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Heights of Deception episode 8


Heights Of Deception (episode 8)

What a marvellous thing indeed that God’s ways are not man’s ways. Have you ever imagined a world were human had the final say and not God? What a tragic reality it would be for us if humans determined the final outcome of a person’s life. A reality were a person can end the life of another based on whether they liked you or not. A reality where a person’s future can be doomed just because they made a mistake. What a messed up life it would be if our destinies were in the hands of another human.

Just when Dan felt he had destroyed Kesha’s life by making her a divorcee of a marriage that was barely two years old, a prince charming came out from nowhere and reminded Dan of how careless he was for letting an angel like Kesha slip right through his hands. Who would have thought that love would find Kesha again? I believe if Dan had the final say in Kesha’s life, she would have been doomed for life, but thank goodness God isn’t man.

The evening suddenly became interesting as Kesha and Desmond spoke at length. They talked about a lot of things and also got to know each other better. Desmond was a spec and a worthy catch. He was down to earth and had a personality that will have you wondering if an angel was missing in heaven. It didn’t take long for Kesha to realise that she had caught a sought-after fish. What a lucky day to be alive!

After a wonderful evening well spent, they exchanged numbers and retired back to their various houses, but before they parted ways, Desmond asked Kesha out on an official date and she gladly accepted.

Throughout the remaining hours of that day, Kesha couldn’t tune down the wide visible smile on her face. She was just happy and couldn’t figure out why. For all she knew, no one had made her feel so special and happy in a long time. It was a thing of joy to be reminded of how awesome and valuable she was, even though she already knew her worth.

Finally, the long awaited date came and both parties dressed to kill. Kesha wore a red gown while Desmond wore a nice casual outfit. They met at a nice restaurant for dinner. While they ate their meal, they talked about a lot of random things.

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For some good reasons, Desmond didn’t want their conversations to center around their personal lives but rather on topics that made them know more about each other. Their conversations were uplifting, rather than demotivating or judgmental. It was such a wonderful evening well spent, till it was time to retire back home.

“Thanks for coming out tonight, it really means a lot to me. I had fun talking to you, hope you did too?” Desmond said with a smile on his face, “I had a great time with you, thanks for inviting me out” Kesha said and he told her not to mention. Desmond walked Kesha down to her car and bid her ‘Good bye!”. They said their final ‘Good byes’ before parting ways.

After that date, it dawned on Desmond that he was into Kesha. For some strange reasons, he couldn’t completely get her off his mind. Whenever he was alone or less busy, he always thought of her. The gentleness of her words, her charisma, her personality, her smile and intelligence drove him crazy.

Up until then, Desmond still hadn’t made his feelings known to Kesha yet. He felt if was too soon and might make her suspect his genuine intention. The fact that she was a divorcee, made him rethink his decisions and actions. Despite having huge feelings for Kesha, he kept his cool and waited for the perfect time to strike.

It’s been three months now since Desmond and Kesha met each other. In the space of three months, they had gone on numerous dates and had become fond of each other. Deep down, Kesha knew Desmond had feelings for her but never assumed an imaginary relationship without an official proposal from him first. They remained in denial of their feelings for one another until one fateful day.

It happened that Kesha fell sick while at work and was rushed to the hospital. She received immediate treatment and was put on bed rest to quicken her recovery process. Desmond found out in the evening when he called to check up on her and arrived at the hospital in no time to stay with her.

At around 6:30pm, the doctor informed Kesha that she was free to go home and return the next day for check up. With the approval from the doctor, Desmond drove her home that same night.

When they arrived at Kesha’s house, Desmond lent a helping hand and supported her as she took each step towards her apartment. When they entered inside the living room, he made her sit and brought water for her to drink. As a gentleman, he took good care of her and ensured she was alright. “I should be leaving now, will you be alright by yourself?” He asked and Kesha nodded ‘No’. With that single reply, he figured she didn’t want him to go; “Do you want me to stay with you?” he inquired and she said ‘Yes’.

Desmond smiled and walked closer to Kesha. He gave her a hug and she locked her fingers behind him. The grip was tight and gave both of them a sense of safety. It also made them feel wanted by each other.

The atmosphere gradually became tensed as they held each other tightly. Desmond wanted to kiss Kesha so bad but wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do at that moment. As they held each other tightly, they lost any will powder to resist each other’s touch and finally kissed passionately.

That kiss was an antidote to every pain, trauma and heartbreak Kesha has ever felt. In a split second, she forgot everything that ever made her sad. Desmond was now finally convinced that she was ‘the one’ for him because that kiss made his feelings for her even stronger.

They kissed passionately for about five minutes before parting their lips. Kesha was a bit scared after the kiss, so she bent her head downwards. Desmond immediately sensed her fears and doubts. He held her chin, lifted it upwards and said; “Don’t hold back your love from me because this time is different. Don’t punish me for another person’s mistake, give me a chance to prove my love for you and I promise not to let you down” He gently said.

Kesha’s heart melted as Desmond spoke every single word to her. She looked into his shiny eyes and dropped a few tears. “Is that tears I see?” Desmond curiously inquired but she kept mute. He drew more closer to her and held her hands. He took a deep breath and dropped a shocker; “I Love You Kesha, I might not be your first but I want to be your last bus-stop!”.

Awwwn, cuteness overdose indeed. Kesha couldn’t hold back the faint smile on her face. She crossed her arms around Desmond’s neck, looked into his eyes and said; “The feeling is mutual. I love you too Desmond”

End of episode 8 😉

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