Hell Gate

Hell gate – episode 1 (18+)


Episode 1

Dear reader,
I know you see me as a shame to myself and
Creator, read my ordeal before you decide
on what to see me as, life in the streets
is a must survive tussle. being the only one
left on Earth, nobody accepted to take me in.
Including my uncles who bask in the wealth of
my late parents, I never knew they harbour
such hatred until their deceased.
in the street is a thrill of harship, you feed
by pickpocketing and smuggling of food.
we know is wrong, if you don’t do it you die of hunger.
no shelter to shade us from the sun and rain
apart from the kind bridges in the city.
Poppy mama allowed us to stay with her at
the end we will bring her what to eat, many
of the homeless girls like us went into pr-stitution.
I always have a lucid dream to better the
life of children in the street, to be the ear
that will listen to their tiny voice in
the society.
without Education I know I can’t achieve that,
no form of free education in public schools.
but our government always swag around
with pretentious go tell the goodnews of free
education, in my misery I seek comfort
under the moonlight that always remind me of
a bright light in my dark life, one of those days
we are in full swing to steal, I was caught
in the process, almost beaten to death if
not of a man who saved me, the richest man
in the City help me out of the mob. he took
me to a hospital, he listened to my disheartening
story, “boy you will not suffer anymore”
his comforting words send me to Mars.
I dreamt a dream that haven’t done for
years in street, I prayed let them come through.
Chief kept his promise for a good life.
admitted into one of the best private school
in the City, I was so hot for primary school
that the teachers adviced Chief to take me
to Junior Secondary, my brilliance and dedication
to my studies paid off, I was given scholarship.
Chief asked me to be in same class with his daughter
who is in Secondary school SSS2 precisely.
that is when I realized I have been living
In between Jezebel and Pharaoh’s wife, the annoying
provocative sed-ction trippled, on my own
the burning desire to be successful in life
didn’t make me fall for all plans setup
by the children of Babel, many times I caught
Chife wife having s€× with the gateman
and the male servants in the house, sometimes
three male servants will bang her in her room
when Chief is away for business. I wanted to
tell the Jezebel Chief called his loveward
what is going on ’cause am the one helping
her with her studies, she forced herself on
me that day, I rejected and flee to my tent like an Israelite.


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