Hell's Nest 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 2

Hell’s Nest 2 – Episode 2

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” Danielle what was that for ?” Cheryl fired.

” I can’t explain anything to you alright, she’s my sister and it’s our business.” I said a bit paranoid.

” Really ? You’re suspended.”

” Cool , I’m out.” I said and walk out.

” I’m out too.” Harmony said and ran after me.

” Harmony you’re suspended too.” Cheryl shouted.

” Who cares ? Life’s a b**** you just need to learn how to **** it.” Harmony replied.

” Mouth breather.” Harmony whispered to me and I chuckled.

” You shouldn’t have , she’s your sister.” Harmony said on our way home.

” Maybe , who cares ?” I said and frowned.

My phone rang and it was Rayne.

” What do you want ?” I asked on the phone.

” Elle I’m sorry.” Rayne said on the phone.

” Like I care. Look stop calling me okay , go sort your s*** out.” I said and ended the call.

” We are gonna beef if you keep acting like that towards Rayne. You should forgive him , he’s sorry.” Harmony said and i scoff.

” He’s still a thief.”

” And you still love him ?”

” I don’t care.” I said silently.

Harmony growled and I ignored her. Rayne should be my last worries , I needed to focus on school issues.

” You’re going home ?”

” No I’m going home with you. I’m so stressed out.”

” Cool.” Harmony replied and walk ahead of me.

” Seriously , you’re taking this Rayne issues too far. It’s my relationsh¡p and not yours .”

” Yeah I think.” Harmony said and scoff.

” **** you ” I said and pricked her.

” Ouch , you’re insane.” She said and Chuckle.

” You’re crazy.” I said and laughs.

” Look I don’t want you to worry about Rayne and i, we know how best to settle issues.” I said and she sighed.

” Well yeah. I just like him for you despite the fact that he’s a thief. You shouldn’t blame him he has to , this is south Africa every one’s managing.”

” **** yeah.” I said and sighed.



Few days after, I was discharged but Melissa was still admitted. My arm was bandaged and supported by my shoulders.

I was at my house , I visited Christian and he was not improving just like Jordan. He was kept in his room, he was sharing same fate as Jordan.

” I’m sorry mrs Smith.” I said.

” You don’t have to , I don’t even know if he will survive. Most times I think I have just one son. If anything happens to Christian I’ll kill myself.” Mrs Smith said and cried.

I held her with my only available hand and consoled her.

” I’m sorry , we will try our best. Jordan’s not improving too , I just hope we don’t loose her.” I said and she nodded.

” The exorcist said we should find a bracelet your sister is wearing.”

” What exorcist ?”

” The one I brought , he said we should get it.”

” I will talk to my priest.” I said and smiled at her.

” Melissa’s fate is in the hands of God. She’s still breathing with an oxygen.” Mrs Smith said and I sighed deeply.

” I’m praying for her. I missed her alot.” I said and cried.

” I’ll take my leave.” I said.

” Alright , take care.”

I hugged her and left. I went home and the priest visited.

” Giselle.” He called.

” Welcome father.”

” I brought someone.” He said and another man walks in.

” He’s an exorcist.”

” Hi , I’m Giselle.” I introduced.

” Nice to meet you Giselle, I’m James an exorcist. I’m sorry about your sisters condition.”

” It’s fine , we are hoping on God.” I said and forced a chuckle.

” Please sit .” I said and we all sat down.

” Jordan once wear a bracelet. We need it. ”

” Alright. The priest said her body is in the loop. We could check it out , it’s in her wrist but can’t be removed.” I said and they nodded.

” Let’s go then.” James said and we left for the back of my house.

I opened the door and switched on the light. That place is abandoned, the priest has to create a space for Jordan to be laid .

We entered and saw Jordan’s body sitting up instead of lying down.

” That’s weird.” I said standing afar from her body .

We saw a black Shadow passed through the sunlight.

” A demon was here. She’s caged and held captive by him. She’s been tormented, we pray she survive.” The exorcist said.

The priest held Jordan and lay her body back.

” The bracelet is not here.” Father Adam said.

” That’s not possible , it can’t just disappear without being removed. And also you can’t take it off.” I said.

” Then where is it ?” The exorcist asked.

” I have no idea.” I said.

” Me neither.” I said and sighed.

” Let’s leave.” The exorcist said and we left switching off the light.

” Who took it ?”

” Can I ask why it’s so important.”

