everyone screamed “Surprise!”.

At first, Kesha was confused as to what her close friends were doing there. Before she could say anything, her eyes caught sight of her Beau who was supposed to be on a one week trip. Her mouth was wide open and before she could say something, fire works started shooting up into the sky.

Kesha was numb and dumbfounded, tears of joy began to fall off her eyes as she wrapped her head around what was about to go down. Desmond beckoned on her to come close of which she did. When she got to him, he knelt down and said; “Babe, I love you and want to go on a forever journey with you. I promise to be your last and pray to never disappoint you. Kesha, will you marry me?” He happily asked.

Without wasting any time, Kesha jumped up and screamed a Big “Yesssss!”.

End of story! 😉
Thanks for staying tuned till the end. An unannounced short story will drop soonest, so anticipate. Love you all😘

✍🏼Written by Sonia Okehie

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