” Jordan is being possessed by Alaster, a demon of nemesis. He’s the second son of the devil. He wanted to overthrow his father Lucifer and he was cast out of hell and caged in that bracelet.”

” Jesus. Then how on Earth did Jordan’s mom get it ?” I asked surprised.

” It was washed ashore. I’m really sure that’s how her mom got it and maybe gifted it to her young daughter. We need to find it , whosoever that’s in possession of that may never survive and passed through Jordan’s fate. ” The exorcist said and I sighed.

” God , how can we find who took it ?”

” That’s your job , we might help you too.”

” Cape town is large , where on Earth are we gonna find it ?”

” Seek deeper my dear. I’ll take my leave. And one more thing tie this cross in the door of where Jordan’s body lies. It will stop whatever incoming spirit.” He said and gave me the cross.

” Thanks.” I said and collected it.

” You’re always welcome.” James said standing up.

” Father I shall take my leave.” James said and the priest saw him off.

I’m getting scared more , the story behind that bracelet is crazy.

I took my computer and login. I searched about a pearl bracelet if I was ever gonna come across whatever thing Jordan was wearing.

” A London museum is willing to buy a pearl bracelet for 300 million dollars…” I read out .

” Why will someone buy death for such amount ?” I ask myself.

” Crazy a****les. Maybe we need to market this stuff to London once I find it.” I said and got up.

I tied the cross at the door post of the loop and left.

” Dear lord please save her.”




I opened my eyes and look around , everywhere was void. I tried to move my feet and I was electrocuted. I scre-m and looked at my feet.

My feet was chained including my arms.

” Where I’m i ?” I asked looking around.

I saw different young girls , about fifty of them dead.

” Jordan. ” A voice called.

” I know you. You brought me here. Let me leave please..” I cried.

He laughs in a mocking manner , I don’t even know when I started crying.

” You shall die. Your sister is struggling in vain. If she’s wise she will live on , but your family loves you a lot. Poor darling..” he said and continued to laugh.

” Let me go.”

” Look over there.. At your front. Look beyond.” He said.

I did look beyond, but I couldn’t see anything.

” Look beyond you.” He whispered.

” Christian…” I called and cried.

” He’s not awake , sleeping in my world. He’s in a verge of death. ” He laughs and disappeared.

I cried and look at Christian afar from where I was chained, he wasn’t awake. He was tied to the dark. I wailed and called out to him, it was in vain.

I look opposite me , a woman was also chained to the dark. She bowed her head and cried in a Latin language.

She raised her head and half of her face was missing.

” Mom.” I called and move my hand and got electrocuted again. It seems I always loose blood each time I’m electrocuted. I looked downwards and saw my own blood flowing around.

” You die once your blood is exhausted.” My mom said.

” Mom…” I cried.

” I’m sorry Jordan. I owe you a lot of apologies. I gave you that evil bracelet.” Mom cried.

” It doesn’t matter now.” I said.

” How did you get it ?” I asked.

” It was washed ashore. I went out with giselle’s mom. I saw it and took it home.” Mom said and cried.

” I’m giving up , I might not even last up to a minute. My blood is everywhere. This is hell , we are doomed. I might…” Mom said but was short by a sword that appeared from the dark , it beheaded her. Her blood splash all over my body and I scre-m.

” Mom…”




” Rayne !” Toni called

” Seriously , you can be crazy at times. What’s up with you ?” I ask.

” I just saw this .” He said bringing out a bracelet out of my bag.

” Where did you get this from ?” He asked and I dragged it from his hands.

” Shut your mouth. Danielle hates me because I’m not capable. She sees me as a waste. I need to prove to her that i still love her.”

” So ? This s***’s a million dollars. Where did you get it from ?”

” The girl who died on September 12. ”

” Yeah.”

” I think she own it ,it fell off from her wrist and I took it. ”

” What ! Rayne you can’t be serious. You need to sell this , it will put a stop to all our problems.”

” Yeah I know. But I need to win Danielle’s love back. I’m giving it to her ”

” You won’t do that.” Toni said .

” Of course I will.”

” Rayne this is a rare gem. it’s a pearl, you need to sell it.” Toni insisted.

” I will sell it, but I want Elle to have it first. I truly missed her.”

” You’re not normal , I’m out of here.” Toni said and stormed out.

” For real ? Niggas being mad, like it’s his relationsh¡p. **** off.” I said and walk out.

To be continued

